Eskbank, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hamlet Status

Located on Section 1, Township 20, Range 2, W3

Lat- 50º 40' N
Long- 106º 9' W

in RM of Eyebrow #193

50km NW of Moose Jaw

originally located on an old CPR line.

2012 nothing but a Ghost Town now

Last remaining building a Sask. Pool elevator was burnt down in 2010

There is an Eskbank in Scotland, named after that?

Post Office History

Office Opened- June 1, 1904
First Name- Eyebrow Hill
Section 12, Township 20, Range 2, W3

Office name changed to Eskbank- June 1, 1908

Location moved Jan 1, 1947
to- NE 1/4 Section 1, Township 20, Range 2, W3

Office closed June 30, 1964

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
John W. Hudson (see below) 1904-06-01 1907-07-01 1Resignation
Uriah Gettins (see below) 1907-09-01 1915-01-01 Resignation
F. M. Richards 1915-03-01 1917-06-30 Resignation
J. L. Gibson 1918-01-02 1958-12-20 Resignation
Earl Francis Johnson OAS 1959-01-06 Acting (Postmaster General)
1959-06-25 1964-03-28 Resignation

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John William Hudson
b- 1936 census age 37, born in ON

wife- Maggie Hudson, nee ?
b- age 34 born in ON

son- Winnard Hudson
b- age 10, born in ON

son- Earle Hudson
b- age 9, born in ON

son- Clifford Hudson
b- age 7, born in ON

son- Geoffrey Hudson
b- age 4, born in ON

daughter- Joy Hudson
b- ca 1905 in SK

1906 all living at Eyebrow Hill SK

John William Hudson took out land grant
SE Section 12, Township 20, Range 2, W3

Uriah Gettins
b- Feb 24, 1859, Troedyrhiw, Glamorganshire, Wales
d- Aug 26, 1930, Eskbank SK

1906 census, age 47, born in England
Immigrating in 1879

Married Jan 3, 1888 to Sophia McMillan
at Chalk River, Renfrew, ON

wife- Sophia E. Gettins, nee McMillan
b-Aug 20, 1870, Camden Township, Lennox & Addington Co., ON
shown age 35, born in ON in 1906 census
d- May 18, 1956, Central Butte, SK

son- Robert J. Gettins
b- age 17, born in ON

daughter- Olive Gettins
b- age 10, in ON

daughter- Violette Gettins
b- age 8, in ON

son- Cecil Gettins
b- age 5, in ON

daughter- Reta Gettins
b- 1903, age 2 in 1906, in ON
d- 2002

son- Trevor Gettins
b- Dec 15, 1905 in ON

son- Ross Gettins

daughter- Lovey Pearl Gettins
b- June 23, 1908 in Eskbank SK

Uriah Gettins took out Western Land grant
NE Section 12, Township 20, Range 2, W3


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