Ratcliffe, Saskatchewan, Canada

An Unincorporated Hamlet

Located at NW Section 6, Township 2, Range 15, W2

Latitude- 49º 6' N
Longitude-103º 59' W

Located on the Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR)

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

Post Office in 1927

Village named after the first Postmaster- Joseph Ratcliffe

Post Office History

Federal Electoral District: Assiniboia (SK)
Office opened Sept 1, 1909
In the Store
Section 18, Township 2, Range 15, W2
Office closed June 30, 1962
NE 1/4 Section 18, Township 2, Range 15, W2

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Joseph Ratcliffe (see below) 1909-09-01 1916-08-18 Resignation
William Burton 1917-04-02 1926-03-29 Resignation
Sam Altman 1927-04-01 1936-06-27 Resignation
Ernest Joseph Erixon Apr 3, 1901 1936-07-31 1941-09-15 Resignation
Mrs. Yvette Gabriel Jesse 1941-10-31 1944-05-30 Resignation
Clarence Leo Pawlak 1944-06-16 Acting
1944-12-15 1950-11-22 Death
Mrs. Ivy May Pawlak 1950-11-23 Acting
1951-03-02 1962-06-30 Closed

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Joseph Ratcliffe
his full name might have been Joseph Smalley Ratcliffe
b- abt 1869, age 37 in 1906, in Staffordshire England

wife- name unknown
b- age 35 in 1906, in Leicester England
d- Mid Feb 1907

3 sons, all born in Kirkcudbright Burgh, Scotland

William E. Ratcliffe, oldest age 3 in 1906

John R. Ratcliffe,

Arthur J. Ratcliffe

all 3 died sons died mid Feb 1907 (see story below)

Family immigrated in Apr 1906, in Steerage, on board the Numidian, to Elva Manitoba first.

Joseph Ratcliffe homesteaded on: NW Section 17, Township 2, Range 15, W2
and NE Section 18, Township 2, Range 15, W2

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Possibly Joseph's wife and 3 sons frozen in their homestead shack
article moved, sorry

article in another paper says wife and 6 children, no names
and was near Stoughton Arcola area.
so not exactly sure same guy.


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