Lemberg Pictures

Lemberg, Saskatchewan, Canada

Back: Gardiner, s.s. Roche, p. Pohlman, 3rd b. Steinback, r.f.
Middle: Bock , 2nd b. McArthur, 1st b. Jolly, mgr. Rist, captain. Saunders, c.f.
Front: O'Connell, spare. Pohlman, mascot. Bradley, l.f.

Original gelatin-silver mounted photo 235x190mm
Original picture owned by Andrew McPhee, Albury, Australia
Reprinted here with his permission, with Thanks!
His ancestor, George Albert Bock, Lived in Lemberg ca: (after 1902, pre 1911)-1925

ca 1909-1910
sent to me by Ken Jamieson from Delta BC
His Dad, George A. Jamieson, is the first one far right in the middle row
If you can identify others, please let me know.


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