ECI Teachers and Staff

Estevan Collegiate Institute
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Last Name First,Middle, alt Spouse or Married name Years at ECI Notes Photo
AMAS Miss Jennie Florence Judge Edmund Richard Wylie 1936-1946 b- Oct 2, 1899, Qu'Appelle, NWT (SK), d- Dec 13, 1982, Victoria, Australia ; Father- Frank Amas, Mother- Rachel Thompson ; Graduate of University of SK. ; Married Nov 22, 1946 in Regina SK. ; She was Judge Wylie's 2nd marriage. Her father was a veteran of the Riel Rebellion, and he was Mayor of Qu'Appelle for 25 years in 1946. teacher_miss_amas_1943.jpg
ANDRIST Mrs. Shirley (nee Sillers) Lloyd Andrist 1957-1961 Student-1947-51 ; @ REG, attended Reunion 2017. sillers.jpg
ARMSTRONG Dr. William Earl 1915-1917 b-Aug 6, 1889, Cornwall Center, Ottawa- d-Dec 27, 1962, National Hotel, Washington, DC, USA., Buried in Fort Lincoln Cemetery ; (Principal- 1917); Given Leave to Serve in the War, Enlisted in Winnipeg, MB June 5, 1918, Reg # 3347190 Military Service Act #457147 LC, Single, Presbyterian Religion; 1921- Teacher in Weyburn SK ; BA from Queen's University in Kingston ON. MA from the University of Chicago. Awarded a doctorate from the University of Geneva. Became a Naturalized American citizen in 1936. Became a US Government Economic Specialist. Father- William Henry Armstrong, b-Dec 13, 1859, Cornwall, ON., Mother- Margery McKay, b-Nov 12, 1860.
BALL Mr. Wilmot Nelson - 1917 b- Apr 28, 1891 in Uxbridge, ON., d- Feb 17, 1956, Windsor, Essex, ON, Canada; Lived in Milestone SK in 1921; Wife- Elizabeth Hilda Leggett, was a Teacher as well in 1921. Married Aug 14, 1919, Leeds, ON, Canada, He served in WWI, Reg # 346074, Next of kin= Father- William “John” Ball, Mother- Elizabeth Burnham. He was shown as a School Principal in 1955. Wife shown as Elizabeth on travel documents, b- Jan 24, 1885, d- May 27, 1967. Both buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Old Castle, ON, Canada
BANKS Mrs. M. Joan C. David Banks 1965-1966 @ jbanks.jpg
BANNATYNE Miss Margaret Ross Irvine 1954-1955 Student-1937-41 ; @ REG b-ca 1924 at Estevan SK, d- July 13, 2005, in Regina, age 81 ; Daughter of David Bannatyne. BA from University of SK. ; and Degree in Social Services from University of MB. margaretbannatyne.jpg
BARNARD Mrs. Carol L. Stan Barnard 1969 teacher_1969_mrs_c.l._barnard.jpg
BARNARD Stan C. Carol L. nee ? 1969 teacher_1968_mr_s.c._barnard.jpg
BARNETT Mr. Manford C. 1966-1969 @ mbarnett.jpg
BATEMAN Mrs. Teresa A. 1969 teacher_1969_mrs_t.a._bateman.jpg
BEGGS Mrs. Joyce A.(nee Cundall) Kenneth “Kenn” Beggs 1962-1969 Student-1948-52 ; @ REG ; She was Co-Chair of the Collegiate Capers Committee, and a member of the Reunion 2000-Alumni/Souvenir Book Committee, She attended Reunion 2017. joyceabeggs.jpg
BENNETT Mr. L. 1925 (Presumed Deceased) An article in the Estevan Mercury 1925, stated he moved to Chicago IL. USA
BEUHLER Mr. C. -1969 teacher_1969_mr_c._beuhler.jpg
BOBIER Ken H. 1947 @ ; Left ECI June 1948
BONNOR Gordon S. Eileen, nee ? 1966 @ gsbonnor.jpg
BOUCHARD Mr. J. M. 1947 Left ECI in June 1948
BOURGON Jacques F. 1968 jfbourgon.jpg
ABRAMS Howard Walter (Walt) Irene Margaret nee Hoard 1948-1969 @ REG ; b-Apr 26, 1919 SK.- d- Nov 11, 2007, at Elim Village, Surrey BC. Hired as Phys. Ed. Instructor - Gym not finished until 1950, so played table tennis upstairs. Won Seven McLeod Trophies, and Eight Track and Field, plus Five Junior Softball Saskatchewan Championships, and One Saskatchewan Girls' Basketball Championship. Switched to P.S.S.C. Physics until retirement. Taught for 32 years in Estevan, Walt and his wife Irene established the Estevan Tennis Club. They were married for 64 years. walterabrams.jpg
CAMERON Miss A. Marguerite Ronald “Ron” Gallaway 1949-1951 @ REG ; Awarded the Saskatchewan Order of Merit in 1988, Awarded the Order of Canada in 1990.
