Souris River

Souris River, Saskatchewan, Canada

aka- Souris Pit on 1920 era map

Unincorporated Area

Located at NW Section 31, Township 1, Range 2, W2

Latitude 49° 05' 00“ N
Longitude 102° 16' 02” W

Elevation 1705 ft

Located SW of Oxbow, and north of Elcott and Northgate, Located on the Souris River

Located on the CNR Railway, originally the Grand Trunk Pacific
Regina and Boundary Branch line (GTPRBL) see below

There was a giant gravel pit here, and tons of gravel was hauled from this area, for ballast on the Rail lines
Some maps call the Site Souris Pit.

Obviously named since it was beside the Souris River near where the railway crossed the river.

Appears there was an elevator here, Imagine it was a Pool Elevator

Souris River 1927 map

Sarah Matilda Davidson and Charles Henry Miller had land grants in this area

Located on the Grand Trunk Railroad / CNR /

Regina-Boundary Branch Line

GTPR Regina Boundary Branch Line

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Cummins Map ca 1920, showing land owners.

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