Bryant, Saskatchewan, Canada

A Hamlet in the Benson RM #35

On the Canadian National CNR line on map below
Originally on a branch line of the Canadian Northern Railway from Maryfield, to Lampman, then to Radville.
Lampman was at mile 67.4
Bryant at mile mile 83.1


  • SW Section 12, Township 5, Range 9, W2
  • Latitude- 49º 23' N
  • Longitude- 103º 6' W
  • Elevation 1959 ft
  • Today located on Highway 702, 20 km west of Lampman

Named after a Poet, Journalist, and Editor, William Cullen Bryant

  • b- Nov 3, 1794, in a log cabin, near Cummington Mass. USA
  • d- June 12, 1878, in New York City
  • Buried in Roslyn Cemetery, Roslyn, Nassau Co, NY, USA
  • He was an American Romantic Poet, Journalist and a long-time Editor of the New York Evening Post.
  • Bryant Park in New York City was named after him.
  • His middle name Cullen was used for another SK Hamlet, just east of Bryant.

As far as I know, it is still a mystery who named these towns. Most in this area, if not all, were named after poets, and or, writers, but who named them is unknown.

part of my Dad's 1927 Map of this area. Map shows Bryant had at least one Elevator

Post Office History

  • Bryant
  • Moose Mountain Electoral District
  • Office established July 1, 1911 * Closed Apr 29, 1959

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
David Henderson Chamberlain (see bio below) 1911-07-01 1923-02-02 Death
Mrs. C. M. Chamberlain 1923-05-11 1925-06-03 Resignation
Mrs. C. M. King (re-appointed) 1925-07-03 1928-09-07 Resignation
Napoleon Joseph Dupuis OAS 1896-01 1928-11-03 1944-05-09 Death
Mrs. Mildred Evelyn Dupuis 1944-05-10 Acting
Mrs. Mildred Evelyn Dupuis 1944-06-23 1946-06-01 Resignation
Mrs. Elsie Elizabeth Imbery (see bio below) 1946-06-11 Acting
Mrs. Elsie Elizabeth Imbery                                           1946-10-05           1959-04-17       Resignation        

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David Henderson Chamberlain

  • He homesteaded on the same section that Bryant is located on
    • b- Feb 14, 1883, in Douro, Peterborough, ON
  • Brother- Raymond Ingram Chamberlain
    • b- Feb 1, 1886 in Duoro, ON
  • Brother- Ernest Stanley Chamberlain
    • b- Dec 2, 1890, Peterborough, ON
    • d- July 22, 1981 in Kelowna BC
  • Brother- William Frederick Chamberlain
    • b- Sept 11, 1880 in Douro, ON
  • Father- William “Evans” Chamberlain
  • Mother- Christiana Henderson

Napoleon Joseph Dupuis

  • Took out western land grant, NE Sec 21, Township 2, Range 12, W2

Elsie Elizabeth Imbery

  • nee Sparks
  • b- Aug 6, 1921, on her parents farm 13 miles NW of Estevan
  • d- Feb 17, 2011 in Prince Albert SK, age 89
  • She married Joe Imbery in 1940
  • Elsie and Joe were friends of my Mom and Dad.
  • father- Howard Sparks
  • mother- Amelia Sparks, nee ?
  • They in Estevan until about 1946 when they moved to Bryant
  • they operated the Bryant General Store and Post Office until 1959

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