Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Early Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists, Optometrist, and Veterinary Surgeons in Estevan

First Doctor in Estevan was Dr. Ernest Harold Scott
b- Jan 9, 1855 in Newport Pagnell, Buckingham, England
Birth registered, in Newport Pagnell District, which borders the counties of, Buckinghamshire, and Northamptonshire, England.
In 1881 census he was living in Stratford, Perth North, Ontario. Listed as age 26, Book Seller, his occupation. His religion was Church of England.

Dr Ernest Harold Scott ca 1892
Dr. Ernest Harold Scott died May 29, 1900 in Estevan SK, of sun stroke,
and is buried in the old Estevan City Cemetery.

Buried in the same cemetery is a Harry Duncan Scott.
There is a Mary Neilson Scott, buried there in 1917, and this would be his wife, her maiden name was Service.
1911 Canadian census says her name is Mary Nelson Scott, born in Ontario, and the oldest son was Harold Nelson Scott, born in Ontario.
I still think Harry Duncan Scott is this son, but census birth year does not match headstone. or maybe a 7th child?

Wife is shown as Mary Neilson Scott in 1881 Canadian census, age 24, born in Ontario. Makes her born in ca 1857.
Living with them in 1881, his mother and father.
George Scott, b- ca 1820 (age 64) born in England.)
d- after 1881.
and Eliza Ann Scott, (nee McRitchie),
b- ca 1822, age 66, born in England.
d- Jan 9, 1892.

George and Eliza Ann were married Dec 10, 1847, in Holy Trinity Church, Brompton, Registration District of Kensington, Middlesex, England.

His grandfather was George Scott, b- ca 1794, and Eliza Ann's father, was Thomas McRitchie, b- ca 1796

Then I found a marriage record in BC for one of their children which has the mother's name as Mary Neilson Service
and another child shows her name as Mary Wilson Service

her correct name I believe was Mary Neilson Service

another record
Ernest Harrold Scott, (Harrold with 2 r's)
b- Jan 9,1855 in Newport Pagnel, Buckingham, England
married Mary Neilson Service, Jan 6, 1890, Galt, (Waterloo) ON
Mary's father- Robert Scott Service
b- abt 1824 in Scotland
d- Aug 13, 1876 in Galt ON
buried in Avondale Cemetery, Stratford, ON
and mother- Annabella Neilson
Mary shown as age 23 when she married, b- 1857
I believe she was born in London ON
d- May 8, 1917 at her home on 3rd St. Estevan SK
buried May 9, 1917 in Estevan City Cemetery

6 children of Ernest and Mary, all born in Saskatchewan were:

1- (Captain) Harold Neilson Scott
b- Mar 21, 1881 in Stratford, Perth, ON
d- Aug 4, 1958 in Winnipeg MB
served 3 years in Quebec 20th, Border Horse Regmt., as Sergeant
enlisted in WWI Dec 16, 1914 in Winnipeg
and again Feb 18, 1915 in Estevan.
occupation shown as an accountant.
wife next of kin at Qu'Appelle SK

2. Ethel Widmere Scott
b- May 4, 1883 in Moose Jaw NWT (SK)
d- Sept 10, 1954 St Joseph's Hospital, Victoria BC
buried in Royal Oak Cemetery, Victoria, BC
She possibly married a Mr. Deed.
She was the First White Child born in Moose Jaw.
Her father was recorded as a druggist in the town then.
she was given a corner lot in Moose Jaw,
where the William J. Jones Funeral Home is located today,
The lot was a gift from the Northwest Land Company.
Early 1900's she sold the lot to a Dr. Turnbull.

