Bromhead Post Office

Bromhead, saskatchewan, Canada

Postmaster History

Name of Office: Bromhead,

originally called Hamar, changed July 1, 1912

Federal Electoral District: Moose Mountain (SK)

Opened Dec 1, 1905, In a Private building, on Sec.28, Twp.2, R.13, W2

Moved to Sec.3, Twp.3, R.13, W2

Postal code- S0C 0N0

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Birth Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
John Gulbranson
(see below)
Nov 1864 1905-12-01 1911-02-01 Resignation
E. K. Berg
(see below)
1912-04-01 1912-11-18 Resignation
Peter H. Rockstad
(see below)
1913-01-15 1928-07-25 Resignation
Melvin Robert Vaughan
(see below)
Mar 21, 1887 1928-11-20 1942-02-25
Mrs. Mary Rebecca Vaughan
(see below)
Dec 17, 1899 1942-05-01 Acting
“ ” 1943-01-11 1966-08-10 Retirement
Mrs. Edna Pearl Lafoy 1966-08-12
Mrs. Edna J. Forrester 1971-10-01 1977-06-15 Retirement
Mrs. Wilma Bjorndalen 1977-06-15 1978-09-01 Resignation
Mrs. Carol E. Williams 1978-09-01 Temporary
“ ” 1978-09-06 1981-10-03 Death
Mrs. P. Kittelson 1981-10-05 Acting
“ ” 1981-12-01

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Bios and Genealogy

First Postmaster- John Gulbranson
b- Nov 1864, in Norway,
d- 1935
buried in Hamar Lutheran Cemetery
Immigrated in 1903
Naturalized in 1906
1911 in Township 2, Rge 13, W2
School Teacher, George A. Simmons living with him, b- Mar 1885

E. K. Berg (Eli?)
There was a Jacob and Engeborg Berg in this area in 1911
Engeborg b- Jan 1877 in Norway, immigrated in 1909

John B. Berg
land grant SE Section 5, Tsp 3, Rge 13, W2

Peter H. Rockstad
(Peter H. Rocksted ?)
I really think the Canada Post Archive has the wrong spelling here.
I am 99.9% sure it was Rocksted now
1920 he is shown as Rocksted, see below

b- Oct 31, 1886, in Wisconsin USA
immigrated in 1908 to Canada
left to USA in 1928 (see below)
1911 census, Single, Norwegian, Lutheran, Farmer
Twp 2, Rge 13, W2 in 1911

name -Peter Rocksted in Western Land Grants, on Section 35

a Peter Rocksted born Oct 31, 1886, in Wisconsin
died Nov 1971 in Hennepin, MN, USA, age 85, same guy?
I am thinking this is the right guy
1930 family in Hennepin, MN
He was married in Canada, between 1911 and 1916
wife- Elleise Rocksted, age 33, born in Canada in 1897 (per US census)
I am pretty sure this is Ellene Pearl Rocksted, nee Marriott
b- Oct 2, 1895 in Arthur MB
d- Apr 1984 in Minneapolis, MN, age 88.
daughter of David Marriott and Sarah McCuaig
who were married in Whitewater MB in 1886
Peter and Ellene had 5 children:
(info from 1930 US census)
Marion Rocksted, age 14 born in Canada in 1916
Oscar Rockstad, age 13, born in Canada in 1917
Bryce Rocksted, age 10, born in Canada in 1920
Mildred Rocksted, age 9, born in Canada in 1921
James Rocksted, age 2, born in Canada in 1928
The family immigrated to US in 1928
exact year Peter left Bromhead Post Office.
coincidence? I don't think so.

Peter's Father- Hans Jacob Rocksted
b- in Norway
d- before 1900
Mother- Pauline H. Rocksted, nee Mork
Engaborg is part of her name too, I believe
b- 1855, age 55 in 1910, born in Norway
d- Aug 15, 1923 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN, USA, age 68
daughter of Hans Mork
widow, immigrated in 1877
living in Grand Rapids, Wood, Wisconsin, USA
Peter's siblings in 1910, all born in Wisconsin
Anna M. Rocksted,
b- 1884, age 26 in 1910
d- Sept 23, 1934, Minneapolis, Hennepin, age 50
married to Hans P. Hostvedt
Huldah Rocksted, age 25 (Hulda in 1900 census)
Oscar Rocksted, age 22
Bella Rocksted, age 20
Nina Pauline Rocksted,
b- Aug 2, 1896, Sherry, Wood, Wisconsin, age 13 in 1910

found a Peter H. Rocksted retiring June 30, 1955
from University of Minnesota,
Assistant Laboratory Attendant, Mechanical Engineering
same guy? could be.

family name shown as Rockstead in 1900 US census
1885, a Hans Rocksted in Strongs Prairie Town, Adams, Wisconsin, USA

Melvin (Milson?)(Mel) Robert Vaughan
b- Mar 21, 1887 Caudwell Farm, Ruardeen, Newland, Gloucester, England
d- Feb 27, 1971 in Weyburn SK, age 83
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Weyburn
He enlisted in WWI in Regina
son of Richard Vaughan and Elizabeth Jenkins
brother- Sydney Vaughan, next of kin when he enlisted
wife- Mary Rebecca Vaughan, nee Mingle became Post Mistress after her husband
b- Dec 17, 1899 Bismark, Gainsboro, ON
d- Mar 14, 1991 in Weyburn SK, age 91
daughter of John Wesley Mingle and Annie Marie Hoffman


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