Taylorton, Saskatchewan, Canada

Taylorton was first called “Coalfields”, and it was located down in the Souris River Valley

Town of Coalfields (Taylorton at this time) early 1960's
Photo courtesy Luscar Ltd, part of Archive Photo Place Mats, used at Bienfait Reunion 2005.

Exact Location Township 2, Range 6, W2

Located in RM#4 Coalfields

Map shows the location of Taylorton, in relation to other towns,
after it was moved to top of the valley.
It was located 8 miles SE of Bienfait SK., In the SE corner of Saskatchewan Canada

The First Post Office in the area was called “Coalfields”
It originated around 1890 in the Valley
It later in 1905, became “TAYLORTON” When the Hamlet and Post Office,
Were moved up out of the Souris Valley, onto the Flat Plain above.

My Dad's 1927 Map, shows this location

Last house to be moved from the valley was Casper Fiest's in 1940.

Per Taylorton History book in 1955 “One of the Original Pioneers was Jno B. Adams, who came from Streetsville, ON, shipping his stock to the nearest railhead, Moosomin, and then trekking across the prairie with his wife and young family, a distance of about 120 miles.
1901 census shows John Buckingham Adams in Roche Percee.
b- Apr 11, 1854, in South Molton Reg Dist, Devon, England, immigrated in 1884.
d- 1934
buried in North Portal Cemetery, North Portal, SK
wife- Jane Adams, nee Down,
b- May 26, 1852 in England
d- 1936
buried in North Portal Cemetery, North Portal, SK
2 sons, Willie John Adams and Rilias Adams, and 1 daughter, Mary Johanna Adams, born in ON.
1 daughter- Margaret Ellen Jane Adams, b- Nov 28, 1890 in Assa, NWT
So we know he arrived here before Nov 28, 1890.

Origin of the Name Taylorton?

It was Named after the Owner of the Mine
Richard Ratcliffe Taylor (Sr.)

Richard Ratcliffe Taylor Sr.
His Bio can be found here

Taylorton over the years, consisted of:
A Church, School, Tipple, Garage, Mine Office, Outdoor Skating Rink, Butcher Shop, Post Office, Store, and Boarding House.
There was about 30 houses on the Prairie, top of the hill, and about 35 in the Valley.
When it was in it's first location in the valley, called “Coalfields”
The Hamlet originally was located where the Souris Valley Mine was,
Which was originally the Hugh Hassard Mine. (The First Commercial Coal Mine in the area)

The Hamlet was moved again to a location near old highway 39, up on the flat Prairie.
Most of the houses it seems were painted Green and White.
The residents worked for The Western Dominion Mines Ltd. Total population it seems never exceeded about 300 persons.
There was, and still is, a Cemetery located on the edge of the Hill.
It was fully restored and in 1999 was in very good condition. A huge wrought Iron gateway has been erected at the entrance.
Not much is left of the entire Hamlet, other than some stone remains of the store, and the Cemetery.

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