Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Arthur Gould Yates

Photo- courtesy Mr. Todd Blide, Rochester, NY

Reason for researching Mr. Yates, and adding him to the Estevan Page is quite simple,
I now think he was the key to the money, that was invested in the First Commercial Coal Mine at Estevan

Major James Morrow Walsh was the original owner, under his company Dominion Coal, Coke and Transportation Company Ltd.

Mr. Arthur Gould Yates was part of the group, that invested the money, to develop the mine. This was the start of the Economic Development in Estevan. We think of Oil and Gas being the Economic force in the area now, but the start came from Coal, The Dominion Coal Mine, In the ravine, West of Estevan.

Before this, tents were the biggest thing, seen in the town. This mine encouraged other buildings, and other investments.

Major James Walsh even submitted the names “Yates” and Yatesburgh“, as names for the new Village that became “Estevan” in Nov. 1899.
That's how important this man was to the area.
Then in Apr 1893 his business money problems caused the near collapse of the company, and probably why Major Walsh went to the Yukon.
Rest of that story below.

Mr. Arthur Gould Yates, and many of his rich friends and associates, visited Estevan in his Personal Luxury Railcar called the "Virginia" arriving after dark on Sept. 10, 1892, from Winnipeg.

Arthur Gould Yates, 1900

He was elected Director and President of the
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway Company (BR&PR) Apr 24, 1890,
replacing Adrian G. Iselin Sr. a New York Financier, whose family came from Switzerland.
When Adrian Iselin Sr. died in 1905
his wealth was estimated between 20-30 million dollars.
1909 BR&PR balance sheet contained his death notice.
A Mr. Adrian Iselin Jr. was elected to replace him. Company became part of the Baltimore and Ohio, (B & O) Railroad.
Headquarters building on corner of Main St. West, and Washington St., in Rochester, NY
The Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway was built as a “railroad conveyor belt” to haul ore, coal, and oil between its namesake cities

This Sept. 1892 train was full of very rich men. Most if not all were Millionaires. To be a fly on the wall on this one!
Below is a synopsis of those on the train, various companies, and the Yates family tree.

My Web page for the “Virginia, Railcar” Railcar

Travelling with Mr. Yates to Estevan, Melville Lubec Cobb, Mr. Simon Bolivar Elliott, and 4 from Winnipeg,
Mr. Angus M. Kirkland, 
Lawyer William Egerton Perdue,
Mr. William Forbes Alloway.
 and Major James Morrow Walsh. 
He was checking on the Dominion Coal Mine, the First Commercial Mine in Estevan

 Mr. Arthur Gould Yates,  Bio and Genealogy Report
Seen as A. G. Yates, or Arthur G. Yates in most history books

b- Dec 18, 1843- Factoryville, (now East Waverly), Tioga, NY, USA
d- Feb 9, 1909, in the afternoon, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NYC, NY, USA
died after a Genesee Society dinner, from Apoplexy.
Burial- the family plot, C3, in Mount Hope Cemetery, 1133 Mount Hope Ave., Rochester, NY
Factoryville is a hamlet on Cayuta Creek, located about a mile and a half north of Waverly, in the Town of Barton

Arthur married Virginia Louise “Jennie” Holden, at Watkins, Schuyler Co., NY, on Dec 25, 1866 (one source says Dec 26)
b- Mar 16, 1845 in Reading, Schuyler Co., NY state
d- Apr 13, 1932, probably in Rochester NY
Burial- the family plot, C3, in Mount Hope Cemetery, 1133 Mount Hope Ave., Rochester, NY
Virginia's Father- Roswell Holden
b- July 22, 1798 in Milton, Ulster, NY, age 50 in 1850, Farmer
d- Nov 6, 1861, age 62, of apoplexy.
Virginia's Mother- Mary Ann Holden, nee Heggie
b- Dec 8, 1811, in Caroline, Tompkins, NY, age 38, in 1850
d- Feb 7, 1895, Rochester, Munroe Co., NY
Mary Ann's father- Thomas Heggie, mother- Diana Hyde
Oct 1850, family living in town of Reading, Schuyler Co, NY
Roswell and Mary Ann married Apr 30, 1840 in village of Elmira NY

His Private Luxury Railcar the “Virginia” was named after his wife

Arthur and Virginia had six children:

1. Frederick W. Yates, 2. Harry Yates, 3. Florence Yates, 4. Arthur Yates, 5. Howard L. Yates, and 6. Russell P. Yates.

1. Arthur's eldest son,
Frederick (Fred) William Yates
b- Sept 7,1868
d- Mar 3, 1941
Burial- the family plot, C3, in Mount Hope Cemetery, 1133 Mount Hope Ave., Rochester, NY
lived in Rochester NY when his mother died in 1932
\ married Anna Frederika Babcock, Oct 15, 1890, in St. Paul's Church, Rochester, NY
Anna the only daughter of Martha M. Babcock, from Rochester, NY
Anna published “Early Rochester Family Records” in the Post Express (Rochester NY) in 1911
Frederick W. Yates owned many mining Company stores, in the Jefferson Co coal field, with a D. H. McIntyre, and he sold his investment
to the Mahoning Investment Co.

2. Arthur's son-
 Harry G. Yates
b- 1869 in  Rochester NY  (possibly Jan 1870? as 6 months old, July 21, 1870 census)
d- Feb 11, 1956, at his country home called “Hillhurst Farms” on East Quaker Rd., in Orchard Park, Erie Co., NY
Farm located 2.5 mi east of Orchard Park's Four Corners. Orchard Park previously known as Ellicott and East Hamburg, NY)
buried in Nativity Cemetery, Orchard Park, Erie Co, NY
Harry Yates married Mary (Mamie) (Bessie) Yates, nee Duffy
b- Oct 1872  in NY state, USA
d- Oct 7, 1956
married Oct 25, 1892, at 9am, Bishop McQuade's Private Chapel, at his Episcopal residence,  Rochester, NY
buried in Nativity Cemetery, Orchard Park, Erie co, NY
daughter of Walter Bernard Duffy
b- Aug 8, 1840 in Peterborough, Peterborough, Canada,
d- Jan 14, 1911, at his family home on Lake Ave., in Rochester, NY, age 70
President and Treasurer, Rochester, Distilling Co., maker of Whiskey, Medicine, etc. in Rochester, NY (see also New York and Kentucky Co. below)
Walter Duffy built the Rochester Hotel. Like Arthur Yates, he was into everything
Walter married first in 1868,
her mother- Teresa (Theresa?) O'Dea,
 b- 1850, in Canada
d- 1885
Walter married 2nd, Loretta Putnam, in 1892, in London, England
Bessie's siblings- Antoinette Duffy, bridesmaid at her wedding
James P. B. Duffy, b- 1880
Eddie Duffy, b- 1870
Nettie Duffy, b- 1877
Walter Duffy, b- 1875
Hattie Duffy, b- 1873
Bessie's grandfather- Edward Duffy, grandmother- Jane Crawford
Bessie and Harry were married for 64 years.
1920 census shown as Mary D. Yates, age 48

Harry and Bessie had 8 children:

1. Theresa Yates,
b- Aug 1893 in NY state, USA
d- aft 1952
1st married a Mr. Moore, (More?)
2nd- Harvey Sherahan (Sheahan?) in Oct, 1930, at American Embassy in Brazil.
named after her grandmother