3. Guy Lymburn Scott,
b- Nov 1, 1885, probably in Moose Jaw, NWT (SK)
d- Nov 13, 1944

4. Mary (Lillian) Milligan, nee Scott
b- Dec 24, 1887 in Moose Jaw, NWT (SK)
d- Feb 11, 1980, age 92 in Victoria BC, as a widow.
Mary Lillian Scott married Archibald John Milligan
son of William Milligan and Emily Laura Smith.
they were married Jan 20, 1923 in Vancouver, BC
Archibald was 47, b- 1876 in England,
and Mary was 36, b- 1887 in Moose Jaw, Assn (SK)
she was Assistant Librarian in Estevan

5. Gladys McRitchie Scott
b- Apr 12, 1891 in Moosomin, Assiniboia (SK)
d- July 13, 1978 in Victoria, BC, Age 87, Single

6. Marjorie Helen Scott
b- Oct 7, 1893 in Estevan, Assiniboia (SK)
d- Sept 30, 1988, Victoria BC, age 91
she married Hugh Maurice Birch-Jones
son of Morgan Richard Birch-Jones and Agnes Birch Taylor
they were married June 2, 1924 in South Saanich, BC
Hugh was age 25, b- 1899, Stroud, England
marriage record says Marjorie was age 28, b- 1896 Estevan, SK
vital records say Marjorie Helen Scott was b- Oct 7, 1893 in Estevan
she seemed to loose 3 years along the line?

Dr. Scott was also the First Postmaster in Estevan.
On his death, Mary his wife, served as Postmistress.
Harold Neilson Scott was the First Librarian in Estevan
His assistant was his sister, Lillian Scott.

Dr. Scott came from Moosomin, Aug 15, 1892, via Winnipeg, on the CPR railroad, leaving Winnipeg, Aug 16, 1892.
He travelled with Land Commissioner Hamilton, Mr. Leacock, Town Site Agent, and Mr. Riley, of Kennedy & Riley, Barristers, who was opening an Office in Estevan.

He is shown as a doctor in Moosomin in 1890 record.

He owned his own office in a building on corner of 4th Ave. and 12th Ave., where the Bank of Montreal is today (2017)
First Post Office on 12th Ave, north of 4th St
Peter Cuthbert Duncan had his land office in this same building. In 1955 Mr Kohaly had his law office here.

Oct 20, 1892
Dr. Scott, sets Mr. Fetterly's leg bone.

Dec 14, 1894
Dr. Scott and his wife travel to Minneapolis, and then a visit to the Chicago Hospitals.

He lived at 1222 3rd St. in a house built by Stone Mason John Phillips
It had a lovely round veranda. Nothing but a parking lot there now

Dr. Morrow

Prescribed Brandy to save my Grandmother Mae Gesell's life from the Spanish flu, Nov, Friday, 1918 in Estevan.

Still a great prescription if you ask me!

There was 2 families of Morrow's in Estevan in 1911, but they were Bricklayers, not Doctors.
There was a Vet out of Oxbow, named Dr. Morrow, maybe he did house calls for the flu in 1918?

In Oct. 1921 there was a Coroner in Yorkton, named Dr. Morrow

Dr. John Edwin Bromley M.D. D.M.
b- Feb 19, 1880 in Pembrooke, Renfrew, ON
d- aft 1926
served in the Estevan area 1917- ca May 30, 1926
1918 ad
married twice-
Lucy Coster-
had one child, James Bromley
his 2nd wife, Helen May “Queenie” Bromley, nee Merrick,
married before 1911,
b- July 1884, in Merrickville ON
d- Jan 1, 1922, Sunday night, after an operation in Estevan,
buried in Estevan Cemetery.
one of her brothers Dr. Gordon Merrick was a Doctor in Weyburn.
They had 2 children,
Jack Bromley b- ca 1913,
and Betty Bromley, b- ca 1917

Father- John Bromley (Sr), b- 1845
Mother- Catherine Johnston
they had 4 children
Francis Bromley
John Edwin Bromley
Mary Jane Bromley
William Henry Bromley
Father remarried Sarah Noyes

Grandfather- Edward Bromley, 1833-1901
Grandmother- Sarah Holmes, 1822-1901

1911 John and Helen were living in Pembrooke, Renfrew North, ON
both Methodist religion, John as a Physician
Jan 15, 1916, he was a Lieutenant in Canadian Army Medical Corps
The family lived in Estevan from 1917, until May 1926, 9 years.
Dr. Bromley and family settled in Estevan after serving in WWI
in Egypt and Mesopotamia
Vice President, of Medical Assoc Executive, in 1925, living in Estevan.
Oct 1925 he returned to the Rotary Club in Estevan after a serious illness.

