12th Ave.

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

I will be adding Historical photos and descriptions of Residences on this block, if applicable.

It ran from the Railway Station, South to the Valley,
It was one of the First Streets to be developed in the Town, since it was close to the Railway.

I will add some info on the historical businesses, when I can.

Starting at the Valley, heading North:

Lot # ?- #108 12th ave.-NW Corner 12th Ave. history booklets say this is 1201 1st st -Milne House built in 1912. A. F. Milne family lived here for about 30 years per Heritage Walking Tours of Estevan Booklet., He ran a bakery on the site if the Tower Cafe on 4th st today (2017) Served as Mayor of Estevan in 1918.
Adam Finlayson Milne
Mayor Adam Finlayson Milne
This house appeared in the 1914 promotional booklet of Estevan, as it justly deserved. I think it is one of the nicest houses in Estevan, even today.
Adam Finlayson Milne b- Apr 8, 1881, Brechin, Forfar, Scotland, d- Aug 15, 1946 in Victoria BC, age 65, buried in Estevan City Cemetery. father- John McArthur Milne, mother- Mary Ann Findlayson. wife- Georgina (Davina?) Milne, b-ca 1882 in Scotland, son- John Milne b- ca 1907 in sK, lived in Boston MA in 1944, son- George Milne, b- ca 1911 in SK, and son- Adam Milne, b- ca 1914 in SK. and Robert Milne : Adam's younger brother John Milne lived in Estevan in 1916 near him, shown married, as a carpenter. Adam Milne came from Glasgow Scotland to Montreal, Quebec, arriving June 16, 1906, on the Carthaginian. Adam F. Milne lived here in 1921. b- age 39, in Scotland., He Owned a store at #1138 4th St. - Wife- Georgina Milne, 4 sons, John Milne, George Milne, Adam Milne, and Robert Milne. His sister Grace Milne lived with them in 1921 as well.
Then we have a discrepancy from one history book to another, as the thicker brown one says this is the Dunbar House. Same build date of 1912, but built for publisher of the Estevan Mercury, Donald Culloden Dunbar. As you can see above, Adam Milne Family lived at 108 12th ave. in 1921. Donald C. Dunbar family lived at 921 3rd st in 1921, so I think the Milne House is correct. Dunbar maybe bought it from Milne later causing the confusion? Historic Estevan House either way.

Block 60A- Lot 24- #109 12th Ave.- St. John The Baptist Roman Catholic Church

Then we cross 2nd St.

Block 54- East side- Back half of Lot 1- #231-
Block 53- West side- Back half of Lot 10- #232-

Then cross 3rd St.

Block 43- West side- Lot 21- #306-
Block 43- West side- Lot 21- #310-
#315-12th Ave.- St. Matthews the Apostle, Anglican Church built in 1895 by George Rooks. St. Giles Anglican Church built in 1919.
#317- Rev Myles Custance, age 48, b- in England was Minister of the Church of England in 1921, lived here with Wife Bessie nee Morton, daughter Lorna Custance, and son Alban Custance. Bessie and the 2 children born in MB.
#322 12th Ave. - Duncan Motor Garage located here in 1921
Central Garage located here at one point, Owners Frederickson & Green on the sign.

Block 42-East side- Back half of Lot 1- #329-
#327 12th Ave.- Estevan Mercury was located here in 1921, Donald C. Dunbar publisher.
#334 12th Ave.- Pool Room and Buffet located here in 1921, James A. McGilvery Prop., he lived at #1225 1st St.

On SW corner of 4th st was P.C. Duncan's store, described further below

Then cross 4th St.

Looking North from 4th st on 12th Ave.
Postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Block 19- West side- Lot 42-46- #410-

West side of 12th Ave, between 4th and 5th st.
Fenced lot on corner in the picture is now the Bank of Montreal.(2017) located at 1201 4th st.

Right side shows the corner of the old Kelly Hotel, built in 1892. One of Estevan's First Hotels, built by Arthur Kelly.
Owner of the Kelly Hotel in 1909, shown as Thomas McLelland, at time of the fire in 1909 (see below). $30,000 value, $13,000 insurance.
Later became the site of the International Hotel, which also sadly also burnt down in Mar 1973.

Next came a Drug and General Store, Arthur Kelly owned this Drug/Dry Goods and Grocery store. He built this addition to his Hotel in 1900, and sold the original Kelly Hotel a couple years later, to Roe and McLelland from Melita, Man.
It had a rooming house upstairs where the fire started in 1909, (see below)
Originally he had his store right in the Kelly Hotel.
Value of Dry Goods store- $20,000 insurance $8,000.
It was replaced after the fire, by the Smith Block, built by James A. Smith, at 410-12th Avenue, in 1911.
Historical Estevan Property-
Smith Block, Upper floor- Photo taken Aug 2009
Upper floor of the Smith Block, in 1911, was the Masonic Hall
The upper floor was also used as the Court House. The trial of Harry Bronfman, of Seagrams fame, was supposedly held here in 1930.
William J. Perkins, law firm in Smith Block in 1921.

