Colgate, Saskatchewan, Canada

Jan 3, 1911, Colgate became a Village

Unincorporated Hamlet

Originally called Bellville, changed by the CNR.
Named after a Town in the States

Located at SE Section 24, Township 5, Range 15, W2

Located on the Canadian National Railroad

Elevation- 1998 ft

Latitude- 49º 23' 40“ N
Longitude- 103º 53' 42” W

part of My Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

Elevator, Post Office, Telegraph Office, and Gas Station in 1927

2 Schools shown in 1927:
School 1 - Colgate School District #1629
NE, Section 22, Township 5, Range 14, W2

School 2 - Goose Lake School District #1061
NE, Section 8, Township 5, Range 15, W2

Grain Elevators
Elevator built by a construction company from Minot ND ca 1913 when the railroad came thru.
Bought by the Estevan Security Company in spring of 1914. Later sold to Lake of the Woods Elevator Co.

Postmaster History


Federal Electoral District: Assiniboia (SK)
Office Opened- Oct 1, 1910
Section 24, Township 5, Range 15, W2
in part of the Fox and Mundy Hardware Store
located on the west side of Main St.

Moved in 1919 across the street
to Charlie Mackey's Grocery store

S0C 0V0

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Stanley A. Fox 1910-10-01 1919-03-25 Resignation
Charles “Charlie” J. Mackey 1919-06-09 1924-04-18 Death
Mrs. Martha Mackey June 1873 1924-07-03 1945-08 Resignation
Mrs. Mildred Irene McManus Jan 12, 1900 1945-11-30 Acting
1946-10-08 1950-01-28 Resignation
Robert John Devitt 1950-02-16 Acting
1950-04-27 1958-05-16 Resignation
Arnold King Oct 26, 1901 1958-06-16 Acting (Postmaster General)
1959-01-14 1968-10-26 Replacement
Mrs. Ethel J. King unknown 1974-03-30 Retirement
Mrs. Dora L. Paxman 1974-03-30 1981-10-31 Resignation
Mrs. Patti Underwood 1981-10-31 Acting

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Postmaster Genealogy and Bio
First Postmaster
Stanley A. Fox

b- Nov 7, 1882 in Leamington ON
d- Sept 3, 1945 in Calgary AB
buried in Innisfail, AB Cemetery
Educated in Winnipeg MB
Clerk in 1901, living with his parents

He was in the Hardware business in Weyburn, Then moved to Innisfail ca 1920,
To open the Innisfail Hardware Store there. He was the longest serving Mayor of Innisfail, AB
Being elected in 1927. He died while in Office
Past Master of the Masonic Lodge in Innisfail.
Former President of the Union of Alberta Municipalities.

son of Charles H. Fox,
b- Apr 1, 1848 (1846?) (Dec 28, 1844?) in Mersea Township, ON
Shown as a “Moulder” when he married in 1869
Shown as a “Collector” in 1901
Charles was a member of the First Council
of the Village of Leamington ON, ca- Nov 26, 1874
He was the Editor and Publisher of the Erie Post in Leamington.
Charles was the son of Richard “Russell” Fox (1824-1911)
and Jane Fox, nee White, (1824-1901)
Charles was one of eleven children
Charles married Rose (Rosa?) Craig, Dec 5, 1869 in Colchester? Essex Co., ON,
b- Aug 7, 1850 in Ireland
daughter of James and Nancy Craig

Siblings of Stanley-
sister- Theresa H. Fox, b- Feb 27, 1871 in ON, Teacher in 1901
Garda M. Fox, b- Jan 15, 1878 in ON, Warehouseman in 1901
Charles H. Fox, b- Apr 2, 1885 in MB
Frederick E. Fox, b- Apr 10, 1888 in MB
Vera Marguerita Fox, b- July 5, 1891 in MB

Stanley married Flossie Gertrude Porteous, July 2, 1904 in Winnipeg MB
b- June 15, 1884 in Cass, ND, USA
daughter of Mark Porteous and Margaret Robinson

son- Stanley Vernon Fox
b- Oct 31, 1904 in Winnipeg MB

son- Milton “Murray” Fox
b- Aug 31, 1906 in Winnipeg MB

son- Russell Vivian Fox
b- July 28, 1908 in Winnipeg
d- Oct 8, 1979 North Vancouver BC age 71

son- Vernon “Vern” Bruce Fox
He became Mayor of Innisfail ca 1964

son- Graham Fox

son- Frederick Glenn “Glen” Fox

Martha Mackey was the wife of Charlie Mackey
she retired to Weyburn

Mildred Irene McManus married Dan McLeod

Dora L. Paxman was married to George Paxman.


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