Roche Percee Centennial Celebration

Roche Percee, Saskatchewan, Canada

Roche Percee turned 100 years old January 12, 2009!

A Centennial Celebration was held July 17, 18 and 19, 2009

Thanks to all those that attended. Special Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors!

There were Displays, Artifacts & Photos, Local Heritage Stories, and Local Art
There were Old Time Games…Tag, Dodge Ball, Horseshoes, Croquet, and “Scrub” Baseball

There were Local and Area Tours
There was opportunities to learn old time skills & to learn more about the History of your people

There was lots of food & lots of time to visit!

Centennial Projects

Coal Car Restoration

Commemoration Cairn of 60+ Roche Percee & Area

Men & Women in Wartime Service. This is an ongoing project,
Please forward your donations to Roche Percee, to see the completion of this Cairn.

Historically Labeled Lot Map

Local History Book

Memory Book of Centennial in Photos or CDs

Note from Mary Rose Boyer, May 1, 2009: “Event planning is rapidly taking shape–volunteers are working to restore the old coal cars, talk is starting about getting donations to erect a cairn to commemorate the 60 plus Roche Perceeites who participated in the 2 wars of the last century and even the old stone house, recently purchased by Myles Drader, is being restored and modernized. That event is exciting for the whole town as it is a sign of rejuvenation and an appreciation of the village's heritage. Parade participants are coming forth. There will be a strong musical presence on Friday & Saturday, including Metis step dancers. The step dancers and Derryl & Sharon Sears will be available to teach some of the dances on Friday night and some singers & musicians have volunteered to perform that evening as well. Everyone on the committee is learning a lot about the history of Roche Percee and/or discovering how much they actually do remember. I have many photos from local residents that will be used as part of the Roche Percee Rocks! musical. The photos that seem to be in short supply are those of the service men and women whose names will be on the commemorative plaque. If you have any, email them to me or send a copy by snail mail. I hope to make them part of the projection of the musical. Excitement is building, I would say.” Sad to report Mary Rose Boyer passed away Jan 2012

Adults $40.00, Children, Youth $25, Pre-School age N/C, (Fee was for Reception, Saturday Supper & Sunday Brunch) Registration Deadline- was May 1, 2009
Since many folks were planning to bring their own accommodation, i.e. campers & wouldn't need the three meals, they established a $15 fee.
This meant folks could attend All of the Events, except the three meals.


Volunteers of the event were: Sharon Wells, Reg Jahn, Arnold Jahn, Lorne Jahn, Christine Jahn, Theresa Jahn, Harley Jahn, Brenda Turnbull,
Lee Dzuba, Gaylene Wyatt, Don Wyatt, Ron & Joyce Schlapkohl, Ron Zieglgansberger, Ingrid Beahm, Danielle Evanson, Elaine Hjorteland, Ron Gosselin,
Kevin Guillemin, Cindy Guillemin, Derryl Sears, Sharon Sears, Dwight Thompson, Collen Stead, Wanda Kjersem, Roche Percee Recreation Board, Vivian Nesbitt,
Christine Turnbull, Al Turnbull, Quenton Dosch, and of course Mary Rose Boyer, and more to follow…

Sponsors of the event were:
Spectra Credit Union (Bienfait),
Connaught Energy Ltd.;
Roche Percee Recreation Board,
Village of Roche Percee;
R M of Coalfields,
R M of Estevan;
Prairie Mines & Royalty;
United Mine Workers of America Local 7606;
and more to follow…

Photos donated to the event came from:
Ken Friedt, Leona Kolenz, Arnold & Marian Langen, the Jahns, Arnold Schlapkohl, Derryl Sears, Maureen Southall,Roy Sanderson Collection, Roy Brinkworth,
Southeast Tours & Trails Committee, Wanda Kjersem, Theresa Liss, Ron Zieglgansberger, Michelle Charlebois, Roche Percee Recreation Hall,
Taylorton Heritage Cemetery, Gaylene Wyatt, Paulette Gosselin, Cheryl Andrist, Daryl & Berva Kolke, Saskatchewan Archives, and more to follow…



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