CAMPBELL Mr. R. S. 1924 (Presumed Deceased) (Principal) He shows up living in Estevan in 1920 and 1923
CARMICHAEL Mr. D. E. 1921 (Presumed Deceased) I believe he taught at St. Andrew's College, Aurora, ON from 1917-1919. BA in 1919. 1920 he was at Western Canada College in Calgary. He was a Graduate of King's College, Windsor, NS. and of Bishop's College, Lennoxville P.Q. I might have the wrong bio for him, this is a guess.
CASE Miss J. Betty ? , Watson 1947 Left ECI in June 1948
CLAYBO Mervin (Bud) L. Joyce Doreen Magnuson 1964-1965 b-Jan 3, 1929 at Oungre SK.- d-Feb 16, 2000 at Royal Alexandria Hospital, Edmonton AB. mclaybo.jpg
COATES Mrs. Verna 1964-1968 School Secretary ; @ , attended Reunion 2017 vcoates.jpg
COATES Wally H. 1962-1964 @ coates.jpg
CODE Mrs. B. 1949
CONRAD Edwin Nathan 1948-1950 b-Sept 29, 1901, Sturgeon, PEI, d-Aug 21, 1965 in Regina SK, age 63 ; (Principal) Donated the Conrad Medal in 1952. Aug 10, 1951, Appointed to the position of Inspector of Indian Schools in SK, Born in PEI, came to Saskatchewan in 1919, attended Provincial Normal School in Saskatoon, in 1921. Headstone shows Squadron Leader Edwin Nathan Conrad, C3893, RCAF. He was the son of Nathan Conrad and Harriet E. Conrad, Father a farmer enconrad.jpg
CREIGHTON Miss Vera Youmans 1924-1934 b-Oct 11,1895 IN ON, d-1989, Regina SK., Buried in Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery, Regina SK. ; Donated the Creighton Cup in 1926 (sorry no larger picture) ; Daughter of John Creighton, b- Jan 31, 1857, ON and Elizabeth Creighton, b- Aug 16, 1860 Ireland (or ON?), Sister- Margaret “Maggie” Creighton ; Vera was a Champion Tennis Player, in 1925 winning the Singles Championship of SE SK. She won doubles with her sister. She attended Wesley College in the fall of 1916, and graduated that year. In 1945 and 1949 she was shown as a teacher in Regina. Her father owned a Grocery Store in Alameda ca 1906-1921 and probably longer. Vera shown as a Teacher there in 1921. Another sister, Mary E. Creighton, in Alameda in 1916. Family shown in Rat Portage, ON in 1901. teacher_miss_vera_creighton_1932.jpg
CURRIE Miss J. M. 1926-1928
DAHL Mr. William O. 1936-1947 (Deceased) Left ECI June 1948
DAKU Mr. S. 1967-1969 Custodian at ECI sdaku.jpg
DAVIDSON Mrs. Helen 1952-1953
DAVIS Mr. R. (Bob) 1956-1959 Physical Education Teacher
DEACON Miss V. A. 1948
DECKER Miss Joanne 1968 jdecker.jpg
DEMAER Mr. P. F. 19 ?
