Water Towers

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

First Water Tower in Estevan?
I think this might have been the location of the First Water Tower,
Built close to the Train Tracks, used for the Steam Trains at that time, I would imagine
I always thought the First One, was the Tower shown below behind City Hall below. Now I don't think so, from info on this 1912 Map below.

Located at #802 6th St. on Legal Lot C, Block 24, per this 1912 Map

Overview of Estevan
Old City Hall with Water Tower in Behind, both built in 1909/1910, Shown In the Middle of the Picture, on the corner of 11th Ave., on 4th St.
The Water Tower held 100,000 gallons (80,000 in one article)
It was resurfaced on the inside in 1951. New rivets were installed at that time which bothered local residents.
I believe the water tower was destroyed in 1961. found another record Dr Grube was trying to buy lot in 1960 where the redundant tank was located and soon to be demolished.

Also Visible is the Tower of the Old Stone, Presbyterian Church, built in 1902, by stone mason George Rooks, later became the Salvation Army Church,
You can see it on the right. Muirhead family donated the land. The Church faces the SW corner, Of 12th Ave. on 3rd St.

1912 Map

Estevan's First Town Hall
On 4th St, SW corner of 10th Ave., with the Water Tower in behind, visible over the roof, Water Tower Demolished in 1961
The building was to be demolished with discussions starting in 1965, and still standing in 1972. New City Hall in it's place.
It and the water tower, were built in 1909-1910.

July 1909
George Thomas Falkner (see below) was the Contractor, who built the First City Hall. Contract price $15,075

Estevan Hardware and Harness Company were awarded the Plumbing and Heating contract, Contract Price $2,099.50

May 1951 Mayor Harry Nicholson reported the old tower was full of rust and corrosion. They were looking at $6500 in repairs.

George Thomas Falkner, b- Jan 2, 1872 in Portage, Wisconsin, USA (Feb 25, 1872 in WI per naturalization papers)
age 37, in 1911 Canada Census, in Estevan
d- Jan 6, 1950, Madison, Dane Co., Wisconsin, USA
Buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin, USA Immigrated in 1905

Father- Joseph Falkner (1851-1920)
Mother- Mary Cross (1854-1923)

wife- Alice Beatrice Falkner, nee Owens
b- Dec, ca 1886, in USA, age 25 in 1911
b- 1884 in one record, in England in another
d- 1923
2 children by 1911

Amy Mae Falkner
b- Sept 1, 1906, in Estevan, SK

Juanita Owens Falkner
b- July ca 1910, SK

George remarried Margaret Wirchbaum
b- 1877

Capacity= 750,000 gallons
built in 1958, went into service early 1959
Ratepayers met in 1957 and approved the purchase of this tower, at a cost of $300,000.00
Harry Nicholson was Mayor at the time.
Dec 31, 1958 they were working on the heater house at the new water tower. Work was expected the end of that week.
It has 12 legs, 85 ft high (75 ft in one record), filled with 45 cu yds of concrete each, which were started in June 1958.
The water mains run in the center. \\tank weighs 600,000 pounds, and is built for hurricane force winds.
Estevan Machine Shop, operated by Thomas McLean and Sons, were contractors for the supports, and heater house.
Horton Steelworks Ltd, Fort Erie, ON, built the tank.
tank is 109 ft, 3 in from ground level

1983 it cost $50,000 to resurface the inside

Last 2 Water Tower photos, taken 2007 by my neice Dena Gent


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