Carnduff, Saskatchewan, Canada

Status- Town of Carnduff


  • Latitude- 49º 10' 30“ N
  • Longitude- 101º 47' 50” W
  • Located at the intersection of Highway 318 and Highway 18, on the CPR
  • Sec 35, Township 2, Range 3, W

Named after John Porter Carnduff, the First Post Master at Old Carnduff. He owned a Stopping House at Old Carnduff. His family Genealogy is shown below

Carnduff, (shown as Cardiff on this map), part of the 1888 NWMP map in Estevan NWMP Museum,
Copy in Trooper & Redskin Book, by John G. Donkin

Present Townsite surveyed in 1891

First Overseer

  • John H. Taylor
  • Who became 2nd Post Master, see below.

First Mayor when Carnduff became a Town

James Balmer Preston*

  • b- June 10, 1850, in Halton co. ON
  • d- Sept 7, 1922 in Winnipeg MB
  • son of Thomas Preston and Jane Balmer
  • married Catherine “Kate” Sproat, Mar 2, 1887 in Lucan, ON
    • b- Feb 11, 1855 in Lucan ON
  • 4 children:
    • Clarence Sproat Preston (see below)
      • b- July 13, 1888 in Carnduff
    • Victor Balmer Preston
      • b- May 21, 1891 in Carnduff
    • Gurney Oliver Preston (see below)
      • b- Nov 10, 1893 in Carnduff
      • d- June 6, 1969 on his farm near Carnduff
    • Marion Louise Preston
      • b- Dec 26, 1895 in Carnduff

One of the First Towns, on the first 1882 CPR maps of the area.

Post Office History

  • Name of Office: Carnduff
  • Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)
  • Date opened- Sept 1, 1884
  • in Carnduff's store, Stopping House,
  • Sec.35, Twp.2, R.33, WPM
  • Postal Code- S0C 0S0

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
John Porter Carnduff 1884-09-01 1900-05-23 Removal of Postmaster
John H. Taylor 1900-07-01 1912-08-10 Dismissal, Political Partisanship
Andrew Barnes 1912-09-26 1940-04-29 Death
Mrs. Ethel Beatrice Barnes 1889-10-15 1940-05-01 Acting
Herbert Henry Emrick OAS 1898-04-15 1940-07-15 1964-04-13 Retirement
Mrs. Winnifred Anne Davies 1964-04-14 Acting
Mrs. Winnifred Anne Davies 1964-05-01 1979-07-06 Retirement
Murray W. Turton 1979-07-06 Temporary
W. Storie Cannon 1979-07-28 1983-11-29 Retirement
Mrs. Winona A. Fuchs 1984-01-09

