Haysport, British Columbia, Canada

Haysport BC

Name formed from Charles Melville Hays and Port

Railway point, 23 1/2 mi from Rupert via Grand Trunk Pacific Railway,
Government Telegraph Station located here, opposite Port Essington

A Fish Cold Storage Plant, and a Salmon Fish Cannery were located here.
Cannery built in 1919, closed ca 1939.
Cold Storage built in 1912, closed before 1919.

Unincorporated area

Latitude- 54º 10' N
Longitude- 130º 0' W

Townsite formed by Massey & Freer Company, Vancouver, and the Haysport Townsite Company
They bought the land in 1909
Townsite established in 1910

Lemuel Jaques Freer
b- Apr 21, 1887, in Blaby Reg. Dist. Leicestershire, England
d- Oct 1935 in LA, CA, USA
son of Charles Freer and Susan Moore.
Came to Canada from England in 1905 to Winnipeg.
May 29, 1907, married Lily Rose Murphy, in Channel Islands
b- Abt 1884, England
d- ?

Returned from England, to Vancouver, this time in 1907.
Started Pacific Coast Locators, dealing in Farm lands, and Realty in Vancouver and vicinity, until he met Massey in 1909. see below.

Director of the Skeena River Syndicate Limited.
Treasurer of the Graham Fish Company, San Juan Islands, WA.
1920 both Lemuel and Lily, living in Los Angeles, USA,
He is shown as a Manager of an Office Building
Both immigrated to US in 1914
1926 Lumeul attended an American Convention
for National Building Owners/Managers.
May 1928, Manager of the Pacific Mutual
and Pacific Finance Buildings, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Oct 1935- Lemuel Jacques Freer died in LA
buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park LA
Here it says husband of Golda Freer?
1930 census shows Goldia D. Freer as his wife, b- Illinois, age 34
Lemuel shown as construction Manager, age 42

and Senior Partner,
Henry Louis Massey
b- Jan 25, 1870, Rhode Island, USA
d- ?
son of Louis Joseph Massey and Aurelie Berrard.
both b- Quebec
He was living in Great Falls Montana when he married, Louisa Lucille Baker June 30, 1898 in Great Falls, Cascade, Montana
she was age 18, b- ca 1880, Germany
daughter of William F. Baker and Barbara Ecken

He purchased 260 acres to form the location of Haysport.
They established a Hotel, Cold Storage Fish Plant, Store, PO.
One sad part of their development, only “White” people could buy lots here.
No Japanese fisherman were allowed to buy land here.
He was Trustee of the Graham Fish Co., and Director in the Skeena River Syndicate Ltd like his partner above.
1911 in Vancouver, shown as a broker, born in Quebec, age 41

Oct 1913 they got power from a Hydro-Electric plant on the Hocsall River.
There was Brown's Sawmill here.
Various known names for this river:
Eckstall, Ucstall, Oxtall, Hocsall, Hockstall, Huckstall, and Huxstall.

William Edward Draney- Cannery Manager
b- Apr 21, 1883 in Victoria BC
d- Nov 26, 1961 Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 78
retired 1947, Sea Captain when he died. Cannery when he married.
son of Robert Draney and Katherine McKaveny, both b- ON
He married Mary Belle Reid Oct 10, 1905, in Vancouver BC
she was age 22, b- PEI
daughter of Duncan Reid and Christina Campbell

Omer Dupuis- carpenter (see Post Office below)

John William Ferguson- Govt Telegraph Operator (bio below)

W. L. French- fisherman A. E. Godwin- Asst. Engineer G. W. Wilson- Secretary

Haysport Cold Storage
Owned by the Skeena River Fisheries Ltd.
Manager- C. Draney

John William Ferguson
b- Nov 2, 1884, Willington Station, PEI
(age 28 when he married)
d- May 31, 1939 in Terrace, age 54
son of Joseph Ferguson and Sarah M. Barlow
married Caroline Elizabeth Kern, July 25, 1914, at Methodist Parsonage, Prince Rupert
b- Glidden, Iowa, USA,
(age 25 when she married)
daughter of Charles M. Kern and Lyda M. Fisher

Fishing Village and Post Office
Union Steam ships serviced this area
2 sawmills in the area

  • Nelson Brew- Building Contractor (see below)
  • John William Ferguson- Govt Telegraph Operator (see above)
  • Joseph Otero- Fisherman
  • George M. Shirley- Farming, Fruit
  • A. Snellman - Fisherman
  • Walter Henry Utley (see below)
  • Omer (Omar?) Dupuis- Carpenter and Miner (see below)
  • Mrs. M. A. Dupuis- Post Office and Gen Store (see below)

2 Canneries

Canadian Fish and Cold Storage Co.

Maritime Fisheries Ltd.

