Huntoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Unincorporated Hamlet

Huntoon came into existence in July 1908,
when the Grand Trunk Railroad was constructed.

Located at NW Section 12, Township 7, Range 10, W2

Latitude- 49º 39' N
Longitude- 103º 14' W

Elevation 1974 ft

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map of this area.
sorry for the gap, my scanning of the map was a little off for this place

1927 they also had a Gas Station
Located on the Canadian National Railroad in 1927

1918- Price per acre, 4 miles from Huntoon, was $13 per acre

Grain Elevators
ca 1925- 2 Grain Elevators,
Security Elevator- Hector Bouey, Agent,
Sask Co-Operative Elevator, Milt Evan, Agent
National Elevator later, which became SK Wheat Pool Elevator.

School shown near Huntoon,
Mono School #2310 NE Section 11, Tsp 7, Rge 10, W2,
organized in 1908, closed in 1957,
named by Jim Bagnell, for Mono Township, Dufferin Co., Orangeville, ON
Note- “Mona” School in some records, but is incorrect.

School on right not known to me yet.
SW Section 15, Tsp 7, Rge 9, W2
2 possible choices, Picton School #3883, or Walton School #830
I'm pretty sure it is the Picton School #3883
(see Mr. Howe bio below.)

Origin of the Name
The Hamlet was named after a Foreman, who supervised the construction of that section of
The Grand Trunk Railroad track thru this area.

Post Office History

Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)
Office Opened Aug 1, 1913
Section 14, Township 7, Range10, W2
moved to Sec.12, Twp.7, R.10, W2
Office Closed Nov 15, 1966

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Miss Lizzie Bagnell (see below) 1889 1913-08-01 1913-11-07 Resignation
Charles Evans (see below) 1875-03 1914-03-02 1951-05-31 Resignation
Mrs. Evelyn Ann LaValley 1951-05-29 Acting
Mrs. Evelyn Ann LaValley 1951-09-25 1953-11-09 Resignation
Mrs. Juanita Pearl LaValley (see below) 1924 1953-11-16 Acting
Mrs. Juanita Pearl LaValley 1954-03-18 1966-09-03 Resignation

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The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Post Masters Genealogy

Miss Elizabeth “Lizzie” Abigail Bagnell
b- Sept 11, 1889 in Mono, Dufferin, ON
brother- Thomas James “Jim” Bagnell
b- July 23, 1879 (named Mono School, see above)
brother- Albert Wellington Bagnell
b- Mar 20, 1877
brother- Joseph “Joe” Pierson Bagnell,
b- Mar 28, 1892 in ON
brother- George Clinton Bagnell
b- 1886, Mono Township, Orangeville, ON
sister- Anne Bagnell
b- 1883, died as an infant

father- Isaac Bagnell,
b- Feb 20, 1850 (51?)
in Mono Township, Orangeville, ON
married in 1877 in ON
mother- Sarah Ann Bagnell, nee Pierson
b- July 9, 1852 in ON
d- Apr 25, 1930 in Orangeville ON
buried in Mitchell Cemetery, Mono township.
daughter of James and Ann (Clinton) Pierson
Sarah's brothers,- George and Edward

Lizzie's Grandfather- Thomas Bagnell
Grandmother- Catherine Bagnell, nee ?
they came from Ireland

Bagnell's came West to Hartney MB in 1903
Section 14 was all Bagnells at one point.

Charles Evans
b- Aug 18. 1874 in Bradford, ON
d- June 1964
he had 4 brothers, 4 sisters
Early 1900's came to MB
1913 he had the General Store in Huntoon
Besides Post master, he was Village Councillor as well.
He sold his business to Leo and Fred LaValley.

Charles married Violet Pearson, June 14, 1916
b- Orangeville, ON
d- May 1951

Evelyn Ann LaValley
b- 1924
d- 1972
buried in Stoughton SK Cemetery

Juanita Pearl LaValley, nee Gordon
b- 1924
d- Jan 19, 1981
buried in Stoughton Cemetery
married Fred LaValley in 1948
no children

Early Settlers and Pioneers of the area
See history book link below

George Jones Howe
b- 1853, in Picton Co, Canada West, (ON)
d- bef 1951
School Teacher, Farmer
married Delphine “Della” Eliza Howe, nee Potter,
She was also from Picton Co
daughter of Alphens Potter, Phebe Palmar
Dec 24, 1945 celebrated 70th anniv.
b- Sept 10, 1857
d- Dec 28, 1951 in Victoria, BC, age 94, widow
Moved to Huntoon district in 1903
homesteaded and lived on the same land for 43 years, ca 1945.
SE Section 20, Tsp 7, Rge 9, W2
formed Picton School District #3883 near Huntoon
School named after his home County in ON.
on village of Huntoon Council for 12 years
Reeve for 2
President of the Rural Telephone Co
Was one of the main organizers of the Co-Operative Pool Elevator System.
5 children;
2 boys, 3 girls.

Located on the Grand Trunk Railroad / CNR /

Regina-Boundary Branch Line
GTPR Regina Boundary Branch Line

Train Derailment

CNR Train Derailment Photos above taken by Earl Beggs in 1947, submitted by his daughter Bonnie Benning Apr 19, 2020
The section her dad farmed was 35-6-10-W2 in Cymri, these photos were taken a mile from his farm

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