Then there is the back alley lane.

The last building in the Block at that time, closest to 4th st., was built and owned by Dr. Ernest Harold Scott, Estevan's First Doctor, who had his office in this building. It was built ca Aug 1892, (see article below) He died May 29, 1900.
This was the location of the First Post Office, and Dr. Scott's Drugstore. (Most books describe it on the corner of 4th st and 12th ave. where the Bank of Montreal is today, 2017)
The fire in 1909 (see below), also burnt down Mrs. Scott's dwelling, which also housed the Town Library (Library shown here ca Feb 1908). Value of $4,000
In this building was a land/law office of Peter Cuthbert Duncan. Sign visible in photo above.

P. C. Duncan

Aug 20, 1892 article Describes the Post Office Building and Dominion Land Office were built.

Before the Fire Feb 23, 1909

View after the fire

The fire broke out on the morning of Feb 23,1909, that burnt down Arthur Kelly's Dry Goods Store, the Kelly Hotel, and Mrs. Scott's building, started in the upstairs rooming house, above Kelly's store, (the middle building).

Montreal Gazette reported the fire caused $50.000 damage, and only $25,000 in insurance.
It was such a huge fire, they were worried the whole east and west sections of the town would go. But with heroic efforts of the Citizens, the flames were controlled.

The building on the left in a few pictures above, is actually on the south west corner of 4th St.
It is shown in the middle of the picture below,
It was originally owned by Peter C. Duncan, and his son Stanley Duncan.
It originally was a General and Feed Store.
Feb 23, 1903 article, says it was a 2 story building, 50 x 56 ft

Ca 1916 they sold to D. O. Crossley.It became D. O. Crossley & Sons
Dean Oliver Crossley
b- Jan 28, 1894 in ON
d- Apr 3, 1985, Regina, SK, age 91
buried in Riverside Cemetery with his wife
Father- James W. Crossley
Mother- Hannah Cook
Dean married Gertrude Isabel Crossley, nee Perry, Feb 9, 1918 York, ON
b- ? d- 1973 in Regina SK, age 79

I believe he remarried a Lucita Taylor, daughter of John and Georgina Taylor
In Nov 1916 D.O. Crossley owned a General Store in Biggar SK. so he must have came here shortly after that.

In July 1918 W. R. Whitby's Hardware. shown in the Duncan block in his ads., but D. O. Crossley is still in business, so not sure, but looks ike Whitby had another store, before this corner one. So duncan block isn't the same as the Duncan store? then in Dec 1918 papers it shows both men own the corner store at the same time.
Today the site of the Royal Bank.
All these buildings burnt down Feb 23, 1909 except Duncan's store across 4th st.

12th Ave. looking south, taken from SE corner of 6th St. 12th of July Parade, 1906 Kelly Hotel on right, Empire Hotel on the left,
Top of what became Whitby Hardware, on 4th st visible. (building with 6 upstairs windows)
Originally Whitby's was built by Peter Cuthbert Duncan, Upstairs was the First Funeral Home and Undertaker Service, in Estevan.
Today (2017) the Royal Bank is on that corner.

July 12, 1906 I believe this picture was taken earlier than the caption reads.
The Davies block was supposedly built, and operating as a Bank, in 1903. One is wrong?
Another book says Davies block was built in 1902.
The Empire shows built ca 1906, So maybe 1906 is correct here?
I found a 1905 picture, that shows the Empire Hotel, so am leaning to the 1903 date as correct.
Dates on these buildings change, depending on the memory of others.
This picture is looking south at Corner 5th st and 12th Ave, The International Hotel is on SW corner on right.
Empress / Empire Hotel on SE corner, on left
Unknown building under construction, on left, NE corner, where the Parkway Garage is today (2009), and Davies Block under construction, at 410-12th Ave, on right NW corner.
Looks like a July 1st Parade.
Thanks to Volker Tobias, for making the correction on this caption.

Empire Hotel on the left And International Hotel on the right.
Corner of 5th St and 12th Ave, Loking south

The International Hotel was built and owned by Mr. H. E. McKenzie.
The building just south of the International is the Smith Block, built and owned by James Aphin Smith, wholesale wine and spirit merchant. The tower of the old Salvation Army Stone Church is visible in the rear of the picture.

