Roche Percee Census Results

Roche Percee, Saskatchewan

1891 census

District 198 Assiniboia East, Sub-District 11 & 12, S. D. Broadview
Pages 1-28, covers a huge area, not just Roche Percee.
Page 1
James Walsh family, first Alameda postmaster shown
Page 2 & 3
Page 4 & 5
Page 6 & 7
Page 8 & 9
Page 10 & 11
Page 12 & 13
Page 14 & 15
Page 16 & 17
Page 18 & 19
Page 20 & 21
Page 22 & 23
Page 24 & 25
Page 24 has Hilliard Price family, page 25, Hugh Hassard family
Page 26 & 27
Page 28

1901 Census
1901 / The Territories / ASSINIBOIA (East/Est) / Roche Percée I(3)

or Library Archives Canada site

Province/Territory: The Territories
District Name: ASSINIBOIA (East/Est)
District Number: 203
Sub-district Name: Roche Percée
Sub-district Number: i(3)
Page 1-
Page 2 -
Page 3-
Page 4-
Page 5-
Page 6-

1906 Census
SASKATCHEWAN, Assiniboia East District, Subdistrict 07
Description: Townships 1 in ranges 4, 5, 6 and township 2 in range 6, all west of the 2nd M

1911 Census
Joseph E. Brinkworth Enumerator
Province of Saskatchewan, District #6, Assiniboia, enumeration District #207

Thanks to Automated Genealogy and the volunteers for these transcriptions

1916 Census
all from the Library and Archives Canada new site

I have added details from other sources, corrections, etc.

William Thompson,
b- in ON, age 59, Railway Station Agent

Francis Worsely,
b- age 38, in ON, Railway Telegrapher

Minnie Bryon,
b- age 53, in ON, Housekeeper for William Thompson

Rainsford Reade
(Rainsford Read in marriage certificate)
b- May 13, 1887, Bayside Botsford, Westmorland, NB,
age 29, School Teacher in Public School in Roche Perce in 1916
Married age 22, Presbyterian
son of George Havelock Reade, and Hannah Jane Anderson
married Christie Louisa Reade, nee Crossman, Dec 29, 1909 Westmorland NB
b- Anderson, West Co., NB, age 22,
age 16 when she married, Methodist
daughter of Otho and Mary M. Crossman
son Gordon Reade, b- ca 1908, in NB, age 4
son Reginald Reade, b- ca 1914, in SK, age 2 in 1916
they had another son Rainsford “Ralph” Regan Reade,
b- Nov 20, 1916
d- July 19, 1917
buried in Taylorton Cemetery
Had an email on this fellow looking for info on how long they were in Roche Percee area. If you know let me know.

Agnes McEwan,
b- age 61, in Scotland, roomer with Reade family,
she was shown as a Housekeeper at the Boarding House.
She immigrated in 1912

Rev. Arthur C. Luffman
b- ca 1888 England, age 28, Clergyman
wife- Mary M. Luffman, age 29 in Scotland, immigrated in 1911
He was the first Scoutmaster in Macoun in 1918-1919
1941 he was in the Church at Landis SK

Herbert B. Wilson
b- age 34 in Scotland, immigrated in 1911, Hardware Salesman
living with the Rose family

Philetus Andrew Cook,
b- Apr 2, 1881, in Red Cloud, Webster, Nebraska, USA, age 32, General Store Merchant
d- June 10, 1949 in Estevan SK
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
homesteaded NW Sec 18, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
NE same section was his father- Alonzo Philetus Cook,
b- 1843, d- June 16, 1928, buried in Estevan City Cemetery

wife- Minerva Elizabeth Cook, nee Thomas, b- Feb 19, 1888 in Norwood, Wright Missouri, USA
age 26 in 1916,
d- Aug 15, 1977 in Estevan SK
son- William Alonzo Cook, b- Feb 10, 1908, in Norwood, Wright, Missouri, age 8
d- Mar 12, 1997, in Estevan SK
married Viola May Beck
daughter- Ada “Blanche” Cook, b- June 14, 1913 in Roche Percee SK, age 3
d- Oct 31, 1965 in LA, CA, USA

John Andrew Harris,
b- 1889, USA, age 26, Worked in General Store
d- Jan 21, 1947
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
shown as a servant in Cook family home.

