Neudorf, Saskatchewan, Canada

Neudorf (or Alt Newdorf)

Village is Located on SE 1/4, Section 14 - Township 20 - Range 8 - W2- (West 2nd Meridian)
In Assiniboia, NWT (in 1904), Now Saskatchewan (after 1905)


Neudorf is in Rural Municipality #185- Mcleod, which became Incorporated- Jan 1, 1913, and School District #25, Wolseley

Latitude= 50° 43' 00“ N
Longitide- 103° 01' 00” W

Altitude= 1971 feet or 600 mtrs

1 km sign between Lemberg and Neudorf, 2000

Became a Village Apr 24, 1905

Neudorf is located 15 KM east of Lemberg on Highway 22, about the same west of Highway 47, and just 10 minutes from the beautiful Qu'Appelle Valley.

Population 1991=373, 1996=331, 2004= 304

Neudorf was named by My Great-Grandfather Ludwig Sr. Wendel

b- June 7, 1842 in House #40, in Brigidau, Galicia, (see note*1 below) part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, modern times, referred to as western “Ukraine”
d- Jan 4, 1909 in Neudorf Saskatchewan
He is buried in the Neudorf Cemetery

The land where Neudorf sits, was owned by Ludwig in 1891, and He Donated part of his Homestead to the Village,
With the condition the town be named after his last home town, Neudorf, Galicia.

He taught German and Music in Neudorf when he first arrived.
He was also the First Postmaster in the Village.
He was also elected Councillor of the Village.
In 1901 He was the Enumerator for the First Neudorf Census, the last census of Neudorf Assiniboia, NWT
Many streets in Neudorf are named after this Pioneer family: -Ludwig Ave -Wendel Ave -Louis St -May St

My Grandfather, on my Mother's Paternal side, Gustav August Gesell, was one of the First Overseer's of the Village.
Guss Gesell was also the Justice of the Peace in Neudorf in 1909.
In 1906 He was the Enumerator of the Neudorf Census, the First Census in Neudorf, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Born-Oct 1, 1879 - Russia
Died-May 27, 1958 - Wolsley Saskatchewan
Buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Most of Guss and Mae Gesell's family, including my Mother, were born in or near Neudorf
Mae was Ludwig Wendel's Daughter.
*note- Ludwig's photo courtesy of Miles Wendell son of John Wendell, son of Pete Wendell

*note 1- In case there is any confusion where Galicia is located refer to this web page for more information than I need to know.
In my records I simply shortened it to Austria, so as not to confuse it with the area in Spain
This web page is not controlled by myself and the link and content may change

Neudorf “Notables
as sent by Ron Schramm, July 29, 2015
The “Notables” produced or claimed by Neudorf.

Henry Taube, the only SK born Nobel Prize Winner (Chemistry).

Three NHL hockey playersEddy Litzenberger. Brian Propp and Jaret Stoll.

Canada’s First TV Weatherman, Percy Saltzman, Percy visited Ron's mother on his nostalgia tour following his retirement.

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