DIRKS Edwin (Ed) Clifford 1968-1969 b- ca 1926, d- Mar 8, 2005, age 79, buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens, Estevan ; BA 1961 ; BEd 1959 ; 1950 lived in Maryfield SK.; 1965- Principal at Assiniboia SK. ecdirks.jpg
DORNAN Mr. Dwaine M. 1969 teacher_1969_mr_d._dornan_guidance.jpg
DRAGUSHAN Mrs. Dora P. (nee Dashefsky) Leon Dragushan 1960'S (Deceased) d-Nov 14, 2001, in Winnipeg, MB ; Substitute Teacher at ECI
DROZDA Lawrence J. 1962-1967 @ ljdrozda.jpg
DUBYK Michael Gertrude Martin 1948-1950 (Deceased- 1960)
DUNCAN Mrs. Caroline 1962
DUNCAN Mr. C. W. 1923 (Presumed Deceased)
EARNSHAW Miss Susan (Sue) C. ? , Wallace 1965 earnshaw.jpg
ECKEL Andrea 1958-1960 She also taught after she was married- See STEGER ; @
FARMER Mr. D. J. 1959    |
| FONDA         | Mr. Carlos                         |                             |  1956-1957              | (Deceased)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    |                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               |   |
| FORGAY        | William Arthur (Art)               | Beryl, nee ?                |  1953-1964 & 1966-1969  | Deceased, Sept 11, 1997 ;  ** Principal-1956-1964 & 1966-1969 **;;  Saskatchewan School Library Association presents the Art Forgay Award of Recognition of Administrators, every year in honour of Art. B Ed, 1952, BLS 1965, UBC ,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          | {{:sask:schools:eci:staff:artforgay.jpg?100&direct
FORGAY Mrs. Beryl Art Forgay 1969 REG ; Wife of Art Forgay, Principal, Beryl attended Reunion 2017
FORSYTH Harry A. 1943-1944 (Deceased) Married Marjorie Jane Southernwood in 1944 ; Son of P. Forsyth in Prince Albert.
FORSYTH Miss J. A. 1942 (Deceased)
FOX Julia M. 19 ? Taught Briefly at ECI
FREEMAN Mr. H. A. 1925 (Presumed Deceased) ; Became a Professor at McMaster University ; 1925 he served as a Pastor at Stirling Baptist Church in Estevan
FREY Mr. Garth 1960'S Maint. Man
GERMAINE Mrs. Darlene 1968-1969 Last ECI School Secretary staff_secretary_mrs_d_germaine.jpg
GESELL Edward (Ed) Hermann Gudrun Hoium 1965-1966 (b-Nov 30, 1908- d-Feb 10, 1973) Ed Taught for 5 years at Queen Rose School ; Aug 1947-June 1949 At Frobisher School ; Hirsch School ; Also Lignite School; Then Bienfait High School ; Before ECI. edgesell.jpg
GRIMSON J. William (Bill) Laura, nee ? 1951-1969 (Deceased) Acting Principal in 1965, While Mr. Forgay went back to University. grimson.jpg
GROOMES William Stanton 1914-1916 b- Dec 26, 1881 in Railton, ON, deceased ; (First Principal of ECI, Taught Mathematics and Science in 1914) ; Shown living in Estevan as early as 1908 ; Mother lived in Sydenham ON ; At age 35 he left Estevan, thru Portal, heading to Duluth MN, Aug 1917, as School Inspector ; 1921 he was in Regina SK. ; 1923 in Weyburn ; Son of Martin Groomes, and Sarah Burnett ; William married Stella Ireece Morrow July 24, 1917, in Peterborough ON, daughter of Bernard Morrow and Eliza O'Brien. teacher_first_principal_mr_groomes.jpg
GUEST Benson (Ben) H. 1941 @ ; Left ECI Mar 1941 for Prince Albert Collegiate teacher_ben_guest_2_1940-1941.jpg
GUTHRIE Mrs. Margaret 1961
HAGE Mrs. Lydia M. 1962 (Deceased)
HALLIDAY Miss Susan “Sue” ? , Conly 1943-1947 @ REG ; Commercial Teacher, left ECI June 1948
HAUKENESS Maynard 1968-1969 @ mhaukeness.jpg
