Wordsworth, Saskatchewan, Canada

Unincorporated Hamlet

at Mile 45.8, on the Maryfield Blewett, Canadian Northern, later National, Rail Line

Originally known as Curt Hill, Located in Assiniboia, NWT originally, then Saskatchewan in 1905

In Rural Municipality of Moose Creek #33, which was established Jan 1, 1911.

Located at NE Section 8, Township 7, Range 3, W2

Latitude- 49º 33' N
Longitude- 102º 22' W

Elevation 1981 ft

Wordsworth had at least one Grain Elevator, Post Office, Gas Station, General Store and Train station in 1927
Church and School Nearby

Located on the Canadian National Railway in 1927

Part of My Dad's 1927 Map of this area.

Moose Creek Church shown-
Saskatchewan Historical Building-
located 8 miles south and 1 mile west of Carlyle,
called Moose Creek United Church
George Humphries and Ted Hewitt
are sons of the original pioneers
who established the Church.
It was still operating in 1965
It was opened Nov 12, 1916, as
Moose Creek Methodist Church.

It was built by Robert James “Jim” Kirkpatrick from Carlyle.
He came west in 1899 from Bracebridge ON area.
He died May 15, 1944.
He is buried in Glen Morris Cemetery in Carlyle.

In 1925 they became a United Church.
There is a Cemetery adjacent the Church, established in 1918, see record link below.
First Church Board:
John Hewitt, Thomas Humphries, Daniel Hooper, Herbert Taylor, Frank Sellars, Norman Hewitt, Richard Sellars, Charles Cooper,
and William Huddleston as Secretary.

Moose Creek School, School District #732 shown was built in 1902
The School held Church services until the Church above, was built.
A Mr. Humphries started the Sunday School and was Superintendent and Teacher here for nearly 25 years.
Land was donated by Mr. John Hewitt (family below)

Wordsworth Elevators

First Elevator
built by the Western Canada Co. in 1910,
Fred Burr was the first agent.
Purchased by Parrish and Heimbecker.

1915 the Cooperative built an elevator,
later this became Saskatchewan Wheat Pool elevator.
Sam Johnstone was the first agent.

In 1928 the 3rd elevator was built,
by the United Grain Growers.
Alex Miller was the first agent.

By 1976 all 3 were destroyed.

Post Office History

Federal Electoral District: Qu'Appelle - Moose Jaw (SK)
Office Opened- Aug 1, 1911 in the General Store
Office Closed- June 28, 1968,
when Mrs. Thorun Jensen resigned.

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of Birth Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
George White Stockton (see below) 1911-08-01 1924-08-23 Resignation
Walter Russel Stockton (see below) 1893-01 1925-02-14 1944-08-05 Resignation
Wilfred Lloyd Dobbin (see below) OAS 1946-09-25 Acting
Wilfred Lloyd Dobbin OAS 1947-02-21 1949-09-28 Resignation
Donald Henry Hibbert 1949-10-16 Acting
Donald Henry Hibbert 1950-01-18 1953-09-15 Resignation
Earl C. Cann 1953-10-01 Acting
Earl C. Cann 1954-01-27 1961-04-28 Resignation
Mrs. Marlene Emma Depape 1961-05-11 Acting
Mrs. Marlene Emma Depape 1961-08-15 1962-09-13 Resignation
Mrs. Thorun Jensen 1962-11-01 Acting
Mrs. Thorun Jensen 1962-12-03 1968-04-05 Resignation

Disclaimer- This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First Post Master- George White Stockton
b- Dec 1872 in Corn Hill, Kings Co., NB
d- Apr 5, 1947
buried in Glen Morris Cemetery, Carlyle
son of Samuel Stockton, and Jane Stockton

married Apr 20, 1892, Westmorland Co., NB
wife- Harriet (Hattie) Melvine Stockton, nee Chambers
b- June 1871 in Mechanic Settlement, Kings Co., NB
d- Oct 3, 1956
buried in Glen Morris Cemetery, Carlyle
daughter of Edward M. Chambers, and Mary Chambers

son- Walter Russell Stockton (2nd Post Master)
b- Jan 30, 1893 in Woburn, Mass., USA,
d- Oct 7, 1956
buried in Glen Morris Cemetery, Carlyle
Immigrated to Canada in 1895
He was married to Mary McGraw,
Walter had at least one daughter, Marilyn Stockton
they operated the General Store

daughter- Edna Raymond Stockton
b- Oct 25, 1894, in Anagance, Kings Co., NB

daughter- Bessie Blanche Stockton
b- July 4, 1897, in Penobsquis, Kings Co., NB

son- Frank Stockton
b- Mar 1896 in NB

Dora Stockton
b- Dec 2, 1899 in Penobsquis, Kings Co., NB

George William Stockton
b- Dec 18, 1901 in Penobsquis, Kings Co., NB

Margaret Lenore Stockton
b- Aug 1910 in SK

Infant son (twin) Harold Stockton
buried in Glen Morris Cemetery, Carlyle

family living on Souris Ave in Carlyle in 1901
Family in retail business. owning a store in Carlyle

