Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada

aka “The Lilac City”
Founded April 1899

Incorporated as a Village in 1902
First Overseer- Paschal Elijah Metheral (see genealogy below)
Note- an Alex Mitchell is shown as Overseer before Metheral, but date unknown

Incorporated as a Town, Aug 5, 1903
First Mayor- Thomas Henry Blacklock, in 1903
Editor of the Weyburn Herald, First Newspaper in Weyburn,
Oct 1902, he issued his first paper.

Incorporated as a City in 1913

Elevation= 1857 ft

Latitude- 49° 39′ 40″ N
Longitude- 103° 51′ 9″ W

View of East End, Weyburn, no 9
Postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Grace United Church, 210 3rd st.,
visible with circle bell tower
Originally called the New Grace Methodist Church, built in 1905

NWMP set up a Police Station here in 1902
Constable Larry Lett was in Charge

Early Mayors
1904- Dr. Robert M. Mitchell (also First Doctor in Weyburn)
1905- William McClyment Kellock
1906- Neil D. McKinnon
1907- Dr. Robert M. Mitchell
1908- William James Monaghan

Genealogy and Bio, from names above

Thomas Henry Blacklock
b- Sept 13, 1870 in ON,
(shown age 34 in 1906 census in Weyburn)
d- Aug 2, 1934 in Ottawa Civic Hospital, Ottawa, ON, age 63
buried in Campbellsville, ON
Homesteaded NW 14 8 15 W2
Member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery, Political writer.
I believe he left Weyburn, ca 1911, back to ON.
father- William Blacklock,
b- Dumfriesshire, Scotland
mother- Jane Campbell,
b- Kingston ON
wife- Isabelle “Belle” Blacklock, nee Morrison
b- in ON, (shown age 34 in 1906)
daughter of James and Mary Morrison

Fenwick Bros. Draymen

Robert James Fenwick
b- June 21, 1879 in ON
d- June 11, 1961 in Weyburn SK
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK

Joseph Francis “James” Fenwick
b- Mar 3, 1872 in ON
d- feb 1, 1953 in Weyburn SK
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn, SK
wife- Euphemia Ann Fenwick, nee Johnson
b- Feb 14, 1872
d- Apr 17, 1933
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK

Fenwick brothers shown as farmers in 1901 census, in Weyburn district

William Thomas Fenwick, was also in Weyburn area, another brother?
b- 1883
d- July 10, 1963
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK
married Clara Adelaide Fenwick
b- 1883
d- Mar 12, 1974
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK

Paschal Elijah Metheral First Overseer
b- May 5, 1865 in Creemore, Simcoe, ON
d- Nov 27, 1958 in New Westminster, BC
buried in surrey Centre Cemetery
married Alice Evelyn Metheral, nee Evans, July 30, 1890 Durham ON
b- Sept 13, 1869 in ON
d- June 7, 1954 New Westminster, BC
daughter of James and Mary Evans
brother- Samuel Metheral
brother- Wesley Metheral
brother- Thomas Metheral b- ca 1864 in ON
brother- George Metheral
sister- Mary Metheral
sister Margaret Metheral
father- Thomas Metheral, age 34 in 1871 in England
mother- Margaret Metheral, age 36 in 1871 in Ireland

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Hillcrest Cemetery

History Books

The Night the Cat Froze in the Oven, 1982
I now have a copy of this book courtesy Mrs. Rita German, Surrey BC

(note- I do not have copies of the books below)

Hey, Seeds!

Location of the Weyburn Mental Hospital

Soo Line Historical Museum

1899-1908 Weyburn Booklet (Great info and great pictures)


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