Left ca May 30, 1926, to go to Florida, to seek recovery to his hand, as he contracted blood poisoning in 1925, while doing an operation.

in 1915 there was a Dr. Bromley in Herbert SK raising funds for the Saskatchewan Stationary Field Hospital Unit, and he donated $100 himself. same man?

Dr. R. M. Parker
Served ca 1924 in Estevan
July 1923 he was the Doctor in North Portal
Jan 1, 1922 he was called to Estevan, when Mrs. Bromley died. (see above)
in 1932 he was Dr in charge of a burial in Forest Glen Cemetery
He was one of the first members of the North Portal Legion
1926 he had a hospital in Lignite ND, and treated Lee Dellage.
Shows in 1932 Portal Phone book, Office, Hospital and also his residence number

Dr. Henry H. Galloway

b- Nov 1878 in ON
worked with Dr. Creighton, in early 1920`s.
possibly for just a brief time.
I also found Dr. Galloway in Alameda area in 1907.
He attended Medical School in Toronto, practiced medicine in Glen Ewen, ca 1905
wife Vera May Galloway, nee McCartney, from Bethany ON
b- Dec 1885 in ON
d- Jan 4, 1931 in Alameda, age 46, cerebral haemorrhage
buried in Bethany ON
daughter- Mary Galloway, b- Oct 1909 in SK
other children, Beatrice, Howard, and Gerald
Howard Galloway died Oct 15, 1983, age 68

Dr James (Jim) Forbes Creighton, BA, MD

Dr. James Forbes Creighton was born Nov 2, 1879 in Wingham, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

His name appears in a list, under the title June 5th, 1903. M.D. , University of Manitoba, so this could have been the date he became a doctor.
We now know the University he attended.
A little further it reads 4th year medical, and his name again, with B.A listed after it, address Okotoks AB

Died May 5, 1944, in Vancouver BC, age 65
BC Death Reg. Number: 1944-09-643831
He was buried May 8, 1944 in Okotoks Cemetery, Okotoks, Alberta, where most of his family are buried

Father was John Creighton, a farmer, b- Jan 1849, d- Dec 3, 1939
Mother Agnes May McCallum, b- Jan 1854, d- Oct 21, 1945
He had 3 brothers:
John Adam Creighton (b- July 1873, d- May 8, 1944),
William (Bill) Creighton, (b- May 1885- d ?)
and Finlay McCallum Creighton. (b-ca 1876(8?), d- June 30, 1934)
and 4 sisters,
Married names below:
(Jean L. Creighton) Mrs. Lorne A. Gibson from Winnipeg,
(Catherine Alexander Creighton- b-?- d-Sept 23, 1968) Mrs. Carl Lamont Ohlson
(Janet Creighton- b? - d-Feb 17, 1958) Mrs. Thomas Ephriam Lineham
(Agnes Creighton-1890- d-June 25,1968) Mrs. John Melvil Lineham
all 3 from Turner Valley AB
Some born in Ontario, some in Manitoba, all Scottish nationality.
1881 census- Culross, Bruce South, Ontario

In 1911 census he was living in Alberta, as a farmer, Physician, with his father, John Creighton, on E. half Sec 34, Tsp 28, Rge 9, near Medicine Hat
Listed next was his brother
John Adam Creighton, b- July 1873
living on NE Sec 26, Tsp 28, Rge 9
and listed after them, his wife, shown as Mrs James Forbes Creighton,
and their 2 children,
John Asler Creighton, b- May 1908,
and William Donald Creighton, b- Dec 1909,
shown living on W. half Section 35, tsp 28, Rge 9.
His mother is shown living in Winnipeg with his sister Jean.
So it appears we have had a separation or divorce here.
Finlay M. Creighton is shown age 35, on W Half Sec 9, Tsp 29, Rge 9 as a farmer.
His obit says he died at Youngstown, born ca 1878

