Roche Percee 1955 History Book

Roche Percee Saskatchewan

The June 23, 1955 copy of the Estevan Mercury, Microfilm researched by Cheryl (nee Mitchell) Andrist, had a story of the Assiniboine Indians led by Chief Ochankugahe (see below). (Mr Dan Kennedy from Montmartre, Sask) attended a large Pow-Wow, in celebration of the 50th Golden Jubilee Celebration. A pageant of Indian dances was performed, which Cheryl remembered as a child.

The Pioneers of the village were honoured in a parade, carried on one float, and a group of Assiniboine were on another. They erected a Red River Cart, which was on one float, in a covered shelter on the old Highway 39, south of Roche Percee, at the point where the old trail used in the first half of the 19th Century, was used by fur traders and hunting groups, moving through this part of the Western Plains. (Location shown on map below) Other floats depicted mining themes, past and present.

Sold during the day was a booklet on the history of Roche Percee, the subject of this web page, which can now be read online below

In 1955 all School Districts in Saskatchewan were asked to record their Local History, to Celebrate Saskatchewan's Golden Jubilee.

Table of Contents, see pages referred to below

Contributors to the History Book

as listed in the Forward below

Mr. Daniel "Dan" Kennedy (Ochankugahe)
  • b- Jan 1877 in the Cypress Hills, SK
  • d- 1973
  • Assiniboine Chief, from the Carry the Kettle Reserve, located between Sintaluta and Montmarte SK
    • Wife- Julia Kennedy
      • b- May 1879
    • daughter- Lenna Kennedy
      • b- Dec 1902
    • son- Daniel Kennedy
      • b- Oct 1903
    • daughter- Agnes Kennedy
      • b- June 1906
    • daughter- Isabel Kennedy
      • b- Mar 1911 (3 mo old in 1911 census)
  • 1911 census reports them as all Cree, Roman Catholic religion.

His book “Recollections of an Assiniboine Chief” 1972, Published by McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, (ISBN: 0771045107 / 0-7710-4510-7)
His name translated into English, means “Pathmaker”
June 1882 the Assiniboine were moved from the Cypress Hills to the Reserve area allocated in their Treaty. He walked every one of the 500 miles.
Educated first at the school in the Qu'Appelle Valley, at Lebret, conducted by Father Hugonard, a famous Indian Missionary.
Here he was given the name Dan Kennedy. In 1893 he completed his education at St. Boniface College in Winnipeg.
He had great respect for the Men in Scarlet, “Oknay-Sha” He wanted a cairn or memorial on the reserve, at the location of the Pemmican Trail, used by the RCMP to get to Winnipeg.
I love his one statement of his, dated 1950, “The White Man in the West has spent 40 years, learning a lesson in Conservation, that a little animal, the Beaver, has always known by instinct.” He promoted farming the idle lands on the reserve.

This whole area was known as “Assiniboine Country” The Assiniboine were Nomadic, but thanks to Mr. Dan Kennedy, stories of their travels to this area, have been recorded. He remembered coming to the area, to pick Wild Plums, and to partake in religious rites, conducted in the valley, at the Indian shrine, at La Roche Percee.

Mr. and Mrs. Lachlan McQuarrie

(MacQuarrie in Obituary, but McQuarrie in Birth registration)

Lachlan Walker McQuarrie
  • b- Oct 3, 1886, South Shields Reg District, Durham Co. England
  • d- July 18, 1971, age 84
  • buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens, Estevan
  • Came to Canada and Roche Percee in 1904, He worked at many of the mines in the District. Railway Labourer in 1911
  • Served on Village Council for 15 years. Also Bienfait Hospital Board, and Roche Percee School Board.
    • Mother- Jessie McQuarrie,
      • b- Oct, age 54 in 1911, born in Scotland, widow.
      • Family living on Lot 11,12,13 and 14 in Block 1, in 1911.
      • 1906 shown as a widow as well.
    • sister - Flora McQuarrie
      • b- May 1879 in Scotland
    • brother- William Forrest McQuarrie
      • b- Dec 1888, South Shields Reg District, Durham Co. England
      • Store Salesman in 1911
    • brother- Archibald “Archie” McQuarrie
      • b- Apr 1891, South Shields Reg District, Durham Co. England
      • Railway Labourer in 1911
      • Archie living in Bienfait in 1971
  • Lachlan had a sister Mrs. Jean Kerr in Edmonton in 1971.
    • Wife Martha Kaen McQuarrie, nee Larsen
      • b- Dec 8, 1901
      • d- Feb 21, 2000
      • daughter of Edward and Mary Ann Larsen.

