Fort Qu'Appelle

Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan, Canada

Town Designation

Located at Section 7, Township 21, Range 13, W2

Latitude- 50° 45' 56“ N
Longitude- 103° 47' 25” W

Nose Hill, Qu'Appelle Valley, ca 1954
Photo courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Post Office History

Office Opened - July 1, 1880
Section 7, Township 21, Range 13, W2

Postmaster History:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
C. J. Jaffrey 1880-07-01 1883 Left the area
William Sutherland (see below) 1883-10-01 1892-09-12
Frederick Stanley Proctor (see below) 1892-10-01 1901-04-20 Resignation
William Murray Thomson (see below) 1901-06-01 1915-02-09
John Rowland Hamilton (see below) 1915-03-02 1918-01-07 Resignation
James Strathern Harrison (see below) OAS 1918-08-10 1942-01-06 Death
Mrs. Gertrude Kathleen Chaster Harrison 1942-01-07 Acting
“ ” (see below) 1942-05-18 1950-02-28 Retirement
Derek Graham Sumpter Harrison 1950-03-01 Acting
Alfonso Keith McNeill OAS 1951-02-01 Acting
1952-02-01 1959-01-23
Mrs. Evelyn Mae Purves 1959-03-31 Acting
John Maddia OAS 1959-07-29 Acting
OAS 1960-08-05 1973-03-31
John Lennox 1973-03-31 Acting
Maurice B. Lindgren 1973-06-07 1989-03-24

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Postmasters Bios

C. J. Jaffrey
Can't find anything on this fellow, not in 1881 Canada census which is weird

William Sutherland
b- ON, age 37 in 1891
Father born in Scotland, mother in ON
wife Henrietta A. Sutherland
b- ON, age 30 in 1891
Both of her parents born in ON

Frederick Stanley (or Stephen?) Proctor
birth registered as- Frederick Stephen Proctor
Death Certificate- Frederick Stanley Proctor
b- bet July-Sept 1844, Reg Dist, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England,
age 47 in 1891
d- Jan 11, 1926 in Victoria BC, age 82
Immigrated in 1870 to Canada
1881- Frederick and his brother Thomas
were living in Drayton, ON, both working as printers.
1891- Living in Fort Qu'Appelle
1921- Living in Victoria BC, retired.

Brother- George Proctor
b- Hackney, Middlesex, England, age 18, in 1861

Brother- Thomas Proctor,
b- Shoreditch, Middlesex, England, age 46 in 1891, living with him
shown as a Printer in Fort Qu'Appelle in 1891

Brother- Edwin Proctor
b- Shoreditch, Middlesex, England, age 13 in 1861

Brother- Septimus Proctor (never seen this name before?)
b- Shoreditch, Middlesex, England, age 11 in 1861

Sister- Emma Proctor
b- Shoreditch, Middlesex, England, age 9, in 1861

Sister- Hannah Proctor
b- Shoreditch, Middlesex, England, age 67 in 1921, age 7 in 1861
Immigrated in 1870
She was living with Frederick in 1921 in Victoria BC

Father- William Proctor
b- Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England, age 43, in 1861
His father was also a printer

Mother- Elizabeth Proctor
b- Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England, age 46, in 1861

William Murray Thomson
b- Mar 1859, Scotland
Immigrated in 1884
1898- Living at Fort Qu'Appelle
1921- Living in Fort Qu'Appelle
1935- Station Agent at Hodgeville, Wood Mountain, SK
wife- Grace Jeanie Thomson, nee White
b- Jan 1876 in Scotland,
immigrated in 1889
3 sons and 2 daughters all born in SK

Gertrude M. Thomson
b- ca 1901 in SK

Murray Gladstone Thomson
b- Abt 1897, in Fort Qu'Appelle, SK, (age 8 in 1906)
d- Jan 6, 1916, Carelton, ON, age 19

Arthur D. Thomson
b- ca 1903, in SK

Harold W. Thomson
b- Apr 21, 1906

Grace Rose Thomson
b- Oct 18, 1908 in Fort Qu'Appelle

John Rowland Hamilton
b- 1865 in ON
d- 1952 in Fort Qu'Appelle
Father- James Hamilton, Mother- Sarah Taylor
parents born in Quebec

married Elizabeth Lil Hamilton nee Leach, July 15, 1908, Simcoe, ON
b- in ON (age 32 in 1908 when she married)
Father- James Leach, Mother- Ellen Home Wanless Leach
Father born in USA, Mother in Scotland

daughter- Ellen H. Hamilton
b- ca 1911 in SK

James Strathern Harrison
b- Apr 14, 1881 in England
d- Jan 7, 1942
buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Fort Qu'Appelle SK
Plot 10, Row 2, Block O

Served in WWI, 1916 census shown in France
rank- C.S.M
10th Battalion
Service Number- 81359

father- James Harrison
b- Apr 4, 1849 in England
d- May 11, 1927
buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Fort Qu'Appelle SK
Immigrated in 1908

mother- Anne Strathern “Annie” Harrison,
b- Nov 12, 1850, in England
d- Apr 26, 1931
buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Fort Qu'Appelle SK

sister- Nellie Harrison
b- Sept 1880, in England

brother- Stanley Gordon Harrison,
enlisted in WWI, Feb 7, 1916 in Winnipeg
b- Mar 24, 1885 in Preston England
d- 1980
buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Fort Qu'Appelle SK

Sister- Annie Harrison
b- Mar 1888, in England

Sister- Kate Harrison
b- Oct 1890 in England

Brother- Thomas “Tom” Harrison
b- Oct 1894

James S. Harrison married Gertrude K. Chaster, see below

Mrs. Gertrude Kathleen Chaster Harrison
b- May 31, 1882 in England
d- Oct 25, 1951, age 69
buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Fort Qu'Appelle SK

Rest are entering into Living, protected info.

Fort San

built in 1917

Located on Echo Lake, 3 km NW of Fort Qu'Appelle

Built as a TB Sanatorium

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