Served 1 year in B. Battalion, RCFA, in the South African War (1899-1902), and 6 months in the Lieutenant Arthur L. “Gat” Howard Canadian Scouts. (1900)
As well as in WWI as a Physician-Surgeon.
His mother, when he enlisted on Apr 3, 1915, in WWI was Agnes May Creighton, who lived at 384 Cathedral Ave., Winnipeg MB.
He was only 5ft 6 1/2 inches tall.
His rank was Captain, in the Saskatchewan Hospital Unit

Dr Jim Creighton actually helped my Aunt Rose Gesell during her illness in 1936.

First page of a letter written Jan 28, 1936 from Dr Creighton to my Aunt, Rose Gesell, aboard the MS Canada ship at the time

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4
On The East Asiatic Company stationary.
He sailed from Vancouver, and was heading to St. Thomas as he was writing this letter.

This ship was new in 1935, and mined during WWII, and sunk in 1939, off river Humber.
Probably not many copies of this stationary around.

Dr Jim Creighton served as MLA for the Souris Constituency. He ran as an independent in 1925 and won.

At one point Dr Jim Creighton was with Dr. Robert Inglis in Estevan.

Here is the Gall bladder diet at that time, with their letterhead, ca 1940's
note- Phone # is 3!
Dr. Creighton had his Office at 1108-4th Street, built ca 1910.
Creighton Lodge, Senior home in Estevan, is named after this man.
He owned the first car in Estevan.
He also made a donation to help form the Bienfait Legion.
Dr. Jim Creighton donated the Creighton Shield, an ECI student award.
He was part owner of the Creighton Block, built in 1925, where the Princess Cafe was located.
Jim Creighton retired to Vancouver, where he died in 1944.

Feb 20, 1913
Dr. Creighton, Dr. Henry, and Dr. French
perform a skin graft, on Mrs. N. J. Lockhart

Dr. Edwin Thomas French M.D. C.M.
Medical Doctor and Chirurgiae Magister, Master of Surgery (British and Commonwealth countries medical degree)) Physician & Surgeon
Office above the Bank of British North America, in the Davies Block, in 1916 Bank Of Hamilton Building, res 3rd St ca 1921
Katherine Morris, Dr. French's Clerk, res 533 2nd st
He was in Estevan until ca 1920-21 at least

Dr. Ralph Newton Tripp
b- Oct 10, 1886 in Forest, Lambton, Canada
d- June 1970, South Orange, Essex, NJ
buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery, Chatham, ON
Nov 24, 1912 he was arriving from New York to see his father at Forest, Lambton, ON
Physician and Surgeon in Estevan ca 1916
Office Located in the Creighton Block
He enlisted in WWI CEF, in Montreal, Nov 8, 1917, living in Montreal at that time.
1942 he was living in Essex, NJ, USA
son of Newton Tripp and Elizabeth C. Tripp, nee Brower, both born in ON, Father shown as an Agent in 1891, both in Forest ON
siblings- William A. Tripp, age 9, in 1891, in ON,
Jessie P. Tripp, age 8, in 1891, in ON
Percy H. Tripp, age 6 in 1891, in ON
Ralph shown age 4 in 1891, in ON
His grandfather and grandmother Tripp were born in NB
Dr Ralph married Donelda Louise Foreman, Nov 6, 1917 in Kent, ON
b- 1889, d-1960
buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery, Chatham, ON

Dr. Andrew Edmund Henry, M.D. C.M.
M.C.P.S. (Ontario), M.C.P.S. (Saskatchewan & Manitoba)
(M.C.P.S.= Member of College of Physician & Surgeons) b- May 2, 1867 Mono Township, ON
d- Feb 1945 in Regina SK
I think Henry St. in Estevan might be named after this Dr.
1916 his office was opposite the Prebyterian Church
lived in Estevan as early as 1900, so at least 16 years.
Served overseas in WWI leaving ca 1913-14
Captain, Medical Officer at Machine Gun Depot, Seaford, Sussex, England son of Andrew Henry
Dr. Henry married Annie Young
son Herbert Henry and daughter Helen Henry

There were 2 brothers who first came to Bienfait in 1913, Jim and Bill Creighton.

