Roche Percee- Martin Nolan Pictures

Roche Percee, Saskatchewan, Canada

Maureen Southall, daughter of Martin Nolan sent me this nice collection of photos of people and memorabilia from Roche Percee area, taken ca 1931-1936
Martin Returned to England and passed away there.

Roche Percee Elevator
Martin Nolan on left, Unknown on right,
Roche Percee Elevator, no place name painted on it yet,
Saskatchewan Pool Elevator Ltd No. 828

1936 Martin Nolan's Saskatchewan Driver's License

1931 Saskatchewan Liquor Permit
The above Liquor Permit from 1931 is something I had never seen or heard of before.
Permit to buy a bottle of booze? Now you can order it over the internet!

Martin Nolan by the Imperial Oil Gas Station in Roche Percee
which was obviously very near the Elevator, as seen in the background

Martin told his daughter this was a petrified shark, I think this was a large Ichthyosauria fossil
I haven't seen this one, so not a guarantee.

Rumour is these are pictures of the local Doctor and his family This baby would be a grown person now. Any names?

Unknown lady on horseback, child in background

Martin Nolan's Miner's Certificate

Martin Nolan working at Edward Siddall's Coal Mine

Martin Nolan stayed with the Pye family this the funeral notice of their young daughter.

As you can see some of these pictures are of persons unknown. If you can identify these folks please Contact Me


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