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John Porter Carnduff
  • b- Mar 14, 1851
  • d- 1949
  • buried in Carnduff Cemetery
  • He was 17, his brother Richard 14 when they immigrated in 1871
  • son of Samuel Carnduff and Sarah Porter
    • 1st Marriage-
      • wife Catherine McLaren
        • b- 1848
        • d- 1929
      • Daughters
        • Georgina Carnduff
          • b- Oct 4, 1884, in Carnduff, Assa, NWT on Sec 02, Tsp 3, Rge 33, 1
          • d- July 3, Edmonton AB
        • Florence May Carnduff
          • b- May 15, 1891 in SK
          • d- ?
        • Florence May Carnduff
          • b- May 15, 1891 in SK
          • d- ?
        • Annetta Carnduff
          • b- ? in Gravestone
          • d- Nov 10, 1935 in Arcola SK
      • Sons-
        • Peter Carnduff
          • b- Feb 12, 1889 on Sec 02, Tsp 3, Rge 33, 1
          • d- ?
        • John McLaren Carnduff
          • b- Mar 8, 1887 in Carlton Pl, ON
          • d- Dec 22, 1926 in Antler, SK
        • William Hamilton Carnduff
          • b- May 14, 1875 in Carlton PL, ON
          • d- Mar 29, 1935 in Carnduff
    • then in 1901 census we see a different wife-
      • wife: Esther Carnduff
        • b- Feb 2, 1853
      • 3 daughters shown in 1901
        • Laura Carnduff
          • b- Jan 6, 1880 (1878?) in Smith Falls, Lanark, ON
          • d- Feb 18, 1918 in Slocan BC
        • Elizabeth Carnduff
          • b- Feb 11, 1882 (1880?) Darlingford MB
          • d- July 4, 1907 in Carnduff
        • Mary Carnduff
          • b- June 16, 1884 (1883?) Carnduff, Assa, NWT
          • d- June 17, 1966 in Carnduff
John H. Taylor
  • b- Oct 8, 1854 in Paris, Brant Co., ON
  • In 2 of his sons death certs he is shown as born in England
  • d- July 21, 1943 in Medicine Hat, AB
  • 1901 shown as a Carpenter in Carnduff
  • 1911 family still in Carnduff
  • Apr 1915 family in Redcliff AB, shown as a merchant.
  • 1916 family in Moose Jaw SK, shown as a builder.
  • 1921 in Medicine Hat, AB, shown as a builder, contractor.
  • son of Edward Taylor, and Sarah nee ?
  • Marriage 1
    • wife:Eleanor Louise Cowles, Sept 19, 1878, Paris, Brant, ON
      • olding (1820-1890)
      • son- Edward Royal Taylor
        • b- Sept 26, 1879, Paris, Brant Co. ON
        • d- Jan 7, 1956 in Vancouver BC, age 76
        • 1891 in Brantford City, Brant, ON
        • 1901 in Winnipeg MB
        • married Ethel Watson, Nov 7, 1907 in Winnipeg, MB
  • Marriage 2
    • wife: Margaret Curry Hill, Mar 26, 1883, Paris, Brant Co. , ON
      • alt- Margaret Currie Hill
      • b- Dec 22, 1858 in Blenheim Township, ON
      • d- age 108, North Tonawanda, NY, USA
      • daughter of Frederick Hill and Elizabeth nee ?
    • Daughters
      • Winnifred May “Winnie” Taylor
        • b- Oct 8, 1884 in RM of Deloraine, MB
        • died age 97
        • married George Limbert
      • Muriel Ellen Margaret “Minnie” Taylor
        • b- Apr 14, 1900 in Carnduff
        • d- 1970
        • married William Dewey Weinheimer in 1921, in New York
      • Helene Elizabeth Hill “Helen” Taylor
        • b- Oct 14, 1902, in Carnduff
        • married Francis E. Haley
    • Sons-
      • Frederick George “Fred” Taylor
        • b- Sept 23, 1892 in Assa, NWT
        • d- Aug 28, 1957 in Victoria BC, age 64
        • buried in Royal Oak Burial Park, Victoria BC
        • Lived in Victoria BC, ca 1953 on
        • married Leona Hemple
      • John Franklin “Jack” Taylor
        • b- July 4, 1895, (Apr 7, 1895?) in Carnduff, Assa, NWT
        • Lived in Winnipeg MB
        • Enlisted in WWI, Mar 27, 1916, Reg # 532238
        • occupation- embalmer
        • married Svea Martina Johnson, Mar 17, 1928, in Winnipeg MB
  • 1900 Elizabeth McDonald was PO Clerk
  • Town owned it's own Telephone System and Gas Lighting.
  • Had 4 churches,
  • Public and High School
  • Public Library
  • Fine town Hall
  • CP Telegraph, and Dominion Express
  • Mayor- Clarence Sproat Preston
  • Town Clerk- Robert Young
  • Councillors-
    • • A. Barnes,     • J. Hiller,     • William F. Small,     • Walter T. Bishop,     • John E. R. Ramsay,     • and W. J. McGowan


  • Anderson Hause, CPR Section Foreman
  • David Butler, Section Hand, CPR
  • Joseph P. Campbell, Station Agent, CPR


  • Avonmore Hotel, Broadway Ave.
  • Frank Crozier and Harry Crozier Prop.
  • Reginald Davies, Porter Avonmore Hotel
  • Sarah Haughton, Kitchen Helper, Avonmore Hotel
  • Rosie Hetherington, waitress, Avonmore Hotel


  • Ansel D. Cressey, Teller Accountant, Merchants Bank
  • Eli Froon, Janitor Merchants Bank
  • Merna I. Richardson, Ledger Keeper, Merchants Bank
  • Frederick N. Langford, clerk Merchants Bank
  • Murray J. Nicol, Manager Merchants Bank


  • Canadian Elevator Co. Ltd. , J. F. McGregor Agent
  • Dominion Elevator Co. Ltd. , no agent
  • Farmer's Elevator Co. Ltd. , James Partridge Lessee.
  • N. M. Patterson Elevator Co., Lorne Lodwick agent


  • Carnduff Gazette Post-News
  • published on Thursdays.
    • George Edward “Burt” Burt-Gerrans, Publisher and Prop,
      • b- Feb 4, 1877, Merton, Surrey, England
      • d- Sept 4, 1950, Carnduff, SK
      • Buried in Carnduff Cemetery, member of the Masons
    • Richard P. Young, Appr Gazette-Post-News
    • James R. Shull, Comp Gazette-Post-News
  • Newspaper is still in business (2013)


