History of my History Pages

Shortly after I retired my old Apple 64 clone machine, with an amber monitor, and the large floppy disks, I bought my first “Windows 95” computer, which had a large colour monitor for that time, I found that you could get a free web site on Geocities. So I built a few basic HTML pages for Bienfait and Neudorf Saskatchewan History. Plus a few personal pages. Shortly after that I started to build more and more, and before long used up all my space on Geocities, and branched out into Tripods free space. Then I filled them up, and had my brother sign up to both, and used that space as well! Then they both got a little greedy and limited bandwidth and space we could use. Plus they both had annoying banner ads. Ads I didn't approve of, in some cases, and couldn't stop, without paying a premium.

So my son suggested we move the whole site to 1&, which we did. Of course this meant paying a monthly fee. Which my son paid for in lieu of father's day and birthday gifts. A good trade for me!
Then at the end of 2016 he came up with the plan to revise the whole site, modernize it, and redsign the whole thing, and move it to this virtual server.

So here we are today in Feb 2018, with a new modern and secure site. No banner ads, No ads of any kind, free access, same as before, but now with a search bar feature, which actually works 100%. Plus a share button for those that want to send a link to friends.

The site has come a long ways, from 1995-96, in 24+ years online.

My site combines history with Genealogy. It has helped numerous folks find long lost relatives in places they never knew they were, which makes my day, everytime I get an email telling me their success story. That is what this site is all about. Hope you learn a little more history, than you did before, and get encouraged to visit your local museum and archive and support them.


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