ECI Silent Auction

We held a Silent Auction, to raise funds for the Reunion,
Bonnie and Lorne Frank even offered a 2 week, Palm Springs Condo Rental to auction off!

I personally made a Special Reunion 2017, ECI Cedar Spiral Whirly,
with the ECI monogram on one side, and the ECI Crest on the other.
Also the new 2017 Canada 150 logo is included on the top on one side.
It is approx 33 in long, not including the string and swivel. It is 9 in wide.
Constructed of mainly Cedar, from the Terrace BC area, 2 Ebony Accent strips, and Mahogany accents.
There will only ever be one of these! Lester Hinzman managed to bid the highest on this.
Lester had it hanging and flying at his place the next day!

I also made an ECI, Reunion 2017, Commemorative Aromatic Cedar Carved Wood Plaque,
It was 12 in wide, and had small Mahogany feet to sit on a shelf, mantle etc.
The back is free of finish, so the aromatic cedar smell is still present. Bonnie Frank bid on that one.

My wife made a quilted table runner, which Deb Haygarth managed to out bid on.
I know we were given a 1912-1969 Special Commemorative plate, from a lady in Calgary, with a picture of the school in 1969, with 22 carat gold trim to auction off as well.
there was a stepping stone, my extra 2000 Reunion book, Wine Glasses, Golf Ball set, Estevan Elevator Picture, and more, photos to come. I believe the auction brought in over $2200.00
Thanks to all the bidders!

ECI ca 1967

ECI 2000

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