  • Alex B. Ross, MA, Principal, Public School
  • Lillian Defoe, School Teacher
  • Muriel McCarty, School Teacher
  • Violet E. Mclean, School Teacher
  • Wilda Shiel, 1st Asst. Public School


  • Town of Carnduff, Agent Sask Govt Tels
    • Mary Forrest, Sask Govt Tels
    • Nancy Forest, Sask Govt Tels


  • Globe Wine & Liquor Co. Ltd. -
  • alt spelling: Globe Wine & Spirits Co.
  • David Reider Local Manager
  • Isaac Sair, of Globe Wine and Liquor Co. Ltd.
  • Jacob Sair, of Globe Wine and Liquor Co. Ltd.

Mrs. Nora Reider was a major shareholder, living in Winnipeg when this company was liquidated ca Dec 1926. She was married to a David Reider who appeared in liquidation court on his sick wife's behalf. Brothers Isaac and Jacob Sair residing in Oxbow, were the other shareholders. Their father Joseph Sair and his family settled at Hirsch part of the first Jewish settlers in that area.

Assets at that time were approx $33,000.00. In court it was claimed the company was winding up in 1921.During rum running days the Sair family and their relatives, appear in many newspaper articles of the time. All the places along the border were involved in the Rum Running trade.


  • J. Siddons, Constable Sask Provincial Police.

Doctor / Vet

  • Floyd C. Stewart, Physician & Surgeon
  • C. M. Dunnigan- Vet Surgeon


  • John E. R. Ramsay, Druggist
  • Lorenz L. Langford, Clerk, John E. R. Ramsay


  • John Benedick


Samuel Ballentine- Boots and Shoes

Griffin & Small Coal & Wood Dealers, Cartage
John Griffin
William F. Small
Allan Bridges, Teamster
William Welsh, Teamster

Thurlby & Elliott Ltd., General Store
Robert J. Thurlby, Manager, b- Dec 1881 in England
Kenneth Elliott
William J. McGowan, Clerk
Arthur Pegg, Clerk
Rose Watling, Clerk
Allan Tennant, Clerk
Myrtle Thompson, Clerk

Saskatchewan Creameries Ltd.
Lorne Frith, Butter Maker
Arthur J. Jones, Manager

Preston Bros. General Store
Clarence Sproat Preston, (Mayor, see above)
Gurney Oliver Preston, of Preston Bros. (see above)
Emma A. Griffith, Clerk

Rabeau & Glazier Hardware
Harry M. Glazier
Frank Rabeau

Lloyd & Heller Hardware
Charles O. Lloyd
John E. Heller

Auto Dealers/ Garages
David Dixon, Mechanic Merritt Garage
Alex and George Fairbairn, Auto Dealers
Richard W. Fairbairn, Ford Dealer
Cecil W. Lownsbrough, Garage & Repairs
Gilbert Horn, Garage and Repairs
Herbert Rawson, Mechanic, Merritt Garage
Herb Shier, Mechanic, Lownsborough Garage

Wilfrid D. Corbett, Farm Implements and Blacksmith
Joseph Johnson, Blacksmith, W. D. Corbett

John R. Davison, Meat market
Robert Davison, Clerk, Davison Meat market

John H. Forsyth, Grocer and Confectioner
Lizzie Lee, Clerk, J. H. Forsyth

Andrew H. Foulds, retired
William R. Foulds, retired
Imperial Oil Ltd. , John Griffin Agent
Bryan Juckes, Poolroom
Frank Kerr, Livery Feed and Stable
Arthur J. Langford, Clerk Rural Municipality of Mt. Pleasant No 2, and Insurance Agent

McIlrath Lumber Co. Ltd. , John A. McDonald Agent

Stephen McPherson, Watchmaker

Leslie O. Ramsay, Insurance Agent
William Ira Richardson, Com. Agent
Samuel Shier, Farm Implements
Lee Sing, Laundry
Walter Stovin, Blacksmith
Henry Swayz, Farm Implements
Robert J. Walker, Restaurant and Grocer
Alex Wilson, light harness and shoe repairer
San Yee, Restaurant

Ernest Charles Manning, 8th Premier of Alberta,
born Sept 20, 1908, on a farm near Carnduff,
to English Parents, George H. Manning and Elizabeth M. Dickson

Service names I have found
Viterra Grain Terminal

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Reference Books, which I have not seen, nor do I own them:
“The Story of SK and its People” John Hawkes, Volume 2
“A Stake in the West” 1st Edition - $75
“Echoes of the Stake” 2nd Edition - $65
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