Thomas Adam Sandison
- Manager (still there in 1927)
b- (1877, 1878, or 1879) in Wick, Caithness, Scotland
d- Oct 18, 1939, Vancouver BC, age 61
buried in Mountainview Cemetery, Vancouver, BC
immigrated in June 1913, Quebec City, SS Empress of Ireland
brother- Robert Sandison, age 6 in 1881, in Scotland
59 New Oxford St., London W. C.
other siblings:
David G. Sandison- age 13 in 1881 in Scotland
John M. Sandison, age 12, in 1881
Caroline G. Sandison, age 10 in 1881
Charles D. Sandison- age 7 in 1891
children of John Sandison, age 46 in 1881
and mother- Williamina Sandison, age 37 in 1881

1911 Thomas was in Three Nuns Hotel, City of London, England
shown as an Engineer, Marine Worker, Single.

Simon Fraser Pyke - Cannery Foreman (1927 also)
b- ca 1866, Dalhousie, NB
d- Feb 21, 1942, in Vancouver BC, age 76
son of John Pyke and Mary Fraser
shown as a cannery supervisor in Vancouver, when he married
married Katie Harper Young, Mar 21, 1900, 411 Powell St, Vancouver BC
age 39 when she married
b- Campbellton, NB
daughter of Thomas Young and Marguerete Harper

Daniel Fraser - Government Telegraph Operator
b- Sept 1, 1886, Shetland Islands
d- Oct 6, 1972, in Simon Fraser, Private Hospital, Prince George
buried in Ft. St. James Cemetery
Lived in Fort St James before he died, Retired in 1964.
married Annie Isabella Sinclair

Mrs. Marie A. Dupuis- owned Haysport Hotel, and a General Store (see below)

Edward Farknum- Caretaker Maritime Fisheries Ltd.

Roy Joseph Herman
- Fisherman, Maritime Fisheries Ltd.
b- ca 1897
d- July 30, 1938, at Haysport, age 41

M. Kamizono- Fisherman Thomas Kent- CNR Labourer Richard Kilday- Carpenter

Thomas Gray McManamon- CNR Section Foreman
b- ca 1868
d- Sept 26, 1931 at Prince Rupert, age 63

John Quinn- CNR Labourer

John Adam Rhinebarger- CNR Watchman
b- July 11, 1875, Sidney, Ohio
d- June 19, 1960 at Skeenaview Hospital, Terrace, age 84
buried in Kitsumkalum Cemetery

Walter Russell- CNR Section Foreman
John Thistle- CNR Section Foreman

Walter Henry Utley- Engineer
b- Halifax England, age 41 when he married 2nd time.
son of Samuel Utley and Alice Utley, nee Morley
married 2nd time to a widow, Kate Herrman nee Spence, Nov 9, 1911
she was age 37, b- Victoria BC
daughter of Joe Spence and Mary Spence, nee ?
Walter married a 3rd time, age 59
married Constance Day Jennins, age 60,
Aug 1, 1929 at St Andrew's church, Prince Rupert
daughter of Stephen Shepard Jennins and Emma Day Lockwood

Thomas Walsh- CNR Labourer
William Walsh- CNR Labourer
Alex Williams- CNR Labourer

Population 50

Haysport School- Mrs. Jones- Teacher

Haysport Cannery (Canadian Fishing Co.)
Clarence Edgar Salter- Manager
b- Jan 24, 1896, Iowa USA
d- Nov 28, 1977 Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 81
son of Francis Phillip Salter, b- ?
Phoebe Kirkpatrick, b- Belleville ON
married to Madge Groves

Louis Pederson- Net Manager

Post Office History

Name of Office: Haysport
Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)
Office Opened- Apr 1, 1913
Office Closed- June 7, 1963 due to lack of Postmaster, also its limited usefulness.

Postmaster Information:

Name of Postmaster Date of Appointment Date of Vacancy Cause of Vacancy
Omer Dupuis 1913-04-01 1915-03-29 Resignation
Mrs. Marie A. Dupuis 1915-05-01 1925-04-10 Resignation
Nelson Brew 1925-05-01 1960-01-05 Death
Mrs. Annie Eliz. Brew 1960-01-06 Acting
Edward Ned Bolton 1960-03-04 Acting
Edward Ned Bolton 1961-03-13 1963-06-05 * Closed

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced, nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada. The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First Postmaster- Omer Dupuis
b- Mar 1868 in Quebec
d- Feb 28, 1944 in Coquitlam BC
Carpenter and Mining in 1922

Mrs. Marie A. Dupuis “Marie Anna Dupuis?”
Dec 1924 her Home/Store was destroyed by fire.
She operated a General Store here.
Anna Dupuis was with Omer in Vancouver in 1911
shown b- Apr 1866 in Quebec

Nelson Brew
b- Sept 11, 1886, Douglas, Isle of Man
d- Jan 5, 1960 at Haysport BC
Son of William Brew and Anna “Elizabeth” Callow, both b- Isle of Man
Haysport Pool Room, General Store, PO
enlisted in WWI Feb 22, 1918 in Vancouver BC, Rank SPR
Reg # 2138749
Single, living in Ocean Falls when he enlisted, Const Foreman
married Annie Elizabeth Brew, nee Keig
b- Dec 3, 1894
they had a son, Douglas Callow Brew
d- Aug 30, 1943 in Haysport, age 17

Edward Ned Bolton
b- Sept 18, 1915, Port Essington, BC
d- Mar 10, 1991 West Coast General Hospital, Port Alberni BC, age 75
buried in Kitsumkalum Cemetery
son of Arthur and Rebecca Bolton
He was married to Charlotte Harrison

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