From Volker Tobias, this added caption-
“This picture postcard is probably from 1917, the men in front of the door of the Empire Hotel, are soldiers,
in the Hotel was the Recruiting Station, of the 152nd Battalion.
Signs for Phille's Land Office, L. J. Taylor, Bank of Hamilton are visible.
Right the International Hotel and W. T. Moore law Office.”
Mr W. T. Moore was on the first 1908 Library board.
Walter T. Moore, BA, was a lawyer with Campbell & Moore

#405 12th Ave.- in Davies Block, “Bank of Montreal” Building, Taisey Dray and Transfer Co., located here in 1921. owner Albert M. Taisey.
#407 12th Ave. Estevan Vulcanizing Works located here in 1921. Remy W. Boutin, Prop. lived same address.
#409 12th Ave.- Benjamin Posovsky had a Tailor shop here in 1921, he lived at 813 2nd st.
#412 12th Ave.- “M. Mandel & Co.” was located here in 1921, in the “Campbell Block” building at that time. Max Mandel owner, lived at 1326 2nd St.
#413 12th Ave.- Joseph “Joe” Hool, Photographer, was located here in 1921, where he also lived. b-Oct 17, 1855, in Wisconsin, USA, wife- Etta “Ettie” A. Hool, nee Staub.
#417- Princess Cafe was here in 1955, Jack Ing, Manager. This would have been in the Creighton Block at that time.
#422 12th Ave. Lewis J. Taylor had a Tobacco and News Stand here, in 1921, he lived on 2nd st.
#429 12th Ave., on East side, was the Newport Cafe, in 1921, Charlie Toy, Prop.
#428 12th Ave. Henneberg Jewelers located here in 1921. Owned by August Henneberg, he lived at #1315 2nd st.

Then 5th St.

Block 12- East Side- Lot 46- #509- Part of the Creighton Hospital, which burnt down, this section was saved; now apartments (2017)
Dr's Creighton and Walsh bought the Delight theatre on 5th st in 1924, and turned it into a hospital. they added this “west wing” after that. In 1936 a fire in the clarendon Hotel spread to the Hospital, and this section was the only part saved. It remained a hospital until 1938 when the first St. Joseph Hospital was built on 1st st. and 14th ave corner.
Block 13- West Side- Lot 21- #508- Another Historical property, beside the Davies Block. Mr. E. R. Davies had a Drug Store here. He took many of the old photos of Estevan, July 1, 1903 he opened the drug store here. ;
Savoy Cafe was located here in 1921, Lee Sun, Prop.

#508 12th ave.(Davies Block) Albert Milton Taisey was here, b- Oct 27, 1871,in Lake City, MN, USA, d- Apr 25, 1944 in Estevan, buried in Estevan City Cemetery, operating a Dray and Transfer Business here. wife- Mary Etta Taisey, nee Kimball, b-Mar 28, 1875, in USA, d- June 14, 1948, in Estevan, they immigrated in 1906, Also son Harley Elmer Taisley, b-Sept 16, 1906 in Estevan, SK.,d-Dec 4, 1971 in BC., Albert's father- Albert H. Taisey, b-in New York, lived in Cuba in 1920. Albert M. Taisey lived in Finley ND, and operated a Dray and Transfer Business there in 1920. Elmer Taisey, his brother, was a banker at Finley in 1920.
Block 13- West Side- Lot 19-20- #510 12th Ave.- Nathan J. Lockhart, Barrister & Solicitor located here in 1921. Annie Kreig stenographer
#512 12th Ave- William Bottling, Barber shop here in 1921
#522 12th Ave. West side- Progress Printing Co. located here in 1921, Estevan Progress Newspaper, Thomas H. Halliwell publisher.; King Show Print, here in 1955, King & Sons owners. William C. King Manager.
The Estevan Progress was purchased by Mr. Donald Dunbar, who owned the Estevan Mercury, when the Estevan Mercury building, was destroyed by fire in 1925.
Mercury Building Photo here
#528 12th Ave. Victoria Cafe located here in 1921, Chen Lee, Prop.

also Gov Gen Page shows a photo of this Cafe and Rooming House above, in 1925

Block 13- West side- (NW Corner of 6th St.) Lot 19-20- #530-

On East Side here, Lot 1, Block 12, once stood the Bergstrom Hotel and Cafe.

John Bergstrom, lived here in 1921, b- age 68 in 1921, in Sweden, Occupation shown as farm lands, real estate, also shown as father in law of Clinton Floyd, b- age 39, in USA, and his wife Olivia May Floyd, nee Bergstrom obviously, b- age 36 in USA. living together.

End of the Avenue- is the old CPR Station on 6th St.

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