HEGEL Edward (Ed). J. Alice Giesinger 1964-1969 b-July 1, 1927, on the family farm, south of Allan, SK.- d-Jan 9, 2009, St Paul's Hospital, Saskatoon SK. Mr. Hegel taught at Bienfait High School before coming to ECI. He was very helpful with Teacher Addresses and Names for Reunion 2000, and this list. From His obituary- Ed and Alice moved to Roche Percee, SK in the fall of 1950, where they lived for the next 15 years. Ed was the Principal of Roche Percee School for 9 years, then moved to Saskatoon for a year, to finish his Bachelor of Education Degree. Ed then taught High School in Bienfait, SK. for two years, after which the family moved to Estevan. ejhegel.jpg
HESSELINK Hendrick (Hank) J. W. 1962-1969 Taught Driver Education @ REG
HOLLINGSHEAD Miss L. 1924 (Presumed Deceased)
HOOPER Mr. W. J. 1926-1928 Donated the Award for Science in 1928 wjhooper.jpg
HORDERN C. Robert (Bob) Charlotte H. Johnson 1951-1952 b-1928- d- 1974 in Saskatoon SK.,buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Saskatoon, SK., Started the Collegiate Band in 1951 as Instructor. teacher_mr_hordern_first_band_leader_1951.jpg
HUNT Miss M. T. 1930-1932 teacher_m_hunt.jpg
JANKOSKI Theodore (Ted) Rosina Corley 1962-1969 b-ca 1928, d- Feb 16, 2009, Vancouver BC., age 81 ; From His Obituary- Ted was the Vice Principal of the Estevan Comprehensive School, and Guidance Counselor, First Chairman of the Southeast Community College. Father- Anthony Jankoski, Mother- Palagia Jankoski , nee ?. tjankoski.jpg
JEFFREY Herb A. 1965 Assistant Band Instructor in 1965
JOHNS Miss Pat R. ? , Holben 1962-1964 johns.jpg
KING Colin 1960'S Band Assistant, also Student at ECI
KLASSEN Miss Susan Lois Andrew Stirling King 1947-1948 She married Andrew Stirling King in 1949
KNUTSON Mr. O. 1969 Custodian staff_custodian_1969_mr_o._knutson.jpg
KRUEGER Erwin P. Mardy, nee ? 1961-1969 (Student 1948-52) @ REG ; 1983 Reunion Closeup 1983 Reunion enjoying a beer ; Mr. Krueger was Co-Chair of the Reunion 2000-Displays Committee, attended Reunion 2017 irwinkrueger.jpg
LARSON Perley Alvin (Al) 1941 b-Sept 5, 1911 Outlook SK., d-Jan 21, 2012, in CA, USA, 100 years old. ; He took training for Air Cadet Instructors Aug 25, 1941 in Regina. They offered optional Air Cadet Courses at ECI at this time for boys 15-18. He replaced Ben Guest on the staff, He was Principal of Central School in September, 1941, following resignation of Stewart H. McLeod, who enlisted in the Army. He was replaced at Central by his brother Harold Larson, from Wilkie SK. ; He attended Grade 11 at Outlook College, Nov 1930. ; Son of Gus Larson. ; Served with the RCAF in WWII. ; Went into Real Estate and Insurance Business in Vallejo, CA
LEE Miss Helen 1956-1969 (Student 1925-1929) b- Dec 24, 1910, Grassy Lake AB- d-Jan 19, 1977 in Estevan. She moved to Estevan in 1921, where she received her education, and later graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in Education. She taught Elementary, Junior, and High School in Estevan for many years. Served as a Member of the Canadian Women's Army Corp in WWII. Her Parents were Robert John Lee and Mary Lee, nee Haughie. She is buried in the Old City Cemetery, north of Pleasantdale. teacher_helen_lee.jpg
LEE Miss Sadie 1918-1922 b- Aug 16, 1889, in Kemptville, Oxford, Grenville, ON, d- Sept 1974, buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Winchester, ON., She was 1 of 5 Female Teachers in 1918, No men due to the War. In 1921 she lived at 1338 Third St, with the Willis Whitby family. She was the daughter of David J. Lee, born in Quebec, a farmer in Oxford ON in 1891, and Mary Etta Lee, nee Mills, born in ON. Sadie was sister to Bella Pearl Lee, Eva Mills Lee, Gertrude Mary Lee, and Harry Marten Lee. Both sets of grandparents were born in Ireland. Reunion 2017 they displayed a picture she donated to ECI in 1923.
