Hume, Saskatchewan, Canada

Unincorporated Hamlet

Located at NE Section 19, Township 8, Range 12, W2

Latitude- 49º 40' N
Longitude- 103º 37' W

Elevation 2011 ft

Located on the Canadian National Railroad in 1927
between Weyburn and Stoughton on Highway 13

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

Hume in School District #740
supposedly in township 9, north of Hume

School shown, name unknown, #1045 possibly
NE Section 26, Township 8, Range 13, W2
possibly Clearwater School

School on SW Section 29, Twp 8, Rge 13
just west of above school was Marmora School #1101

Postmaster History
Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)
Office Opened- Jan 1, 1908
In the Store, Section 19, Township 8, Range 12, W2
Office Closed- Oct 31, 1964

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
C. W. King (see below) 1908-01-01 1908-08-14 Resignation
Clarence Stone (see below) 1909-11-01 1911-09-23 Resignation
Robert Ernest Juby (see below) 1912-01-01 Jan 3, 1941 Death
Mrs. Susan “Susie” Juby (see below) 1941-01-04 Acting
1941-08-28 1943-08-17 Resignation
Mrs. Alma Quanita Chessall (see below) 1943-10-28 Acting
Garret Middelkamp (see below) 1945-11-01 Acting
1946-12-09 1949-04-28 Resignation
Anton Jacob Ollinger 1949-05-09 Acting
1949-08-16 1954-11-20 Resignation
John Edmund Kew OAS 1955-09-01 1963-10-12 Resignation
Alphonse Patrick Thompson 1963-11-01 Acting
Mrs. Hazel Elder 1964-04-01 1964-05-12 Acting, Resignation
Reginald Raymond Chessall 1964-05-31 Acting
1964-06-16 1964-09-30 Resignation

Disclaimer- This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First Postmaster- Charles Meredith King
homesteaded on NW Section 18, Township 8, Range 12, W2
related to C. W. King?

Clarence Stone
b- Mar 15, 1882 in Walpole, Haldimand, ON
d- May 14, 1961, Surrey, BC, age 79
wife- Bertha Stone, nee Goheen
b- Apr 1890 in ON
d- bef 1961
daughter- Arlie Roberta Stone
b- Mar 15, 1910 in Hume SK
d- Nov 6, 1975 in Matsqui, BC age 65
she married Clarence Olson
father- Charles Stone
mother- Hannah Agar

Robert Ernest Juby
b- Feb 21, 1883 in Sidney, Hastings, ON
d- Jan 3, 1941
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn, SK
wife- Susan “Susie” Juby
b- Sept 1886 in ON
d- May 10, 1959
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn, SK
married by 1911
1911 both shown as Baptists,
Robert shown as Manager Lumberyard, in Hume
father- Henry Juby
mother- Jane Cosbey

Mrs. Alma Quanita Chessall
husband- Raymond Chessall

Garret Middelkamp
b- July 10, 1908, Section 28, Township 27, Range 18, W2
father- Gerrit Middelkamp
mother- Johanna Henrika Benninck

Ernest “Walter” Cutridge
aka Ernest “Walter” Cuttridge?
aka: Walter Ernest Boughton Cutridge
b- Jan 25, 1893, Faversham, Bridge, Kent, England
baptized Feb 15, 1893, Bridge, Kent, England
d- Apr 9, 1917 fighting at Vimy Ridge
buried in Quatre Vents Military Cemetery, Cambligneul, France
enlisted in WWI, Private, 5th Batt.
Reg # 925029
Private, Army, Canadian Infantry, Saskatchewan Regiment

Father- John Cuttridge
b- bet Apr-June, 1845 Faversham, Bridge, Kent, England
or another source says- b- ca 1847, Hastingleigh, Kent, England
d- bef 1901
married Maria A. Duckett
b- ca 1857, Stone St, Kent, England
daughter of William and Martha Duckett

or was it Maria Borton?
a John Cutridge married Maria Borton, Apr- June 1875 in Bridge, Kent

or was it Maria Boughton, who is shown as his mother in his baptism record
and part of his name on his baptism record,
so now I am leaning to Maria Boughton.
but then I see Boughton is a sub district in faversham reg dist.
so maybe a transcription error here?

so not sure exactly which one is his mother
His mother Maria was a widow by 1901, age 49
found a Maria Cuttridge who died bet Jan- Mar 1914 in Faversham Reg Dist, age 63
so now we see 2 t's in the name.
so she was alive when he was sent to Canada

John and one of the Maria's had 7 children:

brother- James “William” J. Cuttridge
b- bet Oct-Dec, 1875, Harbledown, Bridge reg dist., Kent, England, not with family in 1901
d- no sign of him
brother- Thomas Cuttridge,
b: Abt 1878 in Littleholt, Kent, England
sister- Martha Cuttridge,
b: Abt 1880 in St. Lawrence, Kent, England
sister- Mary A. Cuttridge,
b: Abt 1882 in Minister, Sheerness, Kent, England
Older brother, Stephen Cuttridge,
b- 1883, (age 18 in 1901), Bridge, Kent, England
d- Nov 29, 1926 in Faversham Reg Dist., age 37
age doesn't match up with birth date though, so not sure about death date.
He is also shown as Stephen Cuttridge here, with 2 t's.
I am pretty sure he was married though to May Ann Castle,
as he had a son- Reginald George Cuttridge
who died Mar 29, 1967 , age 48
Reg married Joyce Eileen Fisher, age 18, Apr 7, 1945 in Throwley
Him and father Stephen, buried in Throwley Cemetery
Stephen had a son Ernest Cecil “Ernie” Cuttridge as well.
b- Nov 29, 1920 in Throwley, near Faversham, Kent, England
d- May 16, 1999, in Canterbury, Kent, England
Ernie had 2 children who should still be alive, and hopefully find this info.
Stephen also had Emma Cuttridge, Hilda Cuttridge, and Bill Cuttridge.

And younger brother, Frederick Cuttridge,
b- ca 1895, (age 6 in 1901), Bridge, Kent, England
d- Jan- Mar 1948 in Lambeth Reg. Dist., age 52
also shown as Frederick Cuttridge here with 2 t's.
he married Edith Emily Gurney, bet Apr- June 1926 in Lambeth, Reg Dist, England

Mother and 3 children living in Leaveland, Kent, England,
Maria was a servant for a Henry Williams.
All the family shown born in Bridge, Kent, England

Walter was sent to Portland Maine, with a ship full of other children, at the age of 10.
Left Liverpool England, Mar 24, 1904 to Portland, Maine, on the Ship SS Southwark
He was part of Dr. Barnardo's Home Children Group, heading to Toronto, Canada.
It has since become known, most of these children were abused and basically used as Farm slaves.
Going to War, was the only way out for Walter.
And then he ended up dying, fighting for his, and our freedom.
I can only hope he wasn't one of the worse case scenario's.

In 1911 he was in Rawdon Township, Ontario
Farm labourer for William J. Meiklejohn
1911 census says he immigrated in 1902

He was a farmer living at Hume SK.
when he enlisted, Dec 13, 1915 in Weyburn SK
his next of kin, A. J. Hay,
who was his Guardian, living at Belle Vue, ON


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