Sept 20, 1932
Parents 50th Wedding Anniv. Celebration

May 23, 1937
His son Dr. John O. Creighton
married Lillian Patterson in London England.

Dec 3, 1939
His father, John Creighton, dies age 90

Oct 23, 1945
His Mother Agnes dies age 91
Jim is shown living in Vancouver now.

Mar 17, 1947 Dr. John O. Creighton accepted an appointment to Nyasaland, British East Africa, made by the British Government,
through the British Colonial medical Association, in recognition for his work during the war.
The Dr., his wife, and 2 children were to leave in May.
In 1929 after studying at University of Manitoba, he studied at St. Thomas Hospital in London.
He graduated there in 1936
He did post graduate work in Plymouth and Devon, in Greenwick and Ilford.
In 1938 he returned to Canada and joined his father's practice in Estevan.
He then returned to London, specializing in tropical diseases. In May 1939 he went to Africa,
Dec 1939 he joined British Army's East African Army Medical Corps.
Served until 1943, when he was allowed a compassionate discharge, due to the serious illness of his father.
After his fathers death he returned to work in Estevan.

Dr. William (Bill) Creighton, MD

Bill shows up in 1906 census as William, Creighton, age 26
Medical doctor, born May 3, 1885, in Alexander, Manitoba.
Scottish, Presbyterian.

married Florence Melita Graham in 1911
daughter of Robert M. Graham

He attended University of Manitoba, ca 1905-1906, just after his brother,
First year student, address Okotoks AB
He wrote a report, The Age of Elizabeth, by M. Creighton (Epochs of Modern History Series, Longmans).
Graduated in 1908, from Manitoba Medical College in 1908

Practiced first in Melita MB, 1909-1910

Moved to Estevan in 1910

Member of the A. F. & A. M., Shriner

Possibly 4 nurses? in the Hospital in Estevan with him, or maybe they were patients?
As well as a Thomas Creighton, 1 month old, born in 1911
In Manitoba vital records there is a William Creighton,
born May 3, 1885 in the RM of Whitehead,
mother was Agnes McCallum
Father's name not shown.
Birth was not registered until July 17, 1920
We now know this is the correct William from the WWI information above for Jim.

Knowing Jim was in the war, I looked up William, and sure enough he was in WWI also, as a Major.
He enlisted Mar 18, 1916, with the #12 Field Ambulance Corp, CEF
Low and behold he is married, to a Florence Melita Nee (turns out is was Graham)
who was living at suite #18, Balmoral Court, in Winnipeg.
Shown born May 3, 1885, same as above.
in Alexander, Manitoba, Canada
Presbyterian, and had no earlier service, unlike his brother Jim.
Occupation- Physician and Surgeon.
Religion- Presbyterian

During World War I, William Creighton served in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, and was awarded the Military Cross (1917)
“for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.”

Dr. William (Bill) Creighton, moved back to Winnipeg.
This Ext Link describes his life, marriage, and death, minus the Estevan part.
He was obviously into the paranormal.

He was a Director of Marigold Gold Mining Co. Ltd. Nov 18, 1919

Belonged to the St. Andrew's River Heights Church, elected to the Music committee, Jan 22, 1930.

Doctor at Deer Lodge Hospital, Aug 19, 1932
He was a member of the greeting party for Governor-General Bessborough and his wife

Jim and Bill's grandmother and grandfather,
(Agnes McCallum's parents), were
Finlay (Jr.) McCallum and Jane Laidlaw.
Finlay's parents were
Finlay (Sr.) McCallum and Christian Campbell.

