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I do not recommend many things on this site, and never anything commercial, but I do make an exception when the wind blows right and I like who is involved. Please Note- Do NOT ask to have your info listed here.
Note- I reserve the right to add what I want here, and receive no money for these links or information.

Nov 2018- My friend Miles Kingdon's first book, Beyond the Next Ridge, A Cowboy's Story.
I highly recommend this book, after reading it today.
Written by what I call a “True” Cowboy, born and raised near Bienfait SK.
Miles was inducted into the BC Cowboy Hall of Fame, Mar 17, 2017, to prove that point.
His book is available in Merritt BC, at Purity Feed, The Bailee House, & Petals and Plants
and in Vernon BC, at The Cowboy’s Choice.
Or email-, to arrange to purchase a copy.
or now on

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