Fifth St. / 5th St.
Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Note- Lot, is Legal Lot Number, for Tax and Registration Purposes, used in Conjunction with the Legal Block Number
# is the Civic Mailing Address of each lot, or combination of Lots, in some cases.

I will be adding Historical photos and descriptions of businesses on this block, when I get a chance.

North Side, East to West (Odd Numbered Lots)

Block 13, Lot 21-37, #1201-#1239

Lot 21-24- Block 13, #1201 5th st- NW corner of 5th St. and 12th Ave.
One of the oldest buildings in Estevan, the “Davies Block”, Built in 1902 by Mr. John Phillips.
Dr. Daniel Ross Davies owned the building. He had his Pharmacy in the rear of the building, facing 12th Ave. He was 40 years old in 1906 census ;
It became the Bank of British North America one of the First Banks in Estevan, which later became the Bank of Montreal. One of the few buildings with the Main Entrance on the corner. David Bannatyne became Manager of the Bank of British North America, June 13, 1913. He was there until 1921.
Building also became known as the “Rae Block, and then the “Glasser Block” ;
Part of this building opened as the Dominion Land Titles Office Sept 1, 1908. Men would line up here to get their Homestead documents ;
Housed the Elite Cafe at one time.
Historic Estevan Building

Davies Block, taken from top of Empire Hotel Davies block ca Aug, 2009

Lot 25- #1209 5th St.- William J. Jacques Farm Implements, located here in 1921; Southeast Health Group (2017)

Lot 26- (shown as Lot A)- #1211-

#1213 5th St.- Wing Maw Laundry here in 1921; Vernon McLean, lived here in 1955

Lot 27, 28,- #1215- Livery Sale and Feed Stable here in 1921, owned by George Edward Kincade, b-1876- d-Apr 11, 1949. He lived at 1414 6th st.; Charles Rockwood, a teamster for George Kincade, lived here in 1921. ; Thomas McLean, Building, Moving, Contractor, and Machinist, operated here in 1955 ; Orlowski Law Office today (2017)

Lot 29- #1217- Estevan Plumbing & Heating, J. H. Kellington, Prop.; -empty 2017

Lot 37- #1219- MNP Place (2017)

#1221 5th St. was the location of the Dupuis House, in 1921- Phillip Dupuis Prop., Mary Wetch was the maid. Owner shown as Philipe Dupuis shown age 49 in 1921, b- in Quebec, wife- Elizabeth Dupuis, age 48, b- in ON, and son Herbert “Herb” John Dupuis, b-c Dec 11, 1909 in Estevan SK. Herb attended ECI in 1925-1928, and became a track star there. Herb also went to Winnipeg to play pro baseball. ; City Bakery located here in 1955, George Symons Prop.;

#1225 5th st- Bastian's Exclusive Fur Salon, in 1955, Wilfrid Bastian, Owner and Manager ;

Lot 36A- #1239- Trout Motor Products Ltd, in 1955, Chev. Dealership, R. G. Trout Manager, ; now Pharmasave Drug Store (2017)

South Side, West to East (Even Numbered Lots)

Block 19, #1236-#1216

Lot 1A- #1236 5th St.- New Canada Post Office Building in Estevan, with offices upstairs. (2017)

#1232- Grundeen Motors Ltd. (Dyer & King) Ford Dealership, in 1955

#1226 5th St- Estevan Machine & Garage located here in 1921- Walter H. Nesbitt owner

Lot 47, block 19- #1222 5th St.-“Garner Building”, built by Saskatchewan Government Telephones as a Telephone Exchange between 1915-1920, ; In 1921 this was the Saskatchewan Government Telephone Building, Ernest Pierce Agent. Operators worked in here as well.; Sometime later the building was named after ”Eleazer William Garner“ Mayor of Estevan who was also a Lawyer. He was also an MLA. ; Today it is Law Offices (2017) Historic Estevan Building

#1220 5th st- View Hill G. G. Assn Ltd. Grocers, located here in 1921
Somewhere in here was the First Firehall in Estevan, located west of the Kelly Hotel
#1218 5th st.- Thomas Herbert Culbert family lived here in 1921, 10 children. Some great Bios online for this fellow.

Lot 46- #1216 5th St.- First Hotel in Estevan, The “Kelly Hotel”, (aka “Queen's Hotel”, when applying of for a Liquor license) was built here, Starting construction Aug 24,1892 with a Stone Basement, by Owner, Mr. Arthur Kelly, Destroyed by fire, Feb 23, 1909, replaced with the “International Hotel”, built in end of 1909, early 1910, by H. E, McKenzie, which also burnt down, March 1973. Owned in 1913/14 by brothers, Josaphat Prevost and Athanese Prevost.; In 1921 William Henley shown as the owner of the International Hotel. b- ca 1881 in England, immigrating in 1883. Wife- Mary Henley, b- ca 1879 in Ireland. They had one daughter Phylis Henley, age 9, born in SK.

#1216 5th st. International Hotel sat here.

#1214- Wang Hang Laundry here in 1921

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