John (Jr.) Creighton, their dad, in 1880, was a farmer in Culross, county of Bruce, Ontario.
Their mother Agnes, was the oldest of 11 children. (5 sisters and 3 brothers were still living in 1880.)
John married Agnes McCallum Sept 25, 1872 at Esquesing.
John (Jr.) father was also John (Sr.) Creighton.
John (Jr) mother was Catherine Alexander.

No sign of James Forbes though in the census forms, in Saskatchewan, because he was in Alberta.
Thomas will not be in the Sask vital records until 2011.
then we will find out who was his father, and mother.
A Miss Vera Creighton taught school at ECI, another possible relative of these doctors.

Mar 18, 1915
Here we read Dr. William Creighton used a stomach pump, to save the life of Mike Mosset of Marienthal
who accidentally drank Formaldehyde, thinking it was whiskey. Here we also read he was working in Mrs. Brekel's Hospital.

July 4, 1934
Goes to his brother's funeral at Okotoks AB

Sept 13, 1935
Named as one of 2 Auditors of the Manitoba Medical Assoc.

Feb 18, 1941
Honorary Officer in the 12th Field Ambulance Assoc. in Winnipeg

Sept 3, 1947
Living at 195 Waverley St. in Winnipeg MB
He was on board a bad train wreck at this time.

1957, Honorary Physician
to Lakeside Fresh air Camp
for handicapped and under privileged children

1961 he was at Grace Hospital

The next item he suddenly appears in this obit, in Ontario, where he probably retired too.

Oct 25, 1972
Dr. William Creighton M.C.
dies at Port Hope District Hospital
living at 83 Joselyn St., Port Hope Ontario at the time.
Buried in Union Cemetery, Port Hope, Ontario

Dr. Frank B. Walsh

Dr Frank B. Walsh Dr. Walsh left Estevan in 1930, and went to the Wilmer Eye Institute, John Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland USA
He became a leading Neuro-Ophthalmologist. Professor Emeritus of Ophthalmology, Often termed as the “Father of Neuro-Ophthalmology”
Has at least 25 publications to his name in this field.

Dec 11, 1944
His eldest son, Lt. Mac Walsh, age 21, was killed in WWII

Dr. Logan Miller Fairbairn
His Military Picture left, and his Medical Graduation Picture, right.
picture courtesy his grandson, Richard Fairbairn

From 1928-1942 Jim Creighton was in partnership with Dr. Logan Miller Fairbairn.
He practiced here from 1928-1940
Dr. Fairbairn was born at Sec 31-Tsp 02-Rge 32, near Carnduff SK, Feb 8, 1905
to Robert Davidson Fairbairn and Christina Milne Miller.
They were farmers from Ontario, living at Sec 31-Tsp 3- Rge 32 in 1911.
(Birth registration says Tsp 2?)
SK Birth Registration Number 1378
He had 2 brothers, Harold and Frederick in 1911.
Dr. Fairbairn served in WWII as a Commandant of the 8th Canadian General Hospital. From 1940-1945 he served overseas.
Moved to Calgary on his return from the war. After a time with the McEachern Group as a Surgeon, 1945-1955, he moved into a specialized practice in Calgary AB.
He was President of the Calgary Medical Society in 1949.
He retired in 1971, and died in Calgary in 1972
Buried in Queen's Park Cemetery in Calgary AB.

Info from his Grandson Richard Fairbairn-
“He graduated Medical School, through the University of Manitoba in 1927
He was, at that time, the youngest Doctor in Canada and maybe still to this day”
“graduated age 22”

Medical Doctor Group Photos
Dr. Fairbairn, center, front row

Dr. Fairbairn, 2nd from right, rear row.
both pictures contributed by Richard Fairbairn

Dr. Fairbairn was the Doctor on my Dad's Eastern Mine pay stubs in 1938 and 1939.
They deducted $2.00 / month, doctor fees, and his take home pay was $17.45 for Dec 1939.
A big chunk of money in those days. Today a Twoney is nothing!

