Tableland, Saskatchewan, Canada

Unincorporated area

Actually nothing more than a railroad siding

Located on NE Section 20- Township 2- Range 9- West of 2nd Meridian

Lat- 49° 09' 00“ N
Long-103° 11' 00” W

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map showing Tableland

Situated on the Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR), Neptune / Minton Branch line
which went from Estevan, west to Outram and Torquay

located in RM of Estevan No 5

Elevation 1864 ft

14 km/9mi West of Estevan- 10km/6mi East of Outram

No Post Office record found

Today there are many Oil Wells in this area, and a hot spot for oil exploration

The Tableland Rural Telephone Company Ltd, was formed in this area, and used the Tableland name.
article in Tale That is Told, Estevan history book.


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