Fourth St. / 4th St. / aka Main St. / Highway 39
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

I will be adding Historical photos and descriptions of applicable Residences, Businesses, on this End Section of 4th St.

North Side, Between 14th ave.- West End of St. (Odd Numbered Lots)

===Between 14th and 15th ave.===
Block 17, Lots 11-31
Civic Addresses- #1401-#1439
Lot 26-30 (Lot 31?)- #1437- A & W Restaurant (2017), built by the Symons family.

===Between 15th Ave. and Walsh St. (End of the Street)===
Block 16, Lots 3-10
Civic Addresses- #1501-#1533
#1509- 4th St.- Mary Kinney, Public School Teacher, lived here in 1921, with her parents , Sanford and Mary Kinney, and her brother, Sanford Randolph Kinney.

South Side, West End of St. to 14th ave. (Even Numbered Lots)

===Between West end of St- 16th ave.
Block 47, Lot 2-
Civic Addresses- #1602

===Between 16th ave and 15th ave.(Even Numbered Lots)===
Block 46, Lots 1-10
Civic Addresses- #1538-#1502

Lot 7- Block 46- #1514-

Called the “Twin House” when my Gus Gesell family moved here. They had to rip a piano apart whe they moved here, as there was no room for it.

Lot 9 & 10-#1506- Built originally as Orsted Funeral Home, owned by William “Bill” Orsted, b- Halbrite SK., who bought Estevan Funeral Home in 1963, from John Lee, Business was originally located on 3rd st.. Bill's wife, Shirley Jean Orsted, nee Dalgleish (1937-2001), taught school at ECI ,; Hall Funeral Services Ltd. today (2017)

===Between 15th ave and 14th Ave. (Even Numbered Lots)===
Block 45, Lots 1-20
Civic Addresses- #1440-#1402

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