Oxbow, Saskatchewan, Canada

Incorporated as a Town in 1904

Lat- 49 deg, 13' 48“ N
Long- 102 deg, 10' 9” W

Located on Section 23, Township 3, Range 2, W2 in S.E. Saskatchewan

1903 ft above Sea Level

Latin for Oxbow= Boscurvis
A word some still use for the town.

Located on Highway 18, between Glen Ewen, and Highway 9 north to Alameda

Located on the Canadian Pacific Rail Line

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map showing Oxbow

in 1927, Elevator, Post Office, Telegraph station and Gas Station

The map shows the Souris River coming up from the south, and heading back down south.
Also seen mouth of Moose Mountain Creek, entering the Souris River

Road to the Souris River in 1927 map above is Galloway Dr. today (2011)
and Highway 18 follows the Railroad to the right (east)
Highways were quite a bit different back then.

The Town was named after the “Oxbow” in the Souris River, which is just south of the town

Grain Elevator History
Sept 1903 Elevator in Oxbow
F. Stephenson- 25,000 bushel capacity

Hotel Alexandra
Mr. L. A. Roe Proprietor
Letter of recommendation for my Aunt Dorothy Gent, June 30, 1930
signed by Mr. Roe's wife

Postcard showing Oxbow Churches

Oxbow High School Postcard
Postcards courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Post Office History

Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)
Office Opened Apr 1, 1892
S0C 2B0

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Roderick A. Troyer (see below) 1892-04-01 1895-04-12 Resignation
Christian “Chris” Troyer (see below) 1895-06-01 1897-05-06
William A. Greer 1897-06-01 1913-03-25 Dismissal, Political Partisanship
George Selwin Hames (see below) Sept 6, 1871 1913-03-28 1948-01-01
John Edward Mitchell 1948-04-16 1972-07-24 Resignation
Mrs. G. M. Rutledge 1972-07-22 Temporary
Cecil C. Bull 1972-08-28 1980-09-06 Retirement
Mrs. Grace Rutledge 1980-07-05 Temporary
Darwin H. Hoimyr 1980-11-07
Mrs. Grace Rutledge 1982-05-13 Acting
Conrad Kuntz 1982-09-07

Additional Information: Semi-staff - 1948-04-01
Disclaimer- This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Roderick A. Troyer, Oxbow's first Post Master
b- 1866 (1855?) in ON
in 1910 there was a Roderick A. Troyer, living in San Francisco, single, immigrating to the US, in 1895

father- Christian “Chris” Troyer, 2nd Post Master
b- July 1, 1841 in ON
d- Oct 16,1924, in Invermere, BC., Canada, age 83
Dutch farmer in 1881, Mountain, Marquette, MB
wife of Chris- Priscilla Jane Humberstone
b- July 1, 1845 (1843?) in ON
d- Mar 18, (Apr 11?), 1888
buried in Oxbow SK
daughter of Thomas Humberstone and Sarah Wilson
son- Albert O. Troyer
b- 1871 in ON
son- Edgar Troyer
b- 1874 in ON
I also seen info on a possible son named Edward Troyer.
b- ?
d- ?
After Chris's wife died he moved to Moosomin SK and ran a small hotel, before moving back to Oxbow.
Chris was the 2nd Postmaster in Oxbow, as well as Justice of the Peace there.
Chris's father- Christian Troyer (1798-1883)
mother- Magdalene Cover (Cober?) (1802-1888)

George Selwin Hames
b- Sept 6, 1871 in Harrowsmith, ON
(1874 in another record)
(1872 in 1881 census, age 9)
d- June 1971
Served in WWI, enlisted May 29, 1916, in Moose Jaw SK
Reg # 255196
discharged in 1919
father- William Locke Hames
mother- Charlotte Anne Wolsey
wife- Margaret “Maggie” Hames, nee Hamilton
they had 4 children:
Albert Earl Hames
b- Aug 2, 1902
d- Apr 1911 at Oxbow
Queenie Isabel Hames
b- Jan 4, 1905
William Arthur Hames
b- June 25, 1906 at Oxbow
d- Oct 28, 1906 at Oxbow
Allan Leslie Hames
b- Jan 24, 1908 in Oxbow

There is a Museum in the Town
Ralph Allen Memorial Museum
802 Railway Ave.
Canadian journalist Ralph Allen came from Oxbow

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Town of Oxbow

History Book, “Furrow to the Future”
Vol 1
Vol 2

Pioneer Days of the Oxbow district


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