2. Walter A. Yates
b- Sept 2, 1895, in NY state, USA
d- Jan, 1970
buried in Nativity Cemetery, Orchard Park, Erie co, NY
married to Isabel M. Yates, nee?
b- 1895
d- 1970
buried in Nativity Cemetery, Orchard Park, Erie co, NY
Walter was President of Yates-Lehigh Coal Co.
his wife was a member of the Board of Directors,
on the Executive committee, of the Girl Scouts of America
Walter shown living in Buffalo NY, ca1933

3. Virginia Yates
b- Oct  8, 1896, in NY state, USA
d- Mar 15, 1973
buried in Nativity Cemetery, Orchard Park, Erie co, NY
Virginia married Henry Erb, before 1927
They had a son- Henry Erb II,
 b- Aug 16, 1927
 d-  Mar 28,  2002, possibly in Tulsa, OK, USA
1920 census, Virginia shown age 23

4. Richard L. Yates
b- ?, in NY state, USA
d- aft 1952
married to ?,
had a son Richard L. Yates Jr.

5. Richard Crawford Yates
b- 1901 in NY state, USA
d- 1994
buried in Nativity Cemetery, Orchard Park, Erie co, NY
Richard C. Yates was a Director 1953-76
of the Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Co
Director Emeritus- 1976
1920 living in Erie Co, NY with his father, mother and siblings, age 18
I believe he married and lived in Buffalo NY area.
Richard attended Cornell University, Sigma Phi fraternity

6. Harry Douglas Yates
b- July 21, 1903 in Buffalo, Erie, NY, USA
d- Oct 9, 1996 in Menands, Albany Co., NY
he married Anita Pohndorff
b- July 27, 1914
d-Sept 16, 1991
She was from Saratoga, New York.
Apr 27, 1932, elected Assistant Controller in Albany NY
shown as Deputy Controller in 1941
died in 1996 as a retired Banker.
1920 census, shown as age 16
known as an American Banker and politician
managed the Dutch Village Apartments in Menands, NY
became President of the Albany Home Savings Bank.

7. Mary “Elizabeth” Yates
b- Dec 6, 1906 Buffalo, NY, USA
d- July 29, 2001 in Concord, New Hampshire, USA
Elizabeth married William James McGreal (MacGreal?)
on Nov 7, 1929 in London, England
William was from Rochester, when they married.
William died in 1963
Elizabeth became a famous Author,
publishing her first, of over 50 books, in England in 1938.
Lived in New Hampshire
1920 census, Mary E. Yates, age 14

8. Robert Langdon Yates
b- 1910 in NY state, USA
d- 1961
buried in Nativity Cemetery, Orchard Park, Erie co, NY
Engaged Nov 1935 to Martha Woods Whitney,
married ?
b- 1909, White Plains NY?
d- 1987
buried in Nativity Cemetery, Orchard Park, Erie co, NY
they had a son, Arthur Gould Yates, (note- not “our” Arthur G. Yates)
who married Carole Lynne Warner
June 12, 1971, in St. Mary's Church, Albany, NY.
daughter of Morris C. Warner, of Albany NY
Robert is an alumnus of the Nichols School, Buffalo,
and Randolph Macon College,
works for National Commercial Bank and Trust Co.
1920 census, shown as age 9

Harry Yates Bio Harry Yates, was elected Director on the board of
Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway Company
Nov 15, 1909, on the death of Arthur his father.
Resigned in Nov 1912, Lewis Iselin replaced him.
He lived at 1243 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, in a house built in 1870/80's
Harry was born in Rochester, NY.
shown President of the Silver Lake Ice Co,
and the Silver Lake Railroad at age 21.
Age 24, he moved to Buffalo,
 as general agent for the Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal & Ice Co
By 1900 he was living at 487 Delaware, known as the “Midway”
He eventually bought a large acreage in Orchard Park
and was the largest acreage under cultivation, by a single owner in the US
By 1905 he moved his wife, and 4 sons, 2 daughters, to 1243 Delaware.
Unity Church occupies this lot now
Treasurer and President, of the Layfayette Hotel, Buffalo, NY
(3 generations of Yates family interest in this hotel
 was sold in Sept 1962, to the Carter Hotel Chain from NY)
Interest in the Commodore Hotel, in New York city.
Sold 250,000 shares, and controlling interest
in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in NY, to the Hilton chain, in Oct 1949
Vice-President Buffalo Union Furnace Co.
Director of M&T, member of the board of Liberty Bank,
Vice-Chairman and President, of the Buffalo and Fort Erie Bridge authority,
on the board of American Steamship Co,
member of the Niagara Frontier Transit.
on the board of the Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co.
President of the Vendome Garage.
Owned Buffalo Brick corporation, alias Brick Factory, on Ellicott Rd
in 1910 a Great Lakes Steamer, freighter was named after him
later renamed “SS Consumers Power”, which collided
in 1940 with the Maritana on the Detroit River.
Consumers Power In dock in Erie, in 1980.
Known as a Philanthropist, he created and donated
 Green Lake (1912) to the Orchard Park community,
 the adjacent Girl Scout Camp (c.1920)
 and Yates Park (1942), the site on which the present railroad depot
 is located including the present library site (1911).
He also provided land for the construction of two churches,
 Nativity of Our Lord Roman Catholic and St. John's Lutheran,
and the land for Nativity cemetery.
1900- living on Delaware ave, Buffalo, Erie co., NY,
Coal and coke wholesale dealer, age 30
Director of Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Co, 1930-1953
1920 census- Harry Yates, shown age 50, living in Erie co, NY

3. Arthur's Daughter- Florence Yates,
b- July 23, 1871
d- Jan 18, 1931, age 60
in the home of her brother Harry Yates
where she was sick for the week before.
married in 1895 to Levi Smith Ward
 b- Dec 8, 1865
d- Sept 21, 1926
Father- Levi Frederik Ward, mother- Alice Smith
all buried in section MM, Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY
Florence's funeral was held on a Wed. in the family home at
#855 East Ave. in Rochester NY
they had a son Lee Yates Ward

4. Arthur's son- Arthur G. Yates (Jr)
b- July 26, 1874
d- Apr 14, 1879
Burial- the family plot, C3, in Mount Hope Cemetery,
1133 Mount Hope Ave., Rochester, NY

5. Arthur's son- Howard L. Yates,
b- Oct 22,1875
d- Apr 20, 1884
Burial- the family plot, C3, in Mount Hope Cemetery,
1133 Mount Hope Ave., Rochester, NY

6. Arthur's son- Russell P. Yates
b- Aug 5, 1849
d- Sept 23, 1881
Burial- the family plot, C3, in Mount Hope Cemetery,
1133 Mount Hope Ave., Rochester, NY
shown as civil Engineer in Rochester phone book
1872 shown as Bookkeeper,
Clarissa Corner Exchange, boards, 24 spring, Rochester, NY
Arthur's son, Russel P. Yates was married twice,
First wife died, he remarried, age 30, to Catherine L. Burns.
Mar 1, 1909, at Bridgeburg, Welland Co, ON Canada,
Catherine was a nurse from Buffalo NY
daughter of Henry C. Burns and Helen M. Parsons
Russel was shown as a merchant from Rochester, NY
lived in Rochester NY in 1932 when his mother died.