After 1918 the miner's had to pay a flat mandatory fee, deducted from their pay, by the mine owners, for what were to be, regular doctor check-ups at the mines.
This fee was not cheap, based on their take home pay at the time. Problem is, the fees were collected, but not always did the men see the doctor.
I can see now why Tommy Douglas was so adamant about medicare, as he would have heard these stories over and over again.
Also can see why the doctors would not want this stopped. I'm sure it made them a fair amount of money.

Dr. James Victor (Vic) Millions

Dr. Vic Millions was in partnership with Dr Creighton and Dr Fairbairn in Estevan.
Born Sept 26, 1896 (1897 in enlistment form is wrong), in Whitewater, RM of Morton, Manitoba
Apr 23, 1918 he enlisted in WWI.
Regimental # 2683774
He was living in Regina, a member of the RNWM Police.
His father James Millions was a farmer in Carnduff, SK
6ft 1/2 in tall.
He later practiced in Westlock AB.
and Kincaid before he enlisted in WWII.
He moved to Eastend SK in 1945 with his wife and 3 sons.
He died in 1969 while practicing at Eastend SK
Buried in a Regina Cemetery.

His Father- James Millions b- Dec 26, 1862
in Almonte, Lanark County, Ontario, Upper Canada
died 1945 in Carnduff.
Mother- Elizabeth Hannah Wilson, died 1936
He was one of 7 children. 3 boys, 4 girls.

Dr. Walter Alexander
son of W. Alexander, Edmonton AB
worked in Estevan in Feb 1939 and Sept 1940 was leaving town for winnipeg, where he was to begin Practicing.
He was married and spent 2 years in Estevan, so probaly arrived in 1938.
He worked with Dr. J. F. Creighton while in Estevan
1974 voter's list he was still in Winnipeg as a doctor.
married Elizabeth Louise Irvine daughter of W. T. Irvine from Morris MB, Dec 1939 in Morris MB
They lived at #150 Oak St in Winnipeg.
1968 Dr Alexander was Chief of Otolaryngology at Winnipeg General Hospital.

a Dr. Daniel Ross Davies L.M.C.C
Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC)
(Welsh nationality)
Born- Oct 1865 or 1866 in Ontario- Died Mar 23, 1932
buried in Old Estevan City Cemetery,
served in the area, and was one of the early Doctors/ Pharmacists.
His wife's name was Pansy (possibly nee Tookey),
she was born in April 1883 in Ontario.
They are both shown as Baptists in the 1911 Census.

He built a brick building on 12th Ave./ 5th St Corner.
Known as the Davies Block or the Rae block.
It became the Dominion Land Titles building, and the Bank of North America.
located on opposite corner of the Empire Hotel.
In 1916 his office was up above the Bank of North America.
He was the First Chairman of the Library board, Feb 1908
He was also a member of the First Town Council.
A Dr. Davies also shows up on the board in 1948.
Not the same doctor though.

Edward Raymond Davis.
b- Dec 6, 1876 in Collingwood, ON

d- Oct 3, 1946, in New Westminster BC, age 69
son of John Davis, b- Ireland, and Caroline Gray, b- ON
He was a Druggist in Estevan in 1911.
He was also married.
wife Helena Hunter,
b- Feb 1, 1887, Morewood, ON
d- Jan 7, 1976, New Westminster BC
daughter of John Hunter, and Agnes Hepburn, both born in ON

1921 Davis family were living in Burnaby BC
7 children, 3 daughters, 4 sons.

Ellen Rosalind Davis, age 9, b- SK

Winston Edward Davis, age 7 in 1921,
b- Nov 8, 1915, or Aug 11, 1915 Estevan SK
Winston shown as a druggist in 1942, living in Cranbrook BC