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick (Fred) Cecil Wynne-Jones
  • Frederick (Fred) Cecil Wynne-Jones
    • b- Oct 6, 1877
    • d- Apr 24, 1941
    • buried in Estevan City Cemetery
    • Strange thing there is a F.C. Wynne-Jones
    • buried in North Portal Cemetery also??
    • shown as a SGT.
      • wife- Mary Johanna Wynne-Jones, nee Adams
        • b- Apr 19, 1888, in ON Canada
        • d- July 13, 1972, in Victoria BC, age 84
        • buried in North Portal Cemetery
        • her father John Buckingham Adams
        • mother- Jane Down

Mr. and Mrs. A. R. McKersie

Albert Robert McKersie
b- Mar 1879 in ON (also seen 1877 as birth year)
wife- Mary Olivia McKersie, nee Ruttan
b- Jan 1885 in ON

son- Albert Fredric “Gavin” McKersie
also seen name as “Frederick Albert Gavin McKersie”
b- Nov 23, 1902 in Coalfields NWT, (SK)
d- Jan 17, 1971 in Prince George BC
married Bertha Battersby, Dec 31, 1923
daughter of Charles Richard Battersby and Ellen Booth

daughter- Elma Annie McKersie
b- June 17, 1904 in North Portal, NWT, (SK)

son- Thomas Osweld Michal
b- Feb 21, 1906 in North Portal, SK

daughter- Fanny Louisa McKersie b- Sept 07, 1907 in North Portal, SK

Albert Robert McKersie took out western land grant, NW Section 24, Township 1, Range 6, W2
1891 census albert living in Broadview area.
1911 family living at Lot 6, Block 2
Albert R. McKersie, shown as a Steam Engineer in 1911

Mr. B. Gosselin

Bruno George Gosselin

b- May 19, 1902
d- Aug 20, 1968
buried in Estevan Souris Valley Memorial Gardens

Mr. Harry Banks

Harry Banks had a coal mine in Pinto area.

Mr. Bert Mann

Albert “Bert” Mann
b- May 1892 in Scotland
d- ?
Immigrated in 1907
wife- Margret Mann, nee ?
b- Oct 1886 in Scotland
d- ?
Immigrated in 1908 with daughter
daughter- Margret Mann
b- July 1907 in Scotland
son- William Mann
b- 8 mo old when 1911 census was done, in SK
brother- William
b- Sept 1883
His brother was in the CPR Section House in 1911
He immigrated in 1906
Bert was living on Lot 15, block 1 in 1911
shown as a Railway Labourer, and a Miner

Mrs. Ellen Bettersby?

I think this should be Ellen Battersby, nee Booth,
b- June 4, 1876 in Rishton, Lancashire, England
d- Aug 2, 1961, Rocanville, SK
daughter of John Booth
and Mary Alice Woods
married Charles Richard Battersby,
Sept 21, 1895 in St. Peter and St Paul, Rishton, Lancashire
b- Feb 1, 1873, in Mission Nottinghamshire, England
d- Feb 19, 1947 in Estevan SK

Mr. Edward James Sinclair

Edward James Sinclair
b- Sept 4, 1877 in Fenelon Fall Township, Victoria North, Ontario
d- ?
buried- ?

Edward James Sinclair, in 1911, sold implements in Bienfait, Edward is shown as a machine agent in 1906 census, age 31.
He was born Sept 1879, in Ontario. Scotch nationality
His wife Selina Sinclair, nee Drummond,
is buried in Bienfait, he is buried somewhere else, place unknown.

Father- Archibald (Arch) Sinclair, a Merchant
b-1846 in ON
Mother- Mary Ann Maunder
b- 1846, in ON
Sister- Ella Mabel Sinclair,
b- June 3, 1873 in Mariposa township, Victoria county ON
d- Oct 3, 1944 in Lampman SK
buried in Arcola Cemetery
Brother- William John Sinclair,
b- July 28,1875 (Feb 28, 1874?) in Fenelon Township, Victoria North, ON
d- June 2, 1956 in Lampman SK
buried in Arcola Cemetery
Sister- Mary E. Sinclair,
b- 1879 in Fenelon Township, Victoria North, ON
Brother- Herbert A. Sinclair,
b- Dec 1880 in Fenelon Township, Victoria North, ON
Ed also owned a Farm Implement dealership
in Bienfait ca 1911, and 1915
He owned the first garage in Bienfait
Ed Sinclair also opened up Victoria Park
near Roche Percee, per July 8, 1926 Mercury article
His wife was Selina Sinclair, nee Drummond,
b- Mar 24, 1885
d- Aug 17, 1941
buried in Bienfait Cemetery,
but where is Edward buried?
see his brother and at least one sister, died in Lampman.
Maybe he went there?
He was of Scotch nationality
2 locations of his sisters,
Mrs. E.A. Creighton of Creelman, SK
Miss Pearl Sinclair of Arcola SK

I found an Edward James Sinclair in 1881 Ontario census, age 4, born 1877, son of Arch Sinclair and Mary Ann, nee?
Methodist religion. They were all living in Fenelon Falls.
1911, Ed was living in Bienfait, Lot 7, Block 4, with his wife Selina, no children shown.

in 1900 he was in Hamilton Village, Pembina, ND, Immigrated to US in 1892, single at this time.

