Farm Equipment Dealers

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

Back in the early 1900's various Farm Equipment Companies were given land and buildings to entice them to move their branch offices to Estevan,
to provide jobs, and equipment for the farming industry in the area.

Located in Estevan as of 1912

Offices and warehouse located on Block 35, in Estevan, per this portion of 1912 map
Located between 4th and 5th St., and 6th and 7th Ave.
Company started by Jerome Increase Case (1819-1891) in 1842 in Racine, WI, USA

J. A. Brandon IHC dealer in 1911 in Estevan
1906 he opened an implement warehouse in Hitchcock SK
IHC- May 1912, they purchased 200 ft of frontage on 4th st, across 11th Ave. from City Hall, for their Offices,
or across the street from the Court House today (2018).
They also purchased land near the tracks on east end of Town. exact location not known to me yet, but picture below would be the warehouse built there.

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Photo from 1914 Board of Trade Booklet
Mar 1916 Manager J. A. McDonald, who was ill, was replaced by W. J. McCallum at the Estevan Branch House.
McCallum was manager at the Edmonton Branch House before the transfer. Before that he was in Portland OR, USA
Mr. McDonald left to Edmonton to be manager of the Netherlands Investment Company, after he recuperated from an operation.
A. W. Pierson became Cashier in Estevan in 1916, from Cincinnati OH.
Mar 1916 Paul Rooney moved his Implement sales dealership to a new building in Estevan that was refitted for his use. Oct 1916 he was on 5th st, an IHC dealer. 1924, Mr Charles A. Ewald was manager of IHC in Estevan
Mr. Charles A. Ewald
Mr. Charles A. Ewald
Charles August Ewald
b- June 19, 1887 St Cloud, MN, USA
d- Oct 18, 1969 Tucson, AZ, USA
Immigrated to Canada in 1911
wife- Bessie Ettabelle Ewald, nee Cater
b- Aug 24, 1892, in MN, USA
d- Jan 1976, Tucson, AZ USA
son Donald Cater Ewald
b- Apr 18, 1913 in North Battleford, SK
d- May 5, 2002 in Tucson, AZ, USA
daughter- Margaret Jane Ewald
b- age 7 in 1921 in SK
daughter- Betty Ellen Ewald
b- age 3, in 1921 in SK
daughter- Audrey Ruth Ewald
b- 4 mo old, in 1921 census, in SK

Sept 1959 Mr. Charles Ewald was appointed Manager at Estevan the youngest to ever hold the position, age 34. Son of Mr. A. Ewald.

Trivia- when I bought my first house in Terrace, I bought the furniture as well, and it came with a V handle International Harvester Regrigerator. The handle could be pulled down on each side of the V handle and the door would open both ways. the V of course was in the middle of the door. It was quite the engineering feature. And an eye opener at parties! sad to say the compressor gave out and I hauled it to the dump. Should have kept it as a smoker and novelty piece. I see pictures online for a Philco fridge, same handle and idea. but mine was IHC for sure. They didn't just make trucks and tractors!

Located in Estevan as of Aug 1913

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Photo above from Photo from 1914 Board of Trade Booklet
In 1913 the Town of Estevan passed a bylaw to spend $25,000 via debentures, to build this building and one for the International Harvestor Co., and they also provided the land.

1915 catalogue of Rumely Tractors

by 1916 this company became Advance-Rumely Thresher Company

Located in Estevan as of Aug 1913
Company Established in 1852

Doing research on these companies I found there was a ton of Companies making Tractors, in the early 1900's.
I had no idea there were this many brands of Tractors. Do a google search and see for yourself.

Not my sites

1912 IHC Report, photos of old equipment they sold.


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