SS Camosun

Union Steamship Co., SS Camosun (#1) at Anyox Waterfront Wharf
Photo courtesy Simo Siipola, from Finland. Pictures from his Uncle Janne Haapajoki's Collection. His Anyox English name, John Jackson.

There was at least 3 “Camosun” ships. I know this is not # 3. I believe it was number 1. Pictures of #3 on my Kemano pages I've seen pictures of this one in 1910 in Rupert. Name appears in 1908 paper, heading to northern ports.

Camosun was the original Native name of what became Victoria BC Hudson's Bay Company established the Trading Post named Camosun.
Camosun= “The Place of Rushing Water”

This ship, ca 1906, was damaged on a rock in Lima harbour, near Rupert, described as a Steel Steamer, Built by Bow, McLachlan & Co., Paisley Scotland, for the Union Steamship Company.

May 1910 Captain Batchelor took the Camosun into Stewart, It took 125 passengers there.
In Service in 1905.
It ran until 1935, which jives with the date on these postcards.
Length 192.7 ft., Beam 35.2 ft, 3 decks.


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