Operated Blue Seam Mine Sec 29, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2

Mr. L. Langen

Leander Langen
b- Mar 7, 1901 in MN USA
d- Feb 1, 1981
Buried in Bienfait Cemetery
married Flora Knight in 1924
brother to Julius below

Mr. J. Langen

Julius Langen
Reg # 3353263
b- Sept 18, 1891 in McIntosh, Polk County, Lessor Township, Minnesota, USA
d- July 6, 1957
Buried in Bienfait Cemetery
Living in Taylorton Post Office area when he enlisted in Regina, June 24, 1918
Single, Farmer, Lutheran
Next of Kin, Father- Jens Ole Langen, Roche Percee PO, SK,
b- Sept 1856 in Norway, d- Nov 30, 1926
(1900 US census says b- Sept 1854)
Immigrated to US in 1883
Mother- Maria (Mariah?) Langen,
b- Nov 1862 in Sweden, d- Oct 18, 1922
Immigrated to US in 1885
1911 family living in Township 2, Range 7, W2 at Roche Percee
1911 census says Julius was born in Norway immigrating in 1902
Attestation form says USA
1900 US census says he was born in Minnesota, which I believe is correct
family were living in Lessor Township, Polk County, Minnesota, in June 1900
Jens shown as a farmer

Mr. Ernest Hanson Sr.

I believe he served in WWI, Can't find any info on him

Mr. Ernest Leonard

Ernest Frank “Ernie” Leonard
b- Apr 1889 in Syston, Gloucestershire, England
d- Oct 3, 1961 in Estevan
came to Canada in April 1907
(1911 census says he came in 1897.)
Father- George Leonard
b- bet Apr-June 1853 in Stroud Reg Dist., Gloucester, England
d- 1905 in England (Ernest was age 16 when his dad died)
also a George Leonard buried in Bienfait in 1902, relative?

mother- Sarah Elizabeth Leonard, nee Brinkworth
b- Dec 12, 1865, Pen Lane, King Stanley, Stroud Reg Dist, Gloucester, England
d- June 5, 1950 in Bienfait SK
Buried in Bienfait Cemetery
mother, father married Jan-Mar in Stroud Reg Dist., Gloucester, England
daughter of Henry Brinkworth and Eliza Brinkworth, nee Iliffe
Sarah was one of 10 children
1881 she was a Woollen Cloth Burler, at King Stanley, Gloucester, England
Her Grandfather- Joseph Brinkworth, Grandmother- Elizabeth Cook

Ernest had 2 younger brothers I know of,
Wilfred Leonard and Ralph Leonard,
that also came to Canada,
with his mother, later on after George died.
Ernest married Annie E. North, Nov 3, 1926
b- ?
d- May 5, 1975
daughter of Mr and Mrs Arthur North
They had 2 sons and a daughter.

1911 Ernest was on Alex Dunbar's farm, SE 1/4 Sec 12, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2

in Apr 1918 Mr. Leonard bought some land from Mary Frayne the widow of Sam Frayne. His Uncles were Joseph and Ralph Brinkworth

Mr. John Kolenz

Johann “John” Kolenz Jr
b- Nov 5, 1919
d- Jan 17, 2010 in Regina SK, age 90
son of Johann Kolenz Sr.
b- Oct 13, 1886
d- June 24, 1981
buried in Bienfait Civic Cemetery
and Martha Bertha Kolenz, nee Hoffman
b- Nov 19, 1892
d- Apr 29, 1964
buried in Bienfait Civic Cemetery

Wife Ann Kolenz, married for 65 years when John Jr. died
brother- Frank Kolenz
brother- Victor Kolenz
sister- Gertie Kolenz
sister- Ellie Kolenz
Sister- Joyce Kolenz

John lived at 534 2nd st. Estevan, Nov 1953

Mr. Munroe Dunbar

I think this is Robert Munro Dunbar
b- Dec 1907
d- end of Dec 1966
buried in Portal Cemetery
son of Alexander Dunbar and Hannah Dunbar, nee Hopkins
His wife Jean Douglas, was Annie Jean Douglas, I think?
daughter of Robert and Cassie Douglas
1937 they lived at North Portal
Mr Dunbar worked on planting the trees at the North Portal International Golf Course, when it was built in 1928.

