Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Kermodei "Spirit" Bear

Beginning of Terrace
Future City on the GTP, Kitsumkalum and the Lakelse Valleys meet here Exact Location of photo not know.
I am thinking it was the Eby landing area, but only a wild guess so far.
Fred Button Photo, Pr. Rupert, No 279
Postcard courtesy Darren Rieberger

  • Past / Current Town Mottos
  • “Hockeyville” 2009
  • “Cedar Pole Capital of the World”
  • “Home of the Kermodei Spirit Bear”
  • Incorporated in 1927
  • First Grand Trunk Pacific Train, Aug 1914
  • Established as a Village as early as 1912
  • Legally Incorporated as a Village, Dec 31, 1927
  • Celebrated 75th Anniversary in 2012

Originally called Littleton by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Co. In honour of George Little,
who donated 50 acres of land to start the town.Name was changed to Terrace, when the Post Office was established, as there was already a Littleton back east.
George Little House and Picture Page

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Confused as me? Well this section of the City web site, finally makes it a little clearer,
but way better than the other brochure they mailed out which was confusing, and as clear as mud, to say the least.
It is 11 pages but suggest printing it and keeping it handy for reference
I wished the City would have hired a couple summer students to go door to door, and show the residents what to do.
This would have solved this fine problem, and wrong items in the can.

Please note- I try to add to the History already recorded, in many local books, web sites, etc. I do not try to take away from the Great work of others before me.
I look for the unusual stories first, then try and expand on names and information second. I can't find them all, but I will spend hours looking for them.

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