Graham Hill

Graham Hill, Saskatchewan, Canada

Located at Section 20, Township 1, Range 13, W2

SW of Torquay SK

My Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

Post Office in 1927
Named after first Postmaster James Graham

Post Office History

Graham Hill
Federal Electoral District: Weyburn (SK)
Office Opened- Aug 1, 1910
Sec.7, Twp.1, R.13, W2
Sept 1, 1916, Sec.19, Twp.1, R.13, W2
Office closed Aug 7, 1914

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
James Graham (see below) 1910-08-01 1912-09-23 Resignation
Samuel “Sam” Bauder (see below) 1913-01-01 1914-05-04 Resignation
James Graham 1914-05-22 1914-08-07
E. W. Black 1916-09-01 1920-11-29 Resignation
F. I. Rogers 1921-01-14 1923-03-10 Resignation
Walter F. Rogers 1923-05-14 1932-06-16 Resignation, Closed, Limited Usefulness

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First Postmaster- James Graham
b- Apr 1861 in Ireland
d- Abt May 7, 1945 in Oungre, SK

wife Elisebeth Graham nee Wellwood
b- Jan 1865 in Caledon, Peel, ON
d- 1935, Oungre, SK

son- William John Graham
b- Oct 1898 in USA
son- Robert George Wellwood Graham
b- Jan 1902, in ON
d- 1975
daughter- Martha May Graham
b- Dec 1902 in ON
d- 1992
daughter- Teresa Graham Kline
b- abt 1908 SK

Samuel “Sam” Bauder
b- Aug 31, 1858 in ON
d- Mar 24, 1946 at Vancouver BC, age 87
wife- Mary Etta Bauder, nee Davey (alt name below)
b- May 1871 in ON
d- bef Mar 24, 1946

one record says he married Martha Davey, b- 1872
Dec 25, 1889 at Hinchinbrooke, Frontenac, ON
daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Davey,
another Mary Etta Davy

7 sons, 1 daughter I know of:
all born in ON, except Ralph in SK-
Elmar Bauder
b- Nov 21, 1890 in Verona, Portland township, ON
d- Sept 8, 1975 at Burnaby BC, age 84
married Margaret Jane McDonald
Floyd Bauder
b- Apr 13, 1892 Portland township, Frontenac, ON
Marshal Bauder
b- Aug 1896
Wilfred Bauder
b- Aug 9, 1896, Portland township, Frontenac, ON
Raymond Bauder
b- May 7, 1898 at Portland township, Frontenac, ON
Edgar Bauder
b- Jan 1903
Pearl Bauder
b- Jan 1, 1907 in ON
d- July 12, 1979 at Prince George BC, age 72
she married Gordon Hayes
Ralph Bauder
b- May 1910

Sam's father- Nelson Bauder
mother- Charlotte Burleigh

Knoxville School District #2220, South of Graham Hill, NE Section 18, Township 1, Range 13, W2


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