Old Mac Coal Company

R.C.M.P. Museum in Regina

School Records

Western Coal Review (April-May Edition 1934)

The Development of Roche Percee, by Colin A. Manlove, Feb. 1913
this last entry really interests me, number 1 I have never heard of it, and number 2, does it still exist?
if you have a copy, please contact me.
Mr. Manlove was in partnership in Estevan, in the Insurance business, with Mayor David Bannatyne.
He was involved in the first air mail flight from Estevan.
In 1925 he was the owner of the Mid-Canada Stamp Company in Estevan.
In 1958 he was a Vancouver BC Public Accountant, at the firm Manlove and Company.

Colin Arthur Manlove
b- Sept 13, 1889, Battersea, London, England
d- July 2, 1963, New Westminster BC, age 73

Father- Arthur William Manlove
Mother- Tryphena Eliza M. Manlove, nee Brett
mother, father married Apr-June 1887,
marriage registered in St. George Hanover Square, London.
A Mary Vicars shows up as his mother in one record?

He was married to a Violet May Manlove, nee Whitman
b- Apr 8, 1895 in London England
d- Sept 25, 1954 in Vancouver BC, age 59
Colin and Violet had a daughter
Irene Elaine Manlove
b- July 21, 1914
d- Sept 2, 1915
buried in Taylorton Cemetery

son- Arthur Edward Cavendish Manlove
b- July 19, 1922, in Estevan SK
d- Feb 6, 1986, Burns Lake BC, age 63
married to Penny Esme Glencairn

When Colin Arthur Manlove died, he was married to Barbara Ellen Mitchell. He married her before 1958

Front Cover
List of Students
Map of the area
Page 1- Geography of the Area
Earliest Inhabitants
Page 2- Coming of the Settlers
Page 3- Pioneer Settlement
Page 4- Hardships, Law Enforcement
Page 5- The Schools
Page 6- The Church, Social Life
Page 7- WWI and WWII Veterans
The Coal Industry
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10

Roche Percee Presbyterian Church, Sec 33, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2

Teacher that worked on producing this book

Edward Joseph “Ed” Hegel
b- July 1, 1927, born on the family farm south of Allan, SK
d- January 9, 2009, St Paul's Hospital, Saskatoon SK
buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Saskatoon SK

son of Frank Hegel
b- Oct 9, 1897, Bowdle, SD
d- Nov 17, 1970, Saskatoon SK
buried in Allan SK
and Frances Merck
b- Mar 23, 1905, Elsass, Ukraine, Russia
d- Feb 1, 2005, Saskatoon, SK

Grandfather- Joseph Hagel
Grandmother- Martha Senger

Great-Grandfather- Franz Joseph Hagel
Great-Grandmother- Elizabeth Schumacker

2 sisters-
Rose Marie Hegel
Florence Louise Hegel

Mr. Hegel taught at Bienfait High School before going to Estevan Collegiate Institute. He attended the ECI Reunion in 2000 in Estevan.
From His obituary- Ed and Alice moved to Roche Percee, SK in the fall of 1950, where they lived for the next 15 years.
Ed was the Principal of Roche Percee School for 9 years, then moved to Saskatoon for a year, to finish his Bachelor of Education degree.
Ed then taught high school in Bienfait, SK., for two years after which the family moved to Estevan
He taught at ECI 1954-1969. In 1955 he taught Grade 6-10, a total of 28 Students
Turns out Ed's wife taught here as well in 1955.

Ed and Alice were married July 17, 1950

Wife- Alice Francis Hegel, nee Giesinger
b- Oct 7, 1927 in Regina SK
d- Feb 4, 2011 in Saskatoon SK
buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Saskatoon SK

daughter of Johannes “John” Giesinger
b-Aug 19, 1885 in Mannheim, Odessa, Russia
d- 1941
and Margaret Lutz
b- July 7, 1890 in Jamestown, ND, USA
d- 1952
John and Margaret were married Nov 15, 1909 in SK, Canada
She was the 10th of 13th children
She attended Elementary Public Schools and High School in Regina.
She attended Teacher's College in Moose Jaw. She completed Bachelor and Masters degrees, at the University of SK., and the University of ND.
Started her teaching career in a one-room school at Silver Valley, later in Roche Percee, Estevan and Saskatoon.

Alice taught Grade 1-5, in 1955, in Roche Percee, a total of 28 Students

Alice and Ed had 2 children of their own, 1 is deceased and buried in Saskatoon with his parents.

Scanned Pages sent to me by Ingrid Beahm, with Thanks

Found this interesting copy of a book, from the Town of Hartney Web Site,
Some great history of the natives in this area.
author- Lawrence B. Clarke, Souris Valley Plains-A History
Souris: Souris Plaindealer Ltd., 1976. 130 pages


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