Lawrence Edgar Davis, age 6,
b- probably in Estevan, for sure in SK
d- Aug 14, 1977 in Victoria BC, age 62

Kenneth Davis, age 5, in BC
Howard Davis, age 5, in BC
Ada Caroline Davis, age 3, in BC
Dorothy Isabel Davis, age 1 1/2, in BC

One of the first Dentists in Estevan was Dr. Frederick (Fred) R. Graham,
full name- Frederick Roy Graham
b- Nov 3, 1884 in City of Saint John, New Brunswick
who we see below married Emily Jean Clark Dec 23, 1908 in Ottawa.
daughter of Patrick J. Clark of Ottawa

His Office was located in the same building that was used as the 2nd Post office in Estevan, located where the T. Eaton Co building was in 1980 on 4th st..

He was Worshipful Master of the Estevan Mason Lodge prior to 1919

Frederick (Fred) and Emily had at least 2 children
Dorothy Clark Graham, b- Nov 1909
Frederick Roy Graham Jr.- b- Jan 1911

Father- Thomas Alexander Graham, clerk when Frederick was born
b- Dec 19, 1856
Mother- Mary Elizabeth Armstrong
Jan 10, 1858
sister- Nellie V. Graham, married name Raad or Road
living in Queens, New York in 1954.
b- Dec 28, 1882
1901 all living in Saint John NB
Fred shown as a clerk.

I found an article from Nov 30, 1907 it says R. S. Pershing sold his dentist practice to T. R. Graham. I believe this is actually Frederick R. Graham above.
It claimed Mr. Graham was from Moose Jaw.
Mr. Pershing was moving to Oklahoma City for the winter.
He was going into the real estate business in Texas.
Shown in 1906 census as Royal S. Pershing

full name now known as Royal P. Strong Pershing
b- Apr 16, 1874 in Dallas, Hancock Co, Illinois
d- Feb 11, 1957 in Lubbock, Lubbock Co, Texas
buried in south Park Cemetery, Roswell, New Mexico

shown age 32 in 1906 census, born in USA
wife Virginia “Virgie” Pershing, (nee Bray) b- June 11, 1874
shown age 32 born in USA as well.
both immigrated in 1905.
2 daughters:
1. Vesta, age 19, b- Mar 1, 1896
she married Charles C. Sterrett
2. Caryl, age 7

1910 US census wife is Virginia, age 36
Royal Pershing was born in Illinois in 1874
living in Justice Precinct, Hildago, Texas in 1910
also shown daughter Vasthi Pershing, age 14
daughter Ruth Anne Pershing, age 11

His father Wesley K. Pershing
and mother Ruth Ann Pershing, nee Funk, were both born in Pennsylvania
older Brother, Francis O. Pershing, b- Nov 3, 1867 (1870?) in Illinois
Sister- Susan Pershing, b- Feb 18, 1876
Sister- Ruth E. Pershing- b- Nov 15, 1883

Wesley was married first to a Mary Yates.

in 1900 Royal was living in Toluca City, Marshall, Illinois.

In 1920 he is now married to a Mary E. Pershing
b- 1884 in Texas
His daughter Ruth living with them, age 21
with another daughter
3. Juanita L. Pershing, age 8.
living in Tarrant, Texas

in Oct 3, 1922 he took out a patent on a heating device for oil wells
He was residing in Fort Worth at the time, in Tarrant Co, Texas
Oct 28, 1924 he took out for Apparatus for Cracking Oil renewed in 1927

today there is a Pershing Ave in Fort Worth, named after him?

F. T. Parker- Office in the Davies Block in 1915- He travelled to Frobisher and Alameda for business once a month.
Imperial Hotel in Frobisher, and Dr. Galloway's Office in Alameda.

Dr. D. J. Rooney and Dr. F. M. Gray shown as vets in Estevan, May 4, 1916

Apr 19, 1905- George S. Jermyn of Estevan, a Veterinary surgeon, Graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College in 1900, was authorized to practice in the NWT

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