Wilfred LLoyd Dobbin, 3rd Postmaster
RCAF, Flight Officer Dobbin was awarded
the Distinguished Flying Cross, June 18, 1943
serving overseas. shown living in Kamsack SK.
Completed bombing runs over Germany,
Tobruk, Sicily, and North Africa.
Canada- J6011, RCAF no104 Squadron

Origin of the Name
Railway Officials gave Wordsworth it's name,
named after the British Romantic Poet

William Wordsworth
b- Apr 7, 1770 in Wordsworth House,
in Cockermouth, Cumberland, England
d- Apr 23, 1850, age 80, Cumberland, England
Britain's Poet Laureate 1843 until he died.

Pioneers, Other Names in the District

John Hewitt
b- Apr 7, 1861 in ON
d- Jan 23, 1927
buried in Moose Creek Cemetery
He loaned $1500 to build the Church above

John Hewitt married Elizabeth Foster
b- Nov 16, 1864 in ON
d- Sept 26, 1926
buried in Moose Creek Cemetery

Their children:
Irine Hewitt
b- Mar 18, 1906 in Carlyle SK

David Harvey Hewitt,
b- Jan 24, 1903 in Carlyle

William John Tedford “Ted” Hewitt
b- Dec 14, 1900 in Carlyle
d- Dec 27, 1980
buried in Moose Creek Cemetery

Mary Ann Hewitt
b- July 31, 1893 in Carlyle

Johnathan Wilson Hewitt
b- Aug 3, 1895 in Carlyle

Emma Mabel Hewitt
b- Mar 23, 1897 in Carlyle

Clarance Edward Hewitt
b- Aug 21, 1908 in Carlyle

Robert A. Hewitt,
b- Dec 18, 1887

Janie E. Hewitt,
b- Feb 9, 1885

Norman Hewitt,
b- Mar 18, 1889
d- 1960
buried in Moose Creek Cemetery

Beatrice Hewitt
b- July 17, 1892

Mary A. Hewitt
b- July 31, 1894

John Hewitt's brother, Edward Hewitt
was murdered in Port Arthur, ON, ca Sept 8, 1925.

Miss Madeline Hewitt taught school here for 3 years.

Thomas Humphries
b- Aug 28, 1861 in England
d- 1937
buried in Moose Creek Cemetery
Immigrated in 1899
married bet Jan-March 1884,
in Registration District Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England
wife- Ann (Annie) Humphries, nee Swettenham
(Sweettaham?) (Swettneham?)
I am 99.9% sure her maiden name was Swettenham.
b- May 1, 1860, in Reg District Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England
d- 1939
buried in Moose Creek Cemetery

Their children:
Herbert Humphries
b- Jan 10, 1888 in USA

George Humphries
b- July 6, 1890 in USA
d- Mar 25, 1974
buried in Moose Creek Cemetery

H. Thomas Humphries III
b- June 14, 1893 in USA
d- 1952
buried in Moose Creek Cemetery

John Humphries
b- Aug 25, 1895 in USA
d- 1951
buried in Moose Creek Cemetery

Gertrude “Gertie” Humphries
b- Nov 14, 1896 in USA

Ernest Humphries
b- July 18, 1889 in Assiniboia, NWT (SK)
d- Oct 11, 1978
buried in Moose Creek Cemetery

Lilly (Lily) Humphries
b- July 11, 1900 in Taylorton, Assiniboia, NWT, (SK)

Leonard Humphries family left in July 1961, for AB
Going away party was in Moose Creek School.

Miss Lorna Wilson teacher ca1936-1939
She left to Whitewood SK in 1939

Harold Albert Lloyd Pym taught school in Wordsworth
b- 1928 in Elmore SK

Roy Doran Cann
b- in Wordsworth District
d- Oct 1963, age 77

Mrs. Isabel Irene Cooper
b- in ON
d- Sept 1971, age 90
moved to Moose Creek area, near Wordworth, in 1898.
she lived there until 1941.

Norman Wallace
b- Wordsworth district
d- Oct 1961, age 60
wife Lillian, 3 daughters, 2 sons.

Albert Torrent
b- in England
farmer from Wordsworth District,
enlisted in WWI, 203rd Batt in Saskatoon.
Prior 2 yrs with British Army Medical Corps.


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