Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club

Kitimat-Terrace/Thornhill and area, BC, Canada

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Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club

Abbreviated “SVNSC”

aka: Onion Lake Cross Country Ski Trails

Nov 21, 2020- Night view- First Track Packing of the 2020-2021 year
L/R- Lodge (Kitchen area, Snowflake Cafe),
Old Rental Shop, Day Pass Registration Area,
Main Gate, Large Trail Map and Information Board,
and new Rental Shop on right, with new outside lights
Note- NO Dogs allowed in this area.
Photo by Dean Bergstrom

Non-Profit Society that operates the Onion Lake Cross Country Ski Trails

BC Government Forest Service is the “Landlord” of the whole area, and any changes, or additions have to be approved by them.

Elevation at Highway Turnoff- 220 Meters per Drive BC
Elevation at the Lodge- 192 Meters per Google Earth

Located on the west side of Highway 37S, half-way between Kitimat and Terrace-Thornhill area.
When you turn off highway the first 2 buildings you see are the maintenance, groomer buildings, and the big mural sign next to them.
Continue on past all those buildings, and you pass another larger maintenance building, next to the road, with a large red gate in the front. Do NOT park here! This is the groomers parking spot.
Past that large building you will come to a turnoff on your right side. An open red gate marks the season is open. This is the entrance to the large parking lot. Do NOT exit from this gate. From this parking lot you can go to the lodge, day pass, and rental shed area, thru the large red gate. Or go direct to the doggy trail via the exit from the parking lot if you have your season pass on. Remember day pass must be date and time stamped to be valid
Remember NO dogs in the Lodge area, past the gate. Leave them in your car until you get your pass sorted. All Dogs must be kept on leash in parking lot, across the Wedeene Forest Rd, until the head of the Doggy trail.
When you return back on leash to cross the rd and until they enter your car/truck.
This is for insurance reasons, and some people do not like dogs jumping up on them!
Remember Cash or Cheque only for rentals or day pass purchases. NO ATM or wifi at the trails

GPS of the Lodge- per Google Earth DMS
Latitude- 54° 17' 45.17“ N
Longitude- 128° 32' 19.61” W

Remember- Everyone working at the trails is a volunteer. Treat them kindly!
Join the Club and volunteer yourself.

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