John Allen Auld,
b- Dec 1883, Scotland, age 33, immigrated in 1902 (1903?), Butcher
wife- Agnes “Aggie” Auld, b- Jan 1887, age 28, born in Scotland, immigrated in 1904
son- John McEwen Auld, b- Dec 17, 1908, age 7 in 1916 in SK
daughter- Kate Auld, b- age 5 in SK
daughter- Isabel Auld, b- age 3 in SK
son- William Auld, b- age 1, in SK

Older brother James Auld in Coalfields
b- age 36 in Scotland, also shown as a butcher
His son John said his dad owned a store in Taylorton, and his father did some rum running in his time as well.
I read in books an Auld was involved, but now a son has verified the information, I don`t mind recording it here.
wife- Ellen Auld, nee Miller, age 35 in Scotland
daughter- Ellen Auld, b- age 13 in Scotland
daughter- Ethel Agnes Howie Auld, b- Oct 18, 1903, age 12 in 1916, in Toronto ON
d- Mar 25, 2002, Pembina Place Personal Care Home for the deaf, Winnipeg, MB
Born on the way from Glasgow Scotland to NWT with her parents.
She attended the Black Diamond Public School and Estevan Collegiate
married Stanislaus, Stan, Mazur in 1926
son- James “ Jimmy” Auld, b- Mar 27, 1905, age 11 in Coalfields, SK
Like his brother John he moved to East Coulee AB
daughter- Jane Watson Miller Auld, b- May 19, 1906 , age 9 in 1916, in Coalfields, SK
daughter- Catherine`` Cathrine Allen Auld, b- Nov 29, 1908, age 7 in Taylorton, SK
son- John “Toby” Auld, b- 1911 in Taylorton SK
worked for 40 years or more, all underground at M&S,
later Moved to East Coulee AB, near Drumheller.
Served 5 years in WWII
wife Julie was born in Estevan in 1919
daughter- Isabella Auld, b- Jan 20, 1913, d- age 7 mo, buried in Taylorton Cemetery

Andrew McNeish
b- 1874, age 41, born in Scotland, Carpenter on Bridge Gang
d- 1932, buried Apr 10, 1932, age 57
wife- Flora Fletcher McNeish, nee MacQuarrie,
b- 1878, age 38 in 1916, born in Scotland, Immigrated in 1903
d- Jan 30, 1947, in Estevan SK, age 68,
father- Lachan MacQuarrie, b- Glasgow Scotland, 1849
mother Janet Forrest (1854-1944)
both Andrew and Flora buried in Bienfait Cemetery

Henry Kerr
b- age 35, in England, immigrated in 1913, Railroad Labourer
wife- Jane, b- age 32 in England
daughter- Jessie age 10, born in England
son- Henry Kerr (Jr) age 8, born in England
daughter- Jean Kerr, age 3, born in SK
son- Archibald Kerr, b- 1916, age 1 mo, in SK

Edward Pearse,
b- England, age 43, Manager coal mine, immigrated in 1906
wife- Annie Pearse, age 41, born in England, immigrated in 1907 with her children
son, Edward C. Pearse, b- England, age 20, Steam engineer, coal mine
son, Alfred Pearse, age 15, born in England
daughter- Miriam Pearse, age 13, born in England
daughter- Hilda Pearse, age 3, born in SK

Thomas O. Ellis
b- ca 1871, age 45, in England, immigrated in 1915, Weighman at a Coalmine
wife- Louise Ellis, age 45 born in England