KEE Miss Jessie May 1923 b- Mar 10, 1882 in Avening, Simcoe, ON, Canada, d- May 27, 1967 in New Westminster, BC, buried in Fraser Cemetery, New Westminster, BC; Father-John Kee, b-Feb 13, 1842,Sandhill, Peel, ON, d-Dec 14, 1907 in Nottawasaga, Simcoe, Ontario; Mother Elizabeth Kee, nee Davidson (1854-1925); sisters- Annie Maud Kee (1880-1921), dressmaker in Estevan in 1916; and Edith Warren Kee, (1886-1935) who owned Millinery shop in Estevan in 1916. Other siblings, Thomas John Kee (1878-1896); Margaret Rebecca Kee (1882-1898); and Norman Nelson Roy Kee (1888-1962).
LEGGETT Miss E. H. 1918 (Presumed Deceased)
MacGREGOR Miss Anne R. 1933-1961 (Deceased) 29 Years Teaching at ECI, 2nd Longest Term. annemacgregor.jpg
MacKAY Miss I. B. 1950
MacPHERSON Mr. J. N. 1945-1946 (Deceased) teacher_mr_mcpherson_1946-1948.jpg
MARR Mr. Charles Spence 1914 He had a M.A. Degree ; One of the First Teachers at ECI, Taught Classics, English, & Geography ; (b-July 20, 1887, Crieden, Aberdeen, Scotland- d- Died in WWI, Mar 3, 1916 at Bramshott Camp, Hampshire, England.) There was no male teachers during the war.
MARTIN Mr. Fredrick William Herbert 1915-1917 b- May 8, 1894 in Neepawa, MB, d- Aug 9, 1918 in France, Killed in Action
McCALLUM Miss M. C. 1915-1916 (Presumed Deceased)
McEWEN Miss A. H. 1951
McEWEN Mr. D. R. 1922-1923 (Presumed Deceased)
McGARRY John B. 1962-1964 mcgarry.jpg
McKECHNEY Ronald 1958 (Student 1952-54) @ REG mckechney.jpg
McKECKNIE Dr. John Henry 1907-1910 He was the First Principal of a High School in Estevan from 1907-1910. He became Deputy Minister of Education in 1934. Born in Ontario. Earned his MA from Queen's University. After leaving Estevan he became Inspector in Wilkie and North Battleford districts.1920 he attained a degree of Doctor of Pedagogy from the Toronto University,and the next year finished his requirements for his LL.B. degree from the University of Saskatchewan. He was appointed Chief Inspector in 1922 and Aug 20, 1934 Deputy Minister. He retired Aug 14, 1944 from ill health. b- ca 1881 in Erin township, ON son of Alexander McKechnie, a Car Repairer in 1912, and Frances Baldwin. July 2, 1912, at Toronto ON, He married Helen Isobel Murray, b- ca 1880 in Amabel Township, daughter of Robert Murray and Helen McIntosh, teacher_j_h_mckechnie.jpg
McKENZIE Mr. G. I. 1929
McKINNON Miss Muriel J. 1940 In charge of the Commercial Class, forced to retire to her home in Regina, because of ill health
McMONAGLE James Roach JAN 1924- FEB 1936 (Deceased) (Principal) Picture appeared in 1936 Estevan Mercury, Article on his career. b- Mar 21, 1896 in Sussex, New Brunswick. Father- Walter McMonagle, Mother- Annie McIntyre. McMonagel shown in 1901 NB Census, McMonagle in 1911 NB Census. Appears he is buried in the family plot Trinity Anglican Cemetery located in Sussex Corner, NB. He resigned in Feb 1936 To become an Inspector of Schools. Donated the McMonagle Cup IN 1927. Dec 15, 1937 he was shown as Inspector James McMonagle, Meyronne,in the Regina Hospital, recovering from an illness. jrmcmonagleprincipal19241935.jpg
McRORIE Doug 1959
MELBY Miss Elaine 1967-1968 emelby.jpg
MELNYK William 1964-1968 (CUSTODIAN) wmmelnyk.jpg
MERRITT Miss S. 1951
MITCHELL Mrs. Helen (nee Brooks) 1956-1961 & 1963-1965 (Student 1928-33) (Deceased) hmitchell.jpg
MITCHELL Victor (Vic) L. Nettie, nee ? 1949-1964 (Deceased) mitchell.jpg
