Terrace and Area- Postcards Page 1

Terrace, BC, Canada

All postcards below donated by Darren Rieberger, Brentwood Bay, BC, Sept, 2017, with thanks!

1. Terrace BC, Thornhill Mountain in Background,
Skeena River in Foreground,

Photo by W. Mantel

2. Land Terraces shown in this photo,
Where Terrace BC got it's name from.

Railroad visible, I think this was Marsh Cres area today
George Little's Pre-Emption location.
Frank's Oat Field, West end of Terrace
3. Frank's Oat Field, West End of Terrace.
Frank Family were early settlers here,
operating a dairy in this area, until mid 1970's.
Kalum St.
4. Kalum St, showing East side
Between Lakelse and Lazelle
Police Station on the corner, see #12

5. Kalum St, Looking North from the Railroad Tracks,
Old Terrace Hotel shown on right

Taller building in next block was the Sparkes Brother's store.

6. Kalum St, almost same view as 5 above,
Only in the wintertime.

7. Kalum St, from Lakelse Ave, looking south to the tracks.
First building on the right
was the Northwest Sportsman Sporting Goods Store
that burnt down in 2016
Looks like a clothing store at the time of this photo.
I know a cafe was in there during WWII
In 1921 The Bank of Montreal moved into this building.
All the other buildings on that side of the street
are gone now, but the Rexall Drug Store building,
which was a toy store in 2017, NW corner of Greig Ave.
It was a drug store for many years.
Overwaitea Store location shown.
Silver Tip Cafe sign is visible further down the street.
The 3 story building next to Overwaitea
has a sign “Unknown name, Groceries, and Meats” under that.
Lakelse Ave looking West
8. Lakelse Ave Looking west from Kalum St.
A Hugh Birch photo.
The George Little House is visible in the photo.
Today it is the Via Rail Station, moved to Kalum St.
Logging Truck on Lakelse Ave
9. Logging Truck on Lakelse Ave.
 Man on horse, in front of Philbert Hotel
10. Man on Horse in front of the Philbert Hotel,
Which became the Skeena Hotel, see Photo #14

Note- See