Roche Percee- Ken Friedt Pictures

Roche Percee, Saskatchewan, Canada

Photos donated by Kenneth J. Friedt Jan 2008. These were negatives he bought at a garage sale, Unknown Photographer.
Ken has donated the original negatives to the Saskatchewan Archives, and given me permission to use them here for all to see.
As far as we know, the photographer worked for the CPR, 1909-1911, in the Roche Percee area, Outlook, Moose Jaw and Estevan areas.
He looks like an engineer type maybe? Not many on the train gang would wear a tie. If you have these original snaps in your album, please contact me or Ken.

CPR Ballast Pit Engine #658, Estevan, July 1910

Railroad Water Tank, and Windmill, North of Railroad, in Roche Percee

July 1910, Travellers Waiting for Train No 5 at Roche Percee Station
Taken on CPR Station Platform, looking south-south west,
Towards First St. and Riverside Hotel shown in background

Men on Railroad Handcar

Roche Percee from Bridge, Looking East, July 1910

Roche Percee Train Wreck, July 9, 1910

Railroad Handcar

Railroad Construction/ Surveyors cars,
CPR Office Car # 12518 on left, #304442 Cook Car on right

Wrecked Rialroad Car, July 9, 1910

Roche Percee from First Curve West, July 9, 1910

Steam Shovel loading Ballast Cars at the Estevan Pit, July 1910

Roche Percee Wreck from the South, July 9, 1910

Ballast Train between Pinto and North Portal, July 1910

Ballast Train going up Roche Percee Hill, July 1910

Estevan Yards from Top of Car, July 1910

Souris Valley View from Cars, June 26, 1910

Unloading Ballast, July 1910

Photographer of other photos, we think?,
Surveyor-Engineer in Office Car

Roche Percee Train Wreck, July 9, 1910

North Portal Station, sorry double exposure wrecked this one

Moose Jaw Yard East from 6th Ave. Bridge, Feb 10, 1912

Silats M.W.? Feb 10, 1912

Moose Jaw Shops Etc. from 6th Ave. Bridge, Feb 10, 1912

Street Car, Moose Jaw, Feb 10, 1912

Outlook Bridge, Apr 27, 1912

Motor Car, Mr. Moon, M.E.? at Outlook SK, Apr 27, 1912

Outlook Bridge, Apr 27, 1912

Jacqine Duygan, Marj Murphy, Oct 1912

Creek Survey, Milestone

M. E.? on Cast Engine, Mar 1913

G. T. Grading in Moose Jaw, 1914
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