Arthur Gould Yate's Grandfather-
Dr. William Yates
b- 1757,  in Sapperton, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, England
d- Mar 7, 1857, Butternuts, (now Morris), NY, USA, age 90
buried in Harmony Church Cemetery
Old Church Burying Ground
Morris, Otsego County, NY
He was a physician of note in his day, and was one of the first
to introduce the practice of smallpox vaccination in America.
Surgeon at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, England
Immigrated to Philadelphia in 1792.
From Cooperstown, NY, William Yates travelled up the Susquehanna
and purchased an estate in nearby Butternuts (now Morris), NY

Arthur Gould Yate's Grandmother-
 Hannah Palmer
of Unadilla, New York.
b- 1781 in Connecticut, USA,
 d- 1869, age 89
(one source said b- Abt 1775, in Brookfield, CT, USA)
buried in Harmony Church Cemetery
Old Church Burying Ground
Morris, Otsego County, NY
Grandparents were married Apr 25, 1902 in Brookfield, CT
her father was Ichabod B. Palmer, who moved from CT to a farm 2 miles above the village of Morris, Otsego, NY on the east side of the creek
George Yates, William and Hannah's son, farmed this land

William and Hannah's children who reached adulthood were:

Arthur Gould Yates's Father-
1. Arthur Yates,
b- Feb 7, 1807 in Butternuts, (now Morris), Otsego County, New York
d- 1880
He is buried in Forrest Home Cemetery, Waverly NY
Lumberman, living in Barton, Tioga, NY in 1850, age 42
Lawyer in Tioga county. New York,
he became County Judge 1838

He married- Jerusha Washburn, Jan 7, 1836, Otsego, NY
b- 1808
d- 1853
She is buried in Forrest Home Cemetery, Waverly NY
daughter of Zeba (Jeba?) Washburn of Otsego Co, NY
Cemetery transcription says 1st wife's name was Zeba Washington
d- 1853, married Jan 1836
buried in Forrest Home Cemetery, Waverly, NY
I believe Jerusha Washburn is the correct entry
*married 2nd wife- Elizabeth B. Page, Nov 26, 1856 in Otsego, NY
b- 1812
d- 1899
buried in Forrest Home Cemetery, Waverly NY
she was the widow of Col. George H. Noble, married abt 1820
daughter of Judge Sherman Page, Unadilla NY, mother Crooker
her grandfather- Jared Page, grandmother, Lydia Bristol
in 1880 census wife is shown as Elizabeth B. Yates nee ?
 age 68, born in NY
Her father born in CT, mother in RI 1880 census, Arthur Yates, shown retired, age 73
Judge Yates built the first steam saw mill, in Tioga County, NY
and was Justice of the Peace 1837/38 in Barton, as well as Postmaster
1845 Factoryville census shows 5 males and 3 females under Arthur Yates name
1849 there was a company named Yates and Washburn
* Arthur and Jerusha (Zeba?), had 7 children,
I have had trouble tracing this line
Any corrections or additions welcome
1. Emma W. Yates
b- June 16, 1837 in Otsego, NY
d- ?
1850 census shows her age 13
1860, age 22 in Barton, NY, family #85
2. Mary A. Yates
b- 1839
d- 1840
buried in Forrest Home Cemetery, Waverly NY

3. William Yates
b- ca 1842
d- ?
4. Arthur Gould Yates
b- 1843
d- Feb 9, 1909 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NY, USA
5. Benjamin P. Yates
b- 1844
d- 1863
buried in Forrest Home Cemetery, Waverly NY
6. Frederick Yates
b- 1846
d- 1867
buried in Forrest Home Cemetery, Waverly NY
1860 census, age 13, b ca 1847 in Barton, Tioga, NY
Frederick A. Yates shown in Rochester, 1884 directory
 as a Carpenter, 138 Reynolds, same guy?
7. Unknown name and sex
b- bef 1853

2. Thomas P. Yates
 b- May 17, 1811 Butternuts Township, Otsego, NY
d– Sept 1876
buried in Forrest Home Cemetery, Waverly NY
he married Margaret “Emily” Knapp, Sept 22, 1843
b- Apr 14, 1818 in NY
d- 1899
Her father- William Knapp, mother- Armenia Gates
shown age 74 in 1892 census so obviously death date wrong here.
living with her son Thomas, in Barton, Tioga, NY
buried with Thomas in Forrest Home Cemetery, Waverly NY
age 31 in 1850 census

Thomas Sr. ran river rafts on a river in NY, PA area.
Oct 1850 he printed charts of the Susquehanna river.
known as a lumberman and farmer, in the history books
1850 census shown as a carriage maker, family in Barton, Tioga, NY
1845 Factoryville census shows Thomas Yates, with 4 males 1 female in the house
A Thomas Yates was JP at Barton NY in 1842, 1846, 1855 and 1867
4 children I know of:
1. Benjamin Yates
b- ca 1844
d- ?
not with the family in 1892 census 2. Thomas P. Yates
b- 1846, (May 17, 1849?, in Otsego, NY)
d- Nov 26, 1933 in Waverly NY
1892 census shown age age 44, in Barton, Tioga, NY 3. Jerome Yates
b- ca 1848 (1852?)
d- after 1892
shown age 40 in 1892 census
1880 census shown as b- 1852, age 28, Labourer, mother Emmely Yates 4. Mary S. Yates
b- 1858 (1862?)
d- June 11, 1940 in Honeoye Falls, N.Y
buried in Forrest Home Cemetery, Waverly NY
1880, living in Barton, b- 1858, age 22, mother Emmely
shown age 30 in 1892 census

3. William Palmer Yates
b- Apr 5, 1813 in Morris, Butternuts Twp, Otsego, NY,
 d– 1894
Jeweller and engraver in Elmira, Chemung, NY
living at 51 Water St, Elmira in 1860 census
married Louisa Yates, nee ?
b- ca 1820 in NY
2 children
Harace (Horace?) G. Yates
b- ca 1847,
Horace was a Lawyer in 1880
Mary Y. Yates,
b- ca 1849, in NY
married a Mr. Callin

4. Trevor Yates
b- Dec 10, 1815 in Butternuts Tsp, Otsego, NY
d- Mar 31, 1877, age 61,
buried in Harmony Church Cemetery
Old Church Burying Ground
Morris, Otsego County, NY
lived in town of Butternuts, Otsego Co,
where he attended school
submitted a sketch of what he called a shoulder rake
to the American Agriculturist, Vol. 24, page 213
assume from this he was a farmer by trade.
Trevor's will, living in New Lisbon-
ref  NY-County #39 (Otsego)- Vol.# 24- Page#523
1872-73 shown as a dairyman, with 162 acres,
living near town of New Lisbon, Otsego Co, NY
in 1845 Factoryville census, Trevor Yates is shown, 4 males, 2 females in house
In 1870 census, near town of New Lisbon, Otsego, NY
Father- Trevor Yates, b- ca 1816, farmer, age 54
Mother- Martha Yates, age 50,
daughter, Mattie,  age 17, and a son Nathanial, age 12
all born in New York State
1850 Trevor Yates was shown as a Blacksmith
with a son Henry Yates, age 6 mo.
as well as son George A. Yates, age 3

Trevor married Martha Yates, nee Moore, Oct 5, 1841, Otsego, NY
b-  ca 1820,
 d- Feb 7, 1904, age 84
she is also buried in Harmony Church Cemetery
Old Church Burying Ground
Morris, Otsego County, NY.
1892 living with George A. Yates (b-1846) family, age 73

Trevor and Martha had 4 children I know of:

1.  George A. Yates
b- 1846 in New York state
d- 1924
George married Laura A. Yates, nee Crandall
b- 1851 in Portlandville, Otsego, NY state
d- Feb 1929
both her parents born in NY state.

