Estevan- WWII, Airport Views

Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada

These are photos of the original Estevan Airport, Located south of Estevan, on the west side of Hwy 47.

Estevan Area map, courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Today (2017) the airport is north of Estevan.
The Airport was used by the RAF as a training site, for English Pilots during WWII.
Mayor Harry Nicholson was given credit for bringing the training school and airport to Estevan

Opened on 1 April 1942 near the City of Estevan, by the Royal Air Force, as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

These photos below were contributed by Duane Bill, from Calgary AB, with thanks!

Estevan Pennant hanging in Sergeant's Mess Hall
(see full picture below)

View of the Hangars at the old Airport

Line-up of Airplanes ready at the Airport

Another view of planes at the ready

RAF Officers, 1942

RAF Officers 1943

Party in Sergeant's Mess
My dad bought a bunch of those hanging globe lights you see in the pictures above, and now I have them in my collection.

Many Airplane crashes occurred at the Airport during training, but not all these photos are from crashes as note below states

I've been informed by C. A. Broadhurst, from Grimsby, England, Nov 20, 2013, not all these parts, etc. are from crashes. “Have just been looking at your web page on 38 SFTS. This is not intended as a criticism, but I think the captions suggesting the piles of scrapped Anson are the result of accidents is misleading. I feel sure these are the result of “To Spares and Produce” (the term used on RCAF aircraft cards) after they struck off RCAF strength.
For example the serial no '6435' can be clearly read on one of the wing panels, and this Anson was not struck off until 16.2.45 - a whole year after 38 EFTS closed.”

I appreciate the feedback on any of my pages. Corrections, Errors etc.

Motors from decommissioned / scrapped planes

Various photos of planes flying over or near the airport

Relief Landing Fields were constructed near Shand, Outram and Chandler. The school closed 14 January 1944, due to the reduced need for pilots overseas.

In 1989, the former No. 38 SFTS aerodrome closed and the property was sold to the Saskatchewan Power Corporation (SPC). The property was later turned into a strip coal mine.

The photos and info above were contributed by Mr. Duane Bill from Calgary AB, with thanks!

As we can see from the photo attached below there were many accidents at this airport during the war. I have made a page for 2 accidents July 29, 1942, now it appears we have another accident ca: July 29, 1943. Seems this was a bad day on the Calendar. The info below and photo is courtesy Mr. Anthony Sparling.

July 29, 1943
Funeral date I would imagine, accident/death date a few days prior.
“My Father F/Lt, Theodore Sparling was an instructor at Calgary, Swift Current and Estevan, for the early years of WWII,
and I have his flying log books and photograph albums of his time out there.
My Father was an instructor with 38 SFTS in Estevan in 1943 and 1944.”

This photo shows the front of the buildings on 4th st on north side of the street, from the Orpheum Theatre East.
Anthony counted the men that died that day and the number is 8.
Thanks Anthony!

Christmas Card, signed by Jimmy Green
Sgts. Mess, RAF # 38, SFTS # 1
contributed by Duane Bill, Mar 18, 2013

Recital held in 1942 by Dr. Brown in the Orpheum Theatre

Even Jankers the Mascot was part of the crew

1946 Dakota Crash
1946 Dakota Crash Memorial


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