Fifth St. / 5th St.
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

I will be adding photos and descriptions of businesses on this block when I get a chance.

North Side, East to West- (Odd Numbered Lots)

Block 12, Lot 22-46, #1035-#1139 5th st.

Lot 22- #1035- corner of Souris Ave. (Highway 47) Continuation of Block 1000

Lot 23- #1037-

Lot 24- #1039-

Lot 25- #1041-

Lot 26- #1043-

Lot 27- #1101- Start of #1100 Block on 5th Ave.

Lot 28- #1103, 5th st.- James Eliott Feed Stable located here in 1921

Lot 29- #1105-

Lot 30- #1107-

Lot 31- #1109- Peter Skogberg Blacksmith Shop here in 1921. Family lived there as well. Peter Skogberg, b-1888,in Norway, d- Feb 26,1927 in Estevan, Buried in Estevan City Cemetery, Immigrated in 1907, wife- Gena Skogberg, nee Flattum, married in 1914, children: Henry William Skogberg, Carl Norman Skogberg, and Allen Clifford Skogberg ; Gedak's Blacksmith & Welding Shop, in 1955, John Gedak, Manager, Anton Gedak, Owner

Lot 32- #1111-6th St. Magrath Welding & Bit Service, operated here in 1955, Clifford Magrath owner, Harold Magrath Manager.

Lot 33- #1113-

Lot 34- #1115-

Lot 35- #1117-

Lot 36- #1119- M. L. Clendenan, Cockshutt and John Deere Farm Implements, De Laval Separators dealer, located here in 1921. Mason L. Clendenan, Prop., lived at #1018 2nd st. Nels Nelson, Mechanic here, lived on Valley St.

Lot 37- #1121- Max Berman Blacksmith Shop here in 1921, he lived at 1117 2nd st.

Lot 38- #1123- Lee Fong Laundry here in 1921

Lot 39- #1125-

Lot 40- #1127-

Lot 41- #1129-

#1133 5th St, Theo Blomber, Barber shop located here in 1921

#1135 5th St- General Cafe located here in 1955, Lee Parkaw and Park Chow owners.
If you look in the photo below the First Clarendon Hotel stood on this lot prior to 1936 when it was destroyed by fire, which burnt down part of the Delight Theatre, which was the Creighton Hospital at that point. the Clarendon Hotel was rebuilt on the other side of the street after this.

Lot 42B- #1139- Originally The Delight Theatre here, sold to the Creightons in 1924, Became Location of the Creighton 15-18 bed, Hospital, destroyed by fire, in 1936, except the Annex to the West, which was saved.

Lot 42A- Texaco Garage on this corner for years ; Parkway Service, in 1955, Herbert Sandquist Prop.
Parkway Service in 2009

Lot 43-44-45 and 46 are in the alley, behind Lot 42A & part of 42B - #509 12th Ave- Old Creighton Hospital Annex, Apartment block after, still today (2017).

South Side,West to East (Even Numbered Lots)

Block 20, Lot 1-20, #1138-#1102, 5th St.

Lot 1,2,3,4, block 20, #1138 5th st.- Originally called The Empress Hotel, Name changed to the “Empire Hotel”, Built by William M. Sandoff, Rancher and Horse Trader, in 1905. First building in Estevan made from the red pressed bricks from the Eureka Coal and Brick Co. down by the river at that time. Originally the entrance was on the corner same as Davies block. Workers had trouble with the rounded brinks on the entrance, so special help was brought in. Entrance built by H. E. McKenzie, Building was used as a barracks, during WWI, and as a Recruiting Office at that time ; G. H. Lennox, was Manager in 1955; Historic Estevan Building
1906 view Aug 2009 view

Lot 5-Block 20, #1134 5th st Became the First Liquor Store in Estevan- this building has a unique roof emblem and sign Historic Estevan Building

Lot 6-7- #1130-

#1128 5th St. Commercial Cafe was located here in 1921, Wong Soon Prop.

Lot 8-9- #1126-

Lot 10,11,12 #1118-

In 1921- Clarendon Hotel was located on 5th st, Jake Krivel owner; in 1921 the Clarendon Cafe was also here, Tom Koi, Prop; When the Clarendon burnt down in 1936, it also wiped out the Chreighton Hospital across the street.

Lot 13- #1116-

Lot 14- #1114-

Lot 15- #1112- Bowman Brothers Ltd., in 1955, J. W. H. Elliott, Manager ; John Deere Farm Implements sold here in 1955

Lot 16- #1110-

Lot 17- #1108-

Lot 18- #1106 6th St.- Kinna Lumber Yard was located here in 1921, William Kinna Prop., he lived on 2nd st.

Lot 19- #1104- Berday Equipment Ltd. in 1955, Abby Berday owner

Lot 20- #1102- SW Corner of 11th Ave.

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