Kitimat-Terrace/Thornhill and area, BC, Canada

Snow Valley Nordic Ski Club (SVNSC)

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Aerial View of Buildings, Trails, Gates, and Highway in the Lodge area.

View Aug 2020
Lodge as it looks without snow, Aug 2020

ca Jan 3, 1996 - Donated 10×50 Atco Trailer, still in use today with kitchen in one end, and wood stove in other, middle taller roof in photo above

ca Feb 7, 2001- Electric Power arrived at the trails

Before Dec 7, 2003 - Exact Date Unknown- First addition was added on kitchen end for a rental shop and Ticket Booth/day pass registration area. (Right lower roof in photo above.)

Dec 7, 2003 Lodge at night with Ticket booth added on right side
“Santa was just about to ski in for a visit”
Photo courtesy Jim Thorne Dec 2, 2020

Jim's Notes about this photo:
1 – Well before expansion was added on the east end of the hut
2 – This was a year or two before the area between the Main Hut & Ticket Booth (the old rental shed) was filled in.
3 - No dormers yet over the doors leading into the Hut

2004-2005- A roof was added between the lodge and rental shed for a waxing-repair station for rental skis.

Feb 2008- Money was being located for extending the water line from the well to the Lodge

Completed mid January, 2010- Second large addition was added on the wood stove end, with picnic tables and waxing station, plus a door to large wood shed out back. Left lower roof in photo above.

Jan 23, 2010- Large East Addition, with dormers added over doors on old section of the lodge roof
Per Jim Thorne- “The expansion of the lodge was completed less than two months before the BC Winter Games. This photo shows the lodge ‘in use’ on 23 January 2010” photo submitted by Jim Thorne, Dec 2, 2020

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