George shown as a farmer 1872-73
near Town of New Lisbon, Otsego Co
Trevor Yates shown with him, his son the Dr. below?
or his father?
1920 census living in Otsego co, NY,  age 73, with wife Laura, age 68

Son of George and Laura:
  Dr. Trevor Crandall Yates
  b- 1879 in Portlandville, NY state, USA
d- 1926
living in New Lisbon, Otsego co, 1880, age 8 months
1892, age 13 living same place
1892, Martha Yates, age 73, wife of Trevor Yates b-1815,
 living with the George A. Yates, b-1846
as well as Nathaniel Yates, age 34, medical student

2. Henry Yates
b- 1850
d- ?
age 6 months in 1850 census

3. Martha E. (Mattie) Yates
b- Nov 1852 in NY
d- 1945
She is buried in Harmony Church Cemetery
Old Church Burying Ground
Morris, Otsego County, NY
she married Czar Lamont Nearing, on Sept 27, 1876
b- Feb 10, 1849 in New Lisbon, Otsego, NY
d- Oct 17, 1911 in New York
He is buried in Harmony Church Cemetery
Old Church Burying Ground
Morris, Otsego County, NY
In 1870 census, near town of New Lisbon, Otsego, NY
Father- Trevor Yates, b- ca 1816, farmer, age 54
Mother- Martha Yates, age 50,
sister, Matie (Merry?), age 17, and a brother Nathanial, age 12
all born in New York State
Martha had 2 children:
Walter Henry Nearing (b- Sept 28, 1877)
Helen Edith Nearing (b- Aug 3, 1883)

4. Dr. Nathaniel Ferdinand Yates,
b- July 8, 1858, in New Lisbon, NY
married Mary Louise Belcher, July 12, 1894
b- Sept 26, 1971, in Cherry Valley, NY, d- July 8, 1895
living with his mother at George A. Yates, (b-1846) place,
New Lisbon, in 1892, age 34

5. Capt. George Augustus Yates
b- Aug 3, 1818 in Butternut Twp., Otsego, NY state
d– Aug 11, 1900, town of Morris, Otsego, NY, age 82
buried in Hillington Cemetery, Morris, Otsego, NY
George A. Yates shown as Captain on his headstone.
wife- Arianna Loree Yates, nee Duroe
b- Nov 27, 1844 in New Lisbon, Otsego, NY
d- July 17, 1923, in Morris, Otsego, NY
burial- Hillington Cemetery, Morris, Otsego, NY
1900 census- living in Morris Township, Election Districts 1-2, Otsego, NY
son- Harry G. Yates, b- 1874, in NY, living with the family
1892 census same address as above
shown as a farmer
with wife Arianna, (Arrianna?) shown age 48?
He farmed his maternal grandfather, Ichabod B. Palmer's farm,
near Morris, Otsego, NY

George's 2 Children:

1. Winifred Yates
b- Apr 2, 1872 Morris, Otsego, NY
d- Apr 22, 1945 in New York
married William Harris of Morris in 1889
William Harris died in 1923
buried in Hillington Cemetery, Morris, Otsego, NY

2. Harry George Yates
b- Nov 29, 1874 in Morris, Otsego,NY
d- May 1, 1918 in Morris, Otsego, NY
 burial- Hillington Cemetery, Morris, Otsego, NY
married Lillian Holt Spurr
b- 1870
d- 1949
 burial- Hillington Cemetery, Morris, Otsego, NY

George's middle name would have come from
an Augustus Yates, b- in England, d- May 4, 1859
buried in Factoryville Church Cemetery, East Waverly, NY
my guess, William's brother, or Uncle?

6. Dr. Horatio Yates
 b- Feb 11, 1821 on a farm, in Butternuts Twp., Otsego Co, NY
d- Mar 11, 1882 at Kingston ON
 from congestion of the lungs for 6 days
married Jane Mary Bower, on Sept 8, 1846
at St. George's Church, Kingston, Canada West,
b- ca 1820, Waverton, Cheshire, England
d- Sept 16, 1896 in Kingston, ON
Father- Rev. Joseph Bower, Mother- Anne Stringfellow?
sisters Elizabeth and Agnes Bower. 1871 census, age 49, born in US, Kingston City, Sydenham Ward

Horatio and Jane had _three daughters.

A. Stella Yates
b- Jan 11, 1849 in Kingston, Canad,
d- Dec 11, 1928 in Prince Rupert, BC, age 78
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert, BC
she married the Most Rev. Professor Frederick “Fred” Herbert Du Vernet, Sept 7, 1885
b- Jan. 20, 1860 at Hemmingford, Que,
 d- Oct 21, 1924 in the evening, at his home, in Prince Rupert, BC, age 64
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert, BC
A.G. Yates from Rochester, NY, was a witness at Stella's wedding
Frederick Du Vernet, became the 2nd Anglican Bishop of Caledonia, (1905)
and 1st in Metropolitan of British Columbia, (1915-1924), ordained in 1883
graduated from King's College, Windsor.
His Father- Edward Du Vernet, Mother- Francis Eliza Ellegood
He walked many times, from Prince Rupert to Hazelton then on to Burns Lake,
Later he used Steamboat and Dog Team,
before the Grand Trunk Railroad.
Mar 12, 1912, the railroad steel was 2 miles east of “Shandilla”
Shandilla Creek located at
Lat  55°05'19” Long 128°01'15“
see his son, Horace DuVernet bio below
 Du Vernet Point in BC, named after this man
Location of Airport Ferry Terminal in Prince Rupert BC

Stella had 2 children:

son- Horace DuVernet,
b- Sept 29, 1886, Kingston, Frontenac co., ON
d- ? Greenville, SC?
1891 age 5, living in St. James Ward, Toronto, ON Married Beatrice Irene Bradt, Apr 29, 1911 in Vancouver BC
b- 1883, in ON
d- ?
Her father- William C. Bradt

2nd he married- Lilian Monica Pretoria King
b- Mar 27, 1901
d- May 18, 1983
Horace had 3 children by one or both, of the women above
a Mrs. Horace Duvernet left Kitwanga, BC
in July 1925, for Greenville, Greenville Co. SC,
where her husband, Horace went some time before
article says it was 13 years, before 1925, the family went to Shandilla
 on the Skeena river, also called the DuVernet farm.
one a son H. Duvernet, possibly Henry?
there is a Duvernet Dr near Greenville, SC

daughter- Alice Frances (Francis?) Du Vernet,
b- Mar 16, 1899, in Toronto, York Co., ON
d- July 24, 1952 in Prince Rupert, BC, age 62
married James Byres Gibson- Jan 24, 1929, in Prince Rupert BC
b- Jan 31, 1881 in Portadown, Armagh, Ireland.
d- July 24, 1952 in Prince Rupert, BC, age 70
Father- James Gibson, mother- Isabel Mould
note- they both died same day.

B. Agnes Grace Yates,
b- Apr-June 1852
 possibly in Lancaster, Lancashire, England
d- aft 1901
Residence Boston, NY
married Calvin Y. Ford
they had a son William Ford, b-July 13, 1901
daughter- Lollie Yates, b- July 13, 1901
son- William Yates, b- July13, 1901
all 3  in Douglas, Tucker Co, West Virginia
1 a Ford, 2 are shown as Yates? weird?