Frances Naomi Knight, nee Townsend,
widow, age 40, born in England
immigrated in 1889, Manager of a Livery Stable in Roche Percee
son- William James Knight, b- Sept 15, 1898, age 17, born in Coalfields, SK, Hostler at livery stable (Groom)
son- Frederick John Knight, b- Aug 6, 1903, age 12, born in North Portal, SK
daughter- Frances N. Knight, b- Aug 12, 1901, age 14, born in Coalfields, SK
son- Albert E. Knight, b- age 10, in SK
daughter- Flora M. Knight, b- 8 in SK
son- George R. Knight, b- age 6 in SK
daughter- Amy Knight, b- age 4, in SK
(father- Mathew Trevallen Knight)

Albert McKersie
b- age 39 in ON, widow
son- Gavin McKersie, b- age 14, in SK
son- Elmer McKersie, b- age 12, in SK
son- Oswald McKersie, b- age 10, in SK
daughter- Fanny McKersie, b- age 8 in SK

Peter Forsyth Jr.
b- Nov 1898, age 18 in USA, immigrated in 1905
sister- Annie Forsyth, b- Mar 1893, age 23, in USA,
brother- James Forsyth, b- Mar 1904, age 13 in SK
Ruby Forsyth, b- Mar 1906, age 10, in SK
Pearl Forsyth, b- May 1908, age 8 in SK
Lena Forsyth, b- July 1910, age 5, in SK
John Forsyth, b- June 1891, age 24, in USA, in Military in 1916 in Winnipeg
occupation- Barber shop
(father- obviously Peter Forsyth Sr, who is listed below on the farm)

Robert Lee Chisholm
b- ca 1873, age 43, in Southwick, Durham, England, immigrated in 1906
Steam Engineer, Stationary
wife- Virginia Chisholm, nee Haysom
b- Apr 1878, age 38 in England, immigrated in 1911 (1910?)
d- Jan 6, 1965 in Kamloops BC, a widow
She was a Cook at the Roche Percee Hotel in 1911
daughter of Thomas Haysom and Ann Tebay
Hotel Keeper, Thomas McCullagh
son- Robert Leigh Chisholm, b- May 18, 1907, age 9 in Sunderland, England
d- Aug 30, 1975 in Kamloops BC, age 68
He married Pamela Claxton
daughter- Florence M. Chisholm, b- age 1, in SK

John MacGregor
b- age 50 in Scotland, Farmer
wife- Jane MacGregor, b- age 46, in Scotland

Jessie McQuarrie
b- age 60, in Scotland, widow
son- William McQuarrie, b- age 27, in England
Archibald McQuarrie, b- age 25 in England

Richard Hansen (Hanson?)(Hauson?)
b- age 28, in Sweden, immigrated in 1903
Section Foreman on the Railroad
wife- Florence Hansen, b- age 21 in USA, immigrated in 1901
daughter- Violet Hansen, b- age 2, in SK

Railroad crew
Wasyl Preyjniuk (Preyjmuk?)
b- age 31, in Galicia
Maxim Holynouch
b- age 28 in Galicia
John Preyjniuk (Preyjmuk?)
b- age 21 in Galicia
Stapen (Slapen?) Milnachuk
b- age 21, in Galicia
Andrew Artomchuck
b- age 36 in Russia

Bridge Gang
George Whalen
b- age 43 in PEI, Carpenter
Charles Stewart
b- age 24, in ON, Carpenter
George Gill
b- age 40 in ON, Carpenter
Noble Richmond
b- age 26, in ON, Carpenter
Bernard Riley
b- age 53, Ireland, Cook

Peter Forsyth Sr.
b- Age 49 in Norway, immigrated in 1905, farmer, shows married, no wife shown
son- Harry Forsyth
b- Jan 1895, age 21 in USA, immigrated in 1905, labourer
son- Adolph Forsyth
b- Apr 1900, age 16 in USA, immigrated in 1905, labourer
wife Randi b- Feb 1868 in Norway, not in 1916 census, but shown in 1911
oldest son Andrew Forsyth b- Oct 1889 in USA, not in this census but in 1911 as well

1921 Census


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