MOIR Robert Clair 1920-1922 (Deceased) (Principal) Show him from Oxbow, ca 1915 attending University of Saskatchewan, BA Degree, Honours in English and French. b- May 1895, in Dawn Mills, Camden township, Kent Co. ON, d- June 4, 1974, Kingston township, Frontenac Co. ON., married Hester Wesley Young, Aug 16, 1919 in Kenora ON, b- Mar 1, 1891 in Winnipeg MB. They had 3 children, at least one born in Estevan in 1920. Father- William Alexander Moir, b- Gaspe, Carpenter in 1911, living on Peters Ave. Oxbow, Mother- Elizabeth Cassie Moir, nee Turner, born in Turnerville, Chatham Tsp, ON, siblings, 3 brothers, 1 sister.- Raymond E. Moir, A. L. Moir, Katie Moir, H. K. Moir, all born in Kent.
MULVENA Miss Pat ? , Krueger 1959-1960 Band Assistant
MURRAY John Robert “Jack” Nellie Bassingthwaighte (b- Oct 20,1890 in Mitford, Northumberland, d- Jan 22, 1958 in Estevan SK) Maint. Man at Hillside School, then ECI, Until Late 1957
NEWFELD George 1936-1947 (DECEASED) (Principal) Attended 1983 Reunion. He Instituted the Student's Rep. Council at ECI in 1936-1937. It was to replace the Literary Society. He married Grace Caroline Moore Aug 2, 1939 at the home of W.T. Moore father of Grace. His mother was Agnes Newfeld, from Herbert SK, had a sister Mary Newfeld. Left in June 1948, to become Superintendent at Medstead the next term. georgenewfeldprincipal1939.jpg
ORSTED Mrs. Shirley Jean (nee Dalgliesh) William “Bill” Orsted 1961-1969 (b-1937- d-Oct 29,2001) Obituary showed she attended school in Halbrite and Weyburn, Received BA, and B.Ed. in Saskatoon. orsted.jpg
PALMER Miss Isabelle ? , Hoffman 1952-1962 @ REG palmer.jpg
PATOLA Mr. Nick 1953 @ REG
PIERCE Miss Alice L. 1914 (Deceased) One of the First four Teachers at ECI, she had a B.A. Degree. She taught History and Biology
RAINE Thomas Kenneth “Ken” 1957-1969 (Custodian) @ b- , d-Dec 17, 2015 in Estevan SK., age 92. ; son of Harold and Jessie Raine. kraine.jpg
RAINEY Melvyn (Mel) D. 1960-1969 @ REG ; 1992-Fiji Library Assoc. President. rainey.jpg
RATHGEBER Mrs. Myrna Y. ? , Bishop 1969 @ teacher_1969_mrs_m._rathgeber.jpg
RATTRAY Miss Helen Bell 1918-1956 (Deceased) 1939 . The Rattray Award was instituted by Miss Rattray. She attended the First Grad Exercises and Banquet in 1944 in the Old Stone Church. Served as Acting Principal, from Feb to June, 1936, when J.R. McMonagle resigned mid term Taught at ECI the Longest, For 38 Years! Born- Dec 26, 1893 in RM of Pipestone MB (per birth record) (Jan 2, 1893, in death cert). d-Jan 11, 1981 in Victoria BC, age 88, Father- William J. Rattray, born in Scotland, Mother, Helen Bell Rae, born in ON. helenrattray1939.jpg
RODINE Howard Burton 1951-1955 (b- Apr 14, 1922- Deceased) (Principal) Attended McMaster University in 1947, son of Albert Rodine and Faye Hellyer teacher_h_b_rodine_principal_1951-1956.jpg
ROGERS Miss Elizabeth Florence Clark 1914-1922 (DECEASED, after 1943) *(Principal of ECI in 1918)* b-1890 in Calgary, AB. (*Miss Rogers was the only Female Principal of ECI*). She had a B.A. and taught Moderns and English in 1914. She donated the Senior Boy's Championship Cup IN 1919, The “Rogers Cup”. She lived in Estevan in 1921, boarding on 4th St. In 1924 she lived at 2306 Rose St. in Regina. In 1927 she was teaching at Regina Collegiate. The daughter of Edwin Robert Rogers (1860-1917) and Charlotte Elizabeth Clark (1858-1889) who were married Oct 22, 1885 in Winnipeg, MB, and the brother of Captain Alan Stanley Clark Rogers, b- Nov 1, 1888 in Calgary, AB, died Aug 7, 1915 in Dardanelles, Turkey, during WWI. Older Sister- Bessie Rogers, b-Jan 26,1887 in Calgary AB.