1871 living in Sydenham Ward F, Kingston 66, ON
age 19
living with Jane Yates, age 48 (mother?)
Anne Clark, age 76
and Herbert Saunders, age 23

C. Hannah (Elizabeth) Yates,\\ b- Nov 7, 1847, at Kingston, ON
d- Aug 10, 1849 Horatio Yates was a physician, educator, and administrator
Staunch Anglican, prominent member of St. George's Church in Kingston.
Became a Dr at University of Philadelphia in 1842
spent the year 1842-1843 in St. George's Hospital, London, England
returning in 1843 to Kingston ON.
Alderman in Kingston, served on Hospital Board there.
Senior surgeon at Kingston General Hospital.
one of the founders of the Faculty of Medicine,
University of Queen's College, Kingston
Dr for 10 years, then lecturer at University
one of the founders of the City of Kingston Water Works Co. May 30, 1849
Hon. John A. MacDonald was Vice-President and director of this company
1850 a Horatio Yates discovered a marble deposit in Barrie Township

7. Dr. Octavius Yates
 b- 1824 in Butternuts Twp, Otsego, NY, USA
d– Nov. 10, 1875, in Kingston, Frontenac, ON, age 51
Buried in Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Frontenac Co, ON, Canada, ref- KG-001-8
1864 he gave a lecture to medical students,
 at Queen's College in Kingston
He was a Professor at the College
Now I know he was the 2nd son that went to Kingston, ON
1871 living in Sydenham Ward f, Kingston 66, Ontario, age 46
Church of England
wife- Elizabeth Daintry,
b- Aug 10, 1834 in England
baptized Sept 4, 1834, in Millbrook, Hampshire, England
widow, age 40, in 1881 census, age wrong here
d- June 11, 1910, at Kingston, Frontenac, ON, age 75
Buried in Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Frontenac Co,  ON, Canada, ref- KG-013-1
Elizabeth's Father- George Smith Daintry,
b- Aug 12, 1810 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
d- May 7, 1881
Elizabeth's mother-  Mary Anne Daintry, nee Hodges
George Smith Daintry lived at North Rode, Cheshire, England.
Elizabeth was 24 living in Cobourg ON,
Octavius was 32 living in Kingston ON,
when they married, July 29, 1858,
in Bethune, Church of England, Cobourg, Northumberland Co, ON
George Daintry came to New York from England,
then on to Cobourg ON in 1842
from the wealthy John Smith Daintry family in England.
Lived at “The Poplars”, 18 Spenser St., Cobourg, ON
the oldest surviving house in Cobourg, built in 1827
George Daintry owned the Rochester Ferry
George was a former Mayor of Cobourg ON.
George was christened Sept 19, 1813,
 in Christ Church, Macclesfield, Cheshire, England

Octavius and Elizabeth Yates had 5 children:
A.  Adeline, (Ida) Yates,
b- ca 1859 in ON,
(age 12 in 1871)
d- aft 1895
 shown in a 1895 photo, in Cobourg ON
B.  Bertha Yates,
b- 1862, in ON,
(age 19, in 1881)
d- ?
C.  Helen Yates,
 b- 1866 in Kingston ON,
(age 7, 1871 census, age 17, b- 1864 per 1881 census)
d- ?
married Richard John Hooper, in 1900
1913 moved to St. John, New Brunswick
address- Sapperton-on-the-Hill, 13 Pine St., St. John
Shown as a prominent person in the Maritimes.
D. Hanna Louise Yates,
b- 1868 in Kingston, ON,
(age 12 in 1881 census)
d- ?
married John Dulgill Petrie, Oct 14, 1886
in St. George's Cathedral, Kingston, ON
John was 28, Hanna age 18
E. Bessie Yates,
b- 1875 in ON,
(age 6 in 1881 census)
d- ? other William and Hannah Yates children
who died at a younger age

8. Elizabeth Ann Yates
b- Apr, 1805 in Butternuts Twp, Otsego, NY
 d- Aug 10, 1810, age 5
buried in Harmony Church Cemetery
Old Church Burying Ground
Morris, Otsego County, NY

9. Henry Yates,
b- Feb 17, 1809 in Butternuts Twp, Otsego, NY
d- May 1826, age 17
buried in Harmony Church Cemetery
Old Church Burying Ground
Morris, Otsego County, NY Noble Palmer, brother of Hannah, lived in Kingston, ON, Canada
He owned an Apothecary store, today's Pharmacy,
where 2 of William Yates sons apprenticed.
found a Noble Palmer family in Northumberland, ON
Horatio Yates was one, sent at age 12 to Kingston.
Octavius Yates was the 2nd son

More Arthur Gould Yates info:

Business Dealing's

He was a Director, then President, of the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway Co, (BR&PR)
Apr 17, 1890, became President

Director and Vice-President, of The Reynoldsville & Falls Creek Railroad Co, (see below)
1889, Director and President, of The Silver Lake Railway Company, (see below)
in 1889, H. H. Warner was Vice-President and Treasurer of the SLR, (see below)
Director of The American Fruit Product Company, Rochester, NY
(manufactured Duffy's grape juice in 1907)
Director of The Duffy-Mclnnerney Company, (Department store in Rochester, NY)
Director of The Pittsburgh Gas Coal Company,
Director of The General Railway Signal Company, (GRS), based in Rochester, NY
Director and Founder, of The Ontario Car Ferry Company Ltd
Director and President of The Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal & Iron Company,
Director of The Mahoning Investment Company, a corporation organized in Maine.
Director of The Columbia Trust Company of New York,
Director of The Cowanshannock Coal & Coke Company.
 He was a large stockholder in the National Bank of Rochester,
Director of The New York & Kentucky Company, Rochester, NY
they manufactured, Whiskey, Cologne, Spirits, and Medicinal Products.
Walter Bernard Duffy, b-1840 in Canada,
was President of the New York & Kentucky Co. (see Harry Yates, above)
Walter was a maker of Duffy's malt whiskey.
Director of The National Hotel Company,
they owned the Rochester Hotel, plus other interests.
Walter Bernard Duffy was President of this Co. (see Harry Yates, above)
1904 Arthur G. Yates was a stockholder and Trustee,
in the Adrian Furnace Company, Dubois, PA.
Director Jefferson and Clearfield Coal and Iron company, Indiana, PA
1884, Director Bank of Monroe, # 21, Exchange St., Rochester, NY
1884, Trustee, Mechanic's Savings Bank, #18 Exchange St., Rochester, NY
Dec 1, 1890, with partners they bought the Bridgeport Horse Railway Co, Bridgeport CT
Apr 1893, Big stockholder in the Crescent Coal Co
Arthur G. Yates constructed the first of the Genesee docks,
generally known as the Yates Docks
President of the Street Railways in both Buffalo and Rochester,
plus owner of many Coal mines in Pennsylvania and Indiana,
Arthur was a large shareholder in the mine Bell, Lewis and Yates. 
1876 entered into partnership in the firm
Bell, Lewis, and Yates, which continued in business until May 15,1896.
It was sold to the Buffalo, Rochester, and Pittsburgh Railway Company
for $3,000,000.00 (see below) April 1893, He had financial troubles,
initiated by a Mr. H. H. Warner,
 who he was in financial partnership with,
 that bankrupted him and Mr. Warner.
In the middle of the bankruptcy,
Yates resigned as President of the BR&PR.
so as not to involve that Company.

