Bromhead 1920-1921

Bromhead, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bromhead ca 1920-1921

Town Population= 160
Rural= 160


Lutheran and Presbyterian Churches


Public and First Year High School

Saskatchewan Provincial Police, Bromhead Detachment

George Todman, Constable
1911 there was a George Todman, as a farmer
S 1/2 sec 12, tsp 2, rge 28, W2, near Moose Jaw
b- Mar 1884, in England
1921 he is shown as age 35, b- in England
immigrated in 1908
married to Elsie Todman
b- in England, age 30 in 1921
immigrated in 1914
son- Willie Todman
b- ca 1917 in SK
son- Edward Todman
b- ca 1917 in SK

Dominion Elevator Co.
International Elevator Co.
Lake of the Woods Milling Co.

James Brown
b- ON, age 38 in 1921
married to Laura Brown
b- in Norway, age 39 in 1921
son- James Brown
b- ca 1919 in SK
daughter- Anna Brown
b- ca 1916 in SK


Walter P. Mingle
1911 there was a Walter Mingle shown as Draying
boarding in Estevan
b- June 1883, in ON
same guy?
b- in ON, age 39 in 1921 in Bromhead
married to Ellen Mingle,
b- ca 1895 in USA

Rooming House
Lee Olsen
b- in Norway, age 27 in 1921

Pool Room
Milo Owen
b- in USA, age 32 in 1921
married to Mary Owen
b- in USA, age 27 in 1921
son- John Owen
b- 1920 in SK (10 mo old in 1921 census)

Peter H. Rocksted, broker
see above

Herbert Percy Talbot, barrister
b- Mar 12, 1874, in the Hill, Kidderminster Reg dist., Worcestershire, England, age 48 in 1921
d- Jan 16, 1959 in Regina SK
in 1910 I believe he was in Australia
He is shown as married in 1921 in Bromhead, but no wife is shown
son of William Henry Talbot and Charlotte Jane Ellis
The marriage of Mr. Herbert Percy Talbot,
third son of Col. and Mrs. W. H. Talbot, of Whitville, Kidderminster,
and Miss Florence Ellwell, second daughter of Mr. Fredk. Ellwell, of 31, York street, Portman
Herbert and Florence Ellwell had 2 sons,
son- Geoffrey William Talbot
b- July 1, 1903, Staines, Reg dist., Middlesex, England
d- Sept 1993 in Cheshire, England

son- Hugo Talbot
b- May 11, 1907 in Paddington, London, England
d- bet Oct-Dec 1977 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Bank of Montreal-
J. N. Greer, Accounting Manager


Broomhead Trading Co.
General Store
Isaac Berkowitz, Proprietor

John W. Mingle
b- ON, age 43 in 1921
married to Annie Mingle
b- ON, age 38 in 1921
10 children by 1921
Last 7 born in SK, first 3 in ON
Hardware, Grocers, and Undertakers
Aug 20, 1922, the safe of
John Mingle's Hardware store was blown,
$600 in cash, and $200-300 in cash stolen.
Grain Growers Store safe was also blown.
Julius Sampson was the manager of that store at the time.

Grain Growers Co.
General Store
Christian A. Wibe, Manager
b- Nov 1870, Norway,
immigrated in 1903
shown as a farmer in 1911

John Wesley Decker,
Drugs and Stationary
John Wesley Decker
b- Dec 13, 1889 in SK
d- ?
He left Oxbow in 1917,
where he ran a livery business.
John and his family settled on Sec 22, Tsp 5, Rge 2, w2
in the North Alameda District, of Dalesboro
one book says his brother was Byron Decker,
but that was his father.
Byron Decker,
b- 1859, Port Hope ON
d- Feb 16, 1912, buried in Oxbow
Byron and the family, came west in 1888
In 1900 they moved to Oxbow.
Byron was married with one son per one record.
He also had 3 daughters.
Margaret Decker, Byron Decker, and John Decker
took out land grant
on Sec 6, Tsp 5, Rge 2, W2
1911 census says Byron Decker
b- Oct 1861 in ON
wife- Margaret “Maggie” M. Anderson
b- June 1866 in ON
had a son John Decker born Dec 1889 in SK
shown as a Drug Clerk
daughter Ollie S. Decker,
b- Mar 1893 in SK
daughter- Reita Pearl Decker,
b- July 10. 1900, Sec 6, Tsp 5, Rge 2, W2, SK
daughter Ida Mae Decker,
b- Aug 21, 1904, in Oxbow, SK

Transfer / Dray
Isaac Gysler

Auto Livery
Chris Vestre
b- Apr 1875 in Norway
immigrated in 1903

Livery and Feed
Albert Torgenrud
b- Feb 1883 in USA
immigrated in 1905
Geolina Torgenrud
b- July 1887 in USA
son Gordon Torgenrud,
b- Jan 1910 in SK


Thomas E. Gysler


Christian Lorenzon
b- Apr 1859 in Norway, immigrated in 1906
shown as a farmer in 1911
daughter- Hulda Lorenzon
b- Mar 1891, in USA, immigrated in 1907
son- Oliver Lorenzon, b- Apr 1893, USA

Lumber Yard

McIlbrath Lumber Co.


Canada Cafe
Charley How, Proprietor

Farm Equipment

Cockshutt Plow Co.
Charles H. Nichols, Agent

Massey Harris Co.
Charles H. Nichols, Agent,

Charles “Charlie” Henry Nichols,
b- Aug 20, 1882, Lakefield, 20 mi from Peterborough, ON
d- Aug 9, 1958 in hospital, in Vancouver BC, age 75
farmer in 1911
wife- married in 1907, Anna Nichols, nee Nelson (Neilson?) of Estevan
b- Mar 1886, ?, immigrated in 1906
daughter- May Nichols, b- Jan 1907 in SK
son- ? Nichols, Jan 1910 in SK
Father- Henry Nichols
Charlie came to Bromhead district in 1903
in 1911 he started a farm implement agency in Bromhead.
in 1928 he moved to Winnipeg, and in 1947 to Vancouver.
married, a daughter and 4 sons.
took out land grant NW Section 24, Tsp 3, Rge 13, W2

International Harvester Co.
Daniel “Dan” Diemert, Agent
b- Apr 1887 in USA
immigrated in 1905
farmer in 1911
wife- Blanche Diemert
b- Dec 1886 in USA
son- Leonard Diemert,
b- Mar 1910, in SK

Oil Dealer

Imperial Oil Co. Ltd.


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