ROHATYN Larry William Carol Bish 1967 @ REG d- Oct 16, 2008, Peace River AB, age 66. -( Mr. Rohatyn was also a Student at ECI- 1958-XII-1960 -) lrohatyn.jpg
ROSENDAHL Robert (Bob) D. Reta Olson 1967 (Student at ECI 1950-51) @ REG ; He taught woodworking at ECI among other subjects; “MR. ROUTER” Author of 2 Router Books, Star of his own Woodworking Show on TV, Check out his Web site
ROSS Miss Margaret June 18, 1918- Came from Dutton ON
ROWAN Mrs. A. C. Emma Wally Rowan 1966 @ rowan.jpg
RUSH Mr. J. M. 1969 teacher_1969_mr_j.m._rush.jpg
RUTLEDGE Mr. Robert JUNE 19,1912-JUNE 19, 1922 First Janitor at ECI robertroutledgejanitor19121922.jpg
SCHICK J. Lawrence 1960 shick.jpg
SCHWEIDER Miss J. 1949
SEIPP Leo B. Bev Evans 1968 Student at ECI 1960-1964 @ lbseipp.jpg
SIEMENS Peter 1951-1952 in 1955 he was in Saskatoon, assisting Dr. John Merriman looking for a cure for Emphysema.
SMITH Mr. G. Elwin 1948-1950
STEGER Mrs. Andrea (nee Eckel) 1958-1959 (Student 1942-43) @@ steger.jpg
STRANGE Frank Marjorie, nee ? 1953-1967 @ REG ; Frank Succeeded Mr. Hordern as Band Instructor and also Glee Club Leader. He was the Conductor for the Glee Club practice and performance at the Reunion. He was a Member of the Collegiate Capers Committee - Regina, Reunion 2000. Attended Reunion 2017, and was the best dancer in the place. frankstrange.jpg
SWANSON Mr. Lee 1960 swanson.jpg
SYMONS Mrs. Dorothy 1958-1973 Majorette Instructor and Band Choreographer.
TANGJERD Erling Gertie, nee ? 1957-1969 (Deceased) tangjerd.jpg
THOMPSON Glen 1959 @
THORHAUG Mrs. Irene Frances (nee Ross) George Thorhaug 1960-1969 @ ; b-Oct 6, 1927, Glentworth, SK., d-Mar 2, 2017, Assiniboia, SK, age 89 ; She taught school from 1945-1987 when she retired ; Father- Wiiliam Ross, Mother- Annie, nee ? ; Her husband George was a WWII veteran. thorhaug.jpg
TOWNSEND Mrs. Doris Tom Townsend 1968 @ dtownsend.jpg
TRUMPOUR Miss Stella J. 1938-1939 (Deceased) Taught the Commercial Class. Leader Post had her name as Trumpam. Graduate of Arts, Holder of a High School Certificate, Taught the same commercial class at Battleford Collegiate, for 3 years before ECI. Subjects were Typewriting, Shorthand, Commercial Law, Economic Law, Accounting, Business Administration, Office Practice, and Bookkeeping.
