Antler, Saskatchewan, Canada

Unincorporated Hamlet


  • SW Section 14- Township 7- Range 30- W
  • Located near North Antler Creek
  • On the CPR Pipestone Branch built in 1900
  • Latitude - 49° 33′ 58″ N
  • Longitude - 101° 27′ 27″ W

Patrolled by the NWMP in 1888, shown as white line in map below

Mar 15, 1905 established as Village of Antler. Mar 27, 1905 election for the First Overseer was to be held. E. Haight of Antler was appointed Returning Officer.

Antler, part of the 1888 NWMP map in Estevan NWMP Museum,
Copy in Trooper & Redskin Book, by John G. Donkin

In Rural Municipality of Antler #61

Antler Postcard ca 1909

Grain Elevators

Western Elevator Company Elevator visible in foreground

Antler Public School


Methodist Church

Post Office History

Office Name: Antler

  • Electoral District: Assiniboia (Saskatchewan)
  • Office Established Apr 1, 1884
  • Subsequent Office Info: Subsequent Name = Gainsborough
  • Date of Change Sept 1, 1895
  • Additional Information: Sec.4, Twp.3, R.30, W1
Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
H. F. Hasteler 1884-04-01 1892-07-30 Resignation
G. Anderson 1892-10-01

Office Name: Antler

  • Electoral District: Moose Mountain (Saskatchewan)
  • Office Established Sept 1, 1900
  • Additional Information: Group 3
  • S0C 0E0
  • Sec.14, Twp.7, R.30, W1 - 1900-09-01
Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Edgar Haight 1900-09-01 1901-08-01 Resignation
A. M. Stephen 1901-10-01 1902-04-07 Resignation
Edgar Haight 1902-06-01 1911-04-15 Resignation
Harry Hopkins 1911-05-15 1913-08-22 Resignation
H. S. Campsall 1913-10-31 1929-09-15 Death
Mrs. Wilhelmina Campsall 1929-11-18 1954-02-24 Death
Miss Ethel Minerva Johnston 1954-02-26 Acting
Miss Ethel Minerva Johnston 1954-08-09 1975-12-30 Retirement
Mrs. Eva Jamieson 1975-12-14 Temporary
Mrs. Eva Jamieson 1976-01-27 1978-08-15 Resignation
Aurele P. Moreau 1978-08-05 1986-05-08 Resignation
Yvonne Bauche                                   1986-08-18       Term P.M.                          

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