Mr. Hulbert Harrington Warner
 b- Jan 19, 1842, in Warners, NY
(newspaper article says Jan 10 as birth date)
d- Jan 27, 1923 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN, of heart disease, age 81
 buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Skaneateles, NY, next to first wife.
father- William Warner, mother Harington
grandfather- Seth Warner
Mr. Warner was first, a salesman for the Mosler Safe Co., of Cincinnati
a Fire and Burglar Proof Safe Company.
Hulbert was a manufacturer, and dealer in a huge patent medicine company.
“Safe Cure” and “Log Cabin Remedies” Brands, based in Rochester NY.
bottles are prized by collectors from this Company. The loses of the 2 men totalled $5,000,000.00
Their battle even caused an Australian Bank to fail. (see above)
also Banks in Milwaukee were affected
article in Milwaukee paper called him a plunger.
It is assumed he used one company's exaggerated worth, to buy another.
was he totally honest in his dealings?  Possibly not.
Were all these railway moguls totally honest?  Probably not.
They didn't get rich, without stepping over other bodies. He was using the Dominion Coal Company
in Estevan/Winnipeg as a source of capital,
and when his bankers wanted to see the cash,
to back up the paper, he resorted to using
the Dominion Coal Company shares he owned.

Apr 27, 1893 article
describes the predicament Mr. Yates was in,
 as well as other shareholders,
Major Walsh and David Elder Adams in Winnipeg. Mr. Yates was involved in the Grand Trunk Railway as well
The GTR was  in partnership with the BR&PR in the Ontario Car Ferry Company Found this snippet, 1896 mining journal
This and the article above, proves he did invest
 in the Dominion Coal Company, after this visit.
owned by the Dominion Coal, Coke & Transportation Company, Winnipeg MB
incorporated by Dominion charter in 1883
and here is a listing of the Directors
missing D. E. Adams, Director and President.
David Elder Adams
   b- Apr 26, 1859 Beaverton ON,
   d- Apr 1919, Pasadena CA, USA
Head Office W. McQuaker, Secretary, Winnipeg,
Major James Morrow Walsh, Brockville ON, shown he was on the train.
Company owns 2,000 acres of coal lands in the Province of Assiniboia
(which became Saskatchewan(, at the town of Estevan in the Souris district
connected with the Souris line of the CPR and the main line of the Sault branch
from St. Paul, connecting with the CPR at Pasqua.
mining for coal began in Nov 1892.
output to date averages about 10,000 tons per annum,
sold altogether to Manitoba, seam averages 8ft opened by 3 side drifts.
500 ft in at time of publication, method of working Pillar and room,
50 persons employed

Then I found that as early as 1885 he was on the Executive
of the Dominion Coal, Coke and Transportation Company Ltd.
Capital $500,000, in 25,000 shares of $20 each, in 1885
 Carrying on the Business of Colliery Proprietors, Coke Manufacturers,
Iron Masters, Miners, Engineers,
In Business to work, raise, buy, sell, and deal in Coal, Coke, Iron,
and for other purposes. Corporate Executive (1885)
John L. Lewis, Merchant, Montreal,
Major James Morrow Walsh, Contractor,
Albert  R. Lewis, gentleman, of Prince Arthur's Landing,
Frederick Alfred Bell, Miner and Coal shipper, Buffalo, NY,
 George Howard Lewis, of Buffalo, NY.
Arthur Gould Yates, gentleman, of Rochester, NY.
(Note- bios for Frederick A. Bell and George H. Lewis 5 below)
Can't find more info on other Lewis guys.
George's brothers? Original Head Office of DCCTC created by Major James Walsh in Brandon, MB.
but later shown in Winnipeg MB
Major Walsh created the Company.


Aug 1902 he was in London England, staying at the Claridge Hotel
July 1896, sailed for Havre on French Line Steamship, La Bourgogne
Sept 9, 1894, Family were at their cottage in Newport RI


Apr 1894, He carried $240,000.00 in life insurance Arthur was a member of the Genesee Valley Club of Rochester.
The Duquesne Club of Pittsburg
and the Ellicott Square Club of Buffalo He was the recipient of a Liberal education,
attending various academies in the southern tier,
and later came to Rochester.
Immediately after attaining his majority
 he became associated with the Anthracite Coal Association,
which is no longer in existence,
and subsequently was engaged in this business
 independently for a number of years.
A man of great foresight,
Mr. Yates early recognized the possibilities of Charlotte
and entertained the idea of making it one of
the most important ports on the Great Lakes. His family home was at #130 Fitzhugh St, Rochester, NY
his remains were returned from NYC to Rochester, NY
in this rail car, “The Virginia”
in 1884, He had improvements to his house,
shown as Arthur Yates Esq.
on South Fitzhugh St.
using red medina stone, red slate, tile, etc, cost $18,000
J. B. Pike was the contractor

Mr. Arthur G. Yates had been a communicant
of St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church, Rochester, NY
and a Church Warden in it for more than thirty years,
His funeral services were held there. in 1883, Arthur was a Church Warden of St. Luke's Church, in Rochester, NY 1892 Officer / Trustee Hobart College, NY Award at the University of Rochester
Arthur Gould Yates- Professor of Engineering, Emeritus
endowed by Mrs. Florence Ward, nee Yates of Rochester NY
his daughter who died in 1931
There is also an Arthur Gould Yates fund at the University Had his own Gardener and Florist, Albert Copsey where did the middle name “Gould” come from?
I think from a fellow by the name of
Jason “Jay” Gould (May 27, 1836 – December 2, 1892)
known as an American Railroad builder.
Jay Gould owned a big portion of “The Dominion Company”. 
A Telegraph Company, at the time.
His office was in the Western Union building as well,
so involved in that company as well.
Jay Gould owned a large amount of shares in Missouri and Pacific Railway Co.
Also involved in the Union Pacific Railway.
His ambition was to control a transcontinental railway.
Became the 9th richest American in history.
Son of John Burr Gould (1792–1866), and Mary More 1893 an estate tax battle took place in Montreal.
When Jay Gould died, his estate for tax purposes,
was only valued at 10 million.
His heirs, George J. Gould, Edwin Gould, Helen M. Gould
 and Howard Gould, were hit with a large tax bill.
His real worth, over $75 million. Some of the George J. Gould descendants were in Montreal
including George's widow, Guinevere Sinclair Gould,
 who inherited 4 million dollars from George's estate. I think the relationship, and name choice,
was through Arthur's father,
Arthur Yate's, 2nd wife, Elizabeth Page.
In Unadilla NY.
Jay Gould might have had something to do with this town and family.
Jay was born in Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY
his grandfather Captain Abram Gould, came from Fairfield Co, CT
his father John B. Gould, Jay was born to John's first of 3 wives.
a Rev William Gould was pastor of the Free Methodist church in Unadilla in 1870's. There were also a famous Yates family in Montreal
and at the McCord Museum web site there is 2 pictures
of Mrs. A. G. Yates having a party at a fancy hotel in Montreal, in 1900
Arthur G. Yates is seen in the back of one of those photos. Reynoldsville & Falls Railroad Co Line from Falls Creek to Rathmel, PA, 14.5 miles
chartered Dec 13, 1883
road completed in 1890 Arthur Yates was Director and Vice-President,
of The Reynoldsville & Falls Creek Railroad Co,
as early as 1893 Arthur was elected Director of this Company.
in 1889 F. A. Bell (see above) , from Buffalo, NY, was President of this railway, and
Arthur G. Yates was shown as Gen Fgt, and Pass Agt.
S. B. Elliot from Reynoldsville PA, Gen Manager, and Purchasing Agent
in 1893, Mr. Lewis was also President
Treasurer- George H. Lewis, From Buffalo NY
Note- Mr. S. B. Elliott and Mr. G. H. Lewis were on the train to Estevan in 1892
Secretary Andrew Cant from Buffalo, NY
General Superintendent- George Mellinger, Reynoldsville, PA (see below)
Auditor- Charles Clifton, from Buffalo, NY
Road Master- Richard Smith, from Reynoldsville, PA

This article says Mr. Melhenger, but his name was George Mellinger shown above as General Superintendent
b- Feb 1842 in Pennsylvania
d- ?
Both parents born there as well
Shown as a Lawyer in 1870 census
1880 shown as a Pit Supervisor, Coal Mine
living in Mahoning, Armstrong Co, PA
(family name spelled Mallinger here)
Shown as a Mine Superintendent in 1900
wife- Malinda Mellinger, nee Brechbill,
b- Aug 1845 in Pennsylvania
d- ?
Malinda's father Samuel Brechbill. They had 4 children: 1aa-4aa 1870 census shows 2 children:
1aa. Anna R. Mellinger
b- 1865 in PA
d- ?
She married Ira Smith
2 children: George Smith and Helen Smith 2aa. Marrietta (Etta) Mellinger
b- 1867 in PA
d- ?
She married Fred Kreider
4 children: Edward Kreider, Jack Kreider,
Lucy Kreider and Elizabeth Kreider George's Family living in Voting Precinct 2,
Reynoldsville Borough, Jefferson Co, PA, in 1900
shows the following 2 more children: 3aa. Louis O'Neill Mellinger
 b- Sept 1877 in Butler Co., PA
d- Apr 27, 1944, age 66, in Johnstown PA,
buried in Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown PA
married Florence Glenare Millin
d- Nov 12, 1970, age 86
buried in Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown PA
they had 3 children: 1bb-3bb  1bb- Frank Millin Mellinger
b- ca 1910 in St. Mary's PA
d- Nov 25, 2001, age 91
resident of Madeira Ohio.
married Helen nee ?
became Director of the Ohio River Division Laboratories,
of the US Corps of Engineers 2bb- Robert (Bob) Thomas Mellinger,
b- Nov 4, 1913 in Kittanning PA 3bb-  Katherine Mellinger
Married Oct 6, 1951, Henry J. Larsen at Johnstown PA. Louis lived at 1128 Confir (Confer?) Ave. Johnstown, PA, Apr 1943 with his wife
Louis became Divisional Superintendent for Bethlehem Steel Corp.
Presbyterian religion
Civil Eng Degree, with high honors, from Princeton Univ., June 10, 1901
Civil Engineering Instructor at Princeton, 1901-1902 4aa.  Lydia J. Mellinger
 b- Sept 1880 in PA
d- ?
Lydia married a William J. Black, lived in Butler Co, PA
she had a t least one son Benjamin H. Black
b- June 20, 1890 in Butler, PA
d- May 30, 1953.

Silver Lake Railway Company

Line of road 1889- Perry NY to Silver Springs NY- 6.86 miles
1 locomotive, 2 passenger cars, 1 baggage car.
100 gondola cars
Arthur G. Yates was Director and President of this company in 1889
H. H. Warner was Vice-President , Treasurer and Director, from Rochester, NY
Secretary and Director, Charles H. Blakeslee, from Rochester NY
Superintendent and Director- J. Lansing Moore, from Buffalo, NY
Other Directors- George E. Merchant, W. L. Kingman, from Rochester, NY
Earl B. Putnam, from Buffalo, NY
James Wyckoff, Richard T. Tuttle, Henry N. Page, Milo H, Olin,
C. W. G. Nobles, E. M. Read, all from Perry NY
Principal Office- Rochester NY
one article says he owned this line, and his estate sold it to the BR&P

Lehigh Valley Coal Co.

Buffalo NY to Lancaster- 12 miles
chartered Mar 23, 1882
corporate office 1889, Buffalo NY

Apr 1893, Arthur was President of the Lehigh Coal and Iron Navigation Co.
He held a note in the Lehigh company worth $23,230.00
 when the company went insolvent, Apr 25, 1893,
plus he was a shareholder.
The Lehigh company was one of the first and oldest producers of anthracite coal
also known as the “Old Company” still operating as a coal company
1884- Offices at 2 and 3 Elwood Building, 190 Platt and Lyell Ave

The Winnipeg Supply and Fuel Co.
Sold Lehigh Antracite coal in Winnipeg, MB at $19.50 a ton, all sizes, in 1926


Yatesboro, Cowanshannock Twp., Armstrong Co., PA
Located on the Rural Valley Railroad, of the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railroad
Lat 40° 48' 0” N - Long 79° 20' 3“ W
In March, 1899, Lucius Waterman Robinson, (1844-1935)
who was the President of the Commonwealth Coal and Coke Company,
which was a subsidiary of the Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal and Iron Company,
purchased 1000 acres of farmland, from NY millionaire capitalist, Adrian George Iselin (1818-1905).
Robinson’s intention was to open a coal mine,
 to erect mine buildings, and build a company town for his employees.
He named the town Yatesboro after Arthur Gould Yates,
President of the Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad (BR&P) at the time.
Coal mined at Yatesboro was sold to the George Eastman Co. in Rochester, NY
Mine at Yatesboro, opened in 1899, operating until 1932
1888 Lucius Robinson was superintendent of the gigantic Rochester Mine near Dubois,
 which was owned by Bell, Lewis, & Yates Mining Company.
So he had a long relationship with Mr. Yates.
Town of Waterman, PA, named after Mr. Robinson.

Bell, Lewis and Yates Mining Company

office- 28 West Main St., Rochester, NY  in 1878

1877 Company ad
1890 article below on the Company in Buffalo
Reynoldsville Coal and Coke Region ;
Offices, Coal and Iron Exchange Building, Buffalo, NY
The proximity of Buffalo to the great coal producing regions of Pennsylvania,
 and its unsurpassed position as regards economical transportation facilities,
render it one of the most convenient distributing points In this section
for that important element in the commercial and industrial greatness of the country— coal.
In this connection we desire to make special reference
 in this commercial review to the Bell, Lewis & Yates Coal Mining Co.,
the representative and reliable miners and shippers of Reynoldsville coal,
whose offices are located in the Coal and Iron Exchange Building.
The company has also offices in Rochester, New York,
and two docks in Buffalo on Ganson Street, at foot of Michigan Street,
one having a frontage of 1100 feet, and the other of 400 feet.
This is a mammoth concern and controls immense interests in bituminous coal.
It was founded fourteen years ago under the style and title of Bell, Lewis & Yates.
Eventually in 1887 it was incorporated
as the Bell, Lewis & Yates Coal Mining Company,
under the laws of Pennsylvania, with a paid-up capital of $1,000,000.
 and its trade now extends through all sections of New England. New York,
Pennsylvania, and Canada. This company handles only bituminous coal.
and coke, and last year sold one million five hundred thousand tons.
This year the sales are estimated to reach two million seven hundred thousand tons.
They are proprietors of the Rochester, Sandy Lick, Soldier Run, Sprague,
Pleasant Valley, and Hamilton mines, and have recently acquired
the Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal and Iron Company.
Walston, Adrian, Eleanora and Beechtree mines.
These mines are fully equipped with the most approved appliances and machinery.
and furnish constant employment to four thousand men.
They have eleven hundred and forty coke ovens at Walston,
and one hundred at Soldier Run.
The coal handled by the company is unrivalled for quality
 and is especially adapted for steamships, rolling mills, locomotives,
glass works, and all kinds of smithing and steam generating purposes.
The company's coke is in great demand by Bessemer-
steel makers, and at blast-furnaces, owing to its resistance to compression,
purity, porosity, and heat producing elements.
The following gentlemen, who are highly regarded in trade circles
 for their executive ability, enterprise and integrity, are the Officers:
George H. Lewis, President, Arthur G. Yates, Vice-President, Andrew Cant, Secretary, Charles Clifton, Treasurer.
The company has also offices at Reynoldsville, Pa.
3 Owners:

1. Frederick Alfred Bell,
b- Bef. Mar 19, 1847 in Nunda, Livingston Co., NY, USA
Christened Mar 19, 1847, First Presbyterian Church, Nunda, Livingston, NY
d- May 19, 1900, a Saturday, in Madison, NJ, USA married to Mary Gridley Bruce,

b- July 19, 1851 in Illinois
d- Nov 9, 1944,  age 94
Burial: Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois, USA
youngest daughter of General Asahel Gridley (1810-1881)
one of the wealthiest men in Central Illinois,
Bloomington IL, banker, lawyer, and land developer.
He built a mansion on Grove St. in Bloomington
and Abraham Lincoln visited the construction site in Nov. 1858.
Asahel left $1,000,000 in his will.
Mother- Mary Ann Percival Gridley, nee Enos
Asahel and Mary had 6 children
Mary Bell lived at the Murray Hill Hotel, in NYC after her divorce.
had a famous divorce lawsuit, in 1894,
based on his assumed adultery and desertion.
was still outstanding in supreme court of US at time of his death.
son of Alfred Bell,(1810-1892)
one time member of Livingston Co. Assembly, Republican
Frederick's mother- Juliet Dibble
Grandfather- James Russell Bell Coal Lumber Dealer in 1880, age 33, married, living in Buffalo, Erie Co. NY
lived on East Ave. corner Goodman in Rochester, NY

Frederick Bell left an estate valued at $25,000,000.00 in 1900
In his will he left 1/2 million to his widow,
and their Madison Avenue, property,
originally the Danforth Place, “Cecilhurst” built in 1876.
destroyed by fire Jan 1, 1912, then owned by the De Bary family.
no mention of his divorced wife in the will.
Morristown NJ, June 7.
He was living in Madison at the time.
Name shown as Frederic in the papers at the time.
will filed for probate with Surrogate Youngs of Morris Co.
Named Virginia E. Bell as Executrix, and J. Turnbull as executor
Cousins and family got the rest.

2, George Howard Lewis
b- 1840, in Philadelphia PA.
d- Oct 2, 1897 at home, of Heart failure, in the morning, age 57
Son of Shubael Barton Lewis (also seen sp Shubel and Shubnel?)
b- ca 1803 in probably Philadelphia, PA
d- Dec 13, 1890
 and Caroline Matilda Letitia Lewis, nee Romaine
b- ca 1812 in probably Montreal Quebec
d- July 12, 1884
Shubael and Caroline married ca 1838, Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin
George married Katherine M. Bell, Oct 22, 1874
born at Nunda, Livingston, NY

George and Katherine had 2 children:

 1. Frederick Howard Lewis,
died in infancy

2. Alfred George Lewis,
b- July 5, 1879 in Buffalo, NY
d- ?
Alfred married Miss Agnes Bevan Slosson, Sept 29, 1903
b- 1878 in Geneva, NY
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Slosson
Alfred and Agnes had one son, and 3 daughters George's son, Alfred George Lewis was President
of the White Springs Farm Dairy Company, Geneva NY
White Springs Farm he purchased in 1898.  Today (2010) a B&B
Organised the White Springs Farm Dairy Company in 1905
He became a famous importer and breeder of Guernsey cattle
Turned the farm into a Fruit farm.
Educated in Buffalo, NY Katherine was elected a Pilgrim Tercentenary member 7 April 1920
She received her early education in the public schools, was
graduated at the high school, and attended Mrs. Bryan's seminary at Batavia, N. Y.
Katherine was the daughter of Alfred Bell of Rochester, NY
sister of Frederick A. Bell above
Katherine owned gas wells, she developed herself, at Bellport, Pa.
in 1898 she purchased a farm of three hundred and fifty
acres at Geneva, N. Y., where she established her summer home, and
became a successful importer and breeder of Shropshire sheep.
member of the Erie County Branch of the State Charities Aid Association,
served also as chairman of the Almshouse Committee,
and was first vice president of the Children's' Hospital of Buffalo.
To her native town of Nunda, NY,  she gave a tract of land,
and the Bell Memorial Library was then constructed on it.
In 1878, in Rochester, NY, Katherine was
Executive President of the New York Suffrage Assoc., in Buffalo
in 1908 Katherine Lewis wrote a check for $10,000 to the organization George H. Lewis was President of the Bell, Lewis and Yates Mining Co.
George's home- “Elmstone”, 656 7th St., Buffalo, NY
Elijah D. Efner, a former president of Buffalo Savings Bank
 built the “Elmstone” estate prior to the civil war.
his wife bought Bellwood Farms, next door to her son. George Lewis owned the Niagara Hotel in Buffalo, opened in Oct 1887
Office day before his death, at the Coal and Iron Exchange in Buffalo.
Director of the People's Bank
Reputed to be a millionaire many times over.
Member of the Buffalo Historical Society in 1898

 3. Arthur Gould Yates
home- 97 Fitzhugh, Rochester, NY, 1878

all 3 became Directors of the Buffalo, Rochester, and Pittsburgh Railway Bell, Lewis and Yates Mining company
in 1877, became the first large commercial coal company to ship
coal from the Rochester mine at Dubois Jefferson County, PA.
 on the Allegheny Valley Railroad,
later known as the Low Grade Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad.
in 1890 the Rochester & Pittsburgh Coal & Iron Company
began a relationship with Bell, Lewis and Yates Mining Co
and Apr 23, 1896 they reached an agreement with Bell, Lewis and Yates Mining Co.
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railway Co. owned the R&PC&I Co shares.
Bell, Lewis and Yates Mining Co. were to act as sales agents
and received a 4% commission on all coal sold.
June 15, 1896 the R&PC&I formed a new corporation
Jefferson & Clearfield Coal & Iron Co, which then bought
controlling interest in the Bell, Lewis & Yates Mining co (see below)
with mortgages totalling $3,000,000.00 Nov 1906 the Mahoning Investment Co. was formed
and the assets of the R&PC&I mining Co transferred to it.
Railways were forced by government act not to own
material they carried at that time. Mr. Yates described an 8 ft. thick seam of coal
on his visit to the Dominion Coal Company the first mine in Estevan,
with an abundance of height or covering to ensure a good quality in the coal. 
Estevan was only a month old when he visited, and he was impressed with the improvements made so early in the town.**


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