TUCKER Daryl W. 1967-1969 dtucker.jpg
VANSTONE Miss L. M. 1929-1931
WALKER Don Inez, nee ? 1959-1961 (Deceased) Mr. Walker lived at #838 Albert St., in Hillside, with his family, behind my parents home, in the early 1960's donwalker.jpg
WALLACE Mr. T. H. 1932-1933
WARD Fred E. 1948-1949
WELLOCK Hornby Adela L. Jahn 1957- 1967 Custodian ; b- Aug 11, 1905, in Skipton, Yorkshire, England, d-Jan 2, 1982 in Estevan, buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens hwellock.jpg
WENDELL Laverne 1961
WHIMSTER Miss M. L. 1924-1929
WHITE Elmer William (Lefty) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 1930-1939 ​ b-July 27, 1903 in Millersburg, Michigan, USA., d- Mar 31, 1996 in Nelson BC , Buried in Nelson Memorial Park, Nelson, BC ; May 2, 1939 he was Captain of the Estevan Collegiate Cadet Corps, 63 Members, they were rated 2nd in the Province for Efficiency. Mr. White was also Leader of the Collegiate's Junior First Aid Team. He was known as a great Left handed baseball pitcher, thus his nickname Lefty. 1990 He was elected to the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame. Served in WWII, taken prisoner at Dieppe, fall 1942, spent rest of war as a Prisoner of War in Germany. He was declared dead at one point. Rank- Major, South Saskatchewan Regiment. Commander of “B” Company. Immigrated to Canada in 1912. Father- Lewis White (b- Sept 10, 1874 in Goderich, Huron, ON- d- Dec 28, 1948 Colville, Stevens, WA, USA,), son of Lewis White and Margaret Ann Burke, Mother- Anna Lillian Kauffman (b- 1881 in MI, d-1967 Colville Reservation, WA, USA), daughter of Johann Conrad Kauffman and Elizabeth Woodruff. Brothers- Floyd White and Clyde White. Lefty Married Gladys May Hare, Sept 6, 1926, at Osage, SK, and had 2 sons, 1 is deceased. His wife played ladies baseball in Osage. teacher_lefty_white_1939.jpg
WHYTE Miss Juanita May 1918-1921 b- Nov 19, 1891 in Truro, Colchester Co., NS, Canada, d-Jan 25, 1942, Truro, Colchester Co., NS, buried in Watson Cemetery in Truro. Shown in 1921 Census as age 29, a High School Teacher, living with Robert and Frances Rush at 1034 2nd st. Parents: Frederick Muir Whyte, Marion Swan Duncan.
WHITTON Miss Georgina Alice Raymen Roy “Raymond” Petterson 1946 b- May 20, 1924 in Bengough SK., d-Dec 29, 2001 in Estevan SK. ; Married July 28, 1947, Plentywood, Montana, USA., Father- David Sutherland Whitton, Mother- Mary Catherine McEachern. Her husband died in 2010 in Estevan. He was the son of Carl Sigfred (CS) Petterson.
WILKEN Miss Hazel 1960 wilken.jpg
WILLIAMS Hugh Fredrick Edith, nee ? 1956-1967 ECI Bandmaster from 1956-67 ; b-May 11, 1927, Moose Jaw, d- Oct 7,2010 in Melfort SK hugh_fredrick_williams.jpg
WILLIAMS Miss Judy 1966 jwilliams.jpg
WILLISON Gary 1969 @
WRAGG Norm 1960'S Assistant Band Leader
YOUNG James (Jimmy) Annie Hotchkiss 1922-1958 Caretaker -b-Nov 12, 1892, d-Aug 6, 1963, buried in Estevan City Cemetery; Veteran of WWI, Received the Jubilee Medal from Lord Tweedsmuir in 1935. The City named “Young St.” after Jimmy, to honour his 36 years service ; Jim Young Scholarship, later Memorial, was set up in his honour in 1960. jimmyyoungjanitor.jpg
ZAKRESKY J. R. (Jerry) Betty, nee ? 1959-1969 (Deceased) zakresky.jpg
ZINK Miss E.I. 1941


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