Lemberg History

Lemberg, Saskatchewan, Canada

Reason for doing this web page is preserving Small Town Saskatchewan for all in the world to see, And also preserving my family history, for generations after me. Lemberg was home when the my Ancestors, my Great-Grandfather, the Michael Gesell family, settled in the area. They were Baptists, who immigrated from the Volhynia area of Russia in 1889, His Original Homestead was located at: W 1/4 OF SECTION #14, TOWNSHIP 20, RANGE 8 W2

Gus and Mae (nee Wendel) Gesell on their 30th Wedding anniv.

My Grandfather and Grandmother Gustav August Gesell and Amelia Mae Wendel, Oct 1, 1879 → May 27,1958 / Nov 19,1879 → Aug 5, 1968. Gus was the son of Michael Gesell and Caroline Schepko; Mae was the daughter of Johann Ludwig Wendel and Barbara Unterschutz from Neudorf

Map of Lemberg and area

Interested in locating your ancestors 1/4 section of land? Check out Lynn's list below
Land Grants in this Area in .pdf format
Info Collected by Lynn Blaser, Toronto ON
Note- The Source is the Canadian Archives Site, not my site.

or this External link

Lemberg has been home to many “Provincial Curling Champion Teams”

Lemberg Co-Operative Ass'n. Ltd. ca 1928
Photo courtesy Rick Townsend, John Sauer's grandson, Dec 15, 2015

[R-L] Rick's great-uncle, Mike Daum, Asst Mgr; Bill Henry's wife, or a store clerk; Bill Henry, Mgr of the Coop store;
and, Rick thinks, a very young Albert Sauer [about 15], who was Rick's uncle, and delivered for the store

Info from Rick:
Two branches of my family, the Sauers and Daums, lived in Lemberg from 1896 until 1930 when my grand-parents, John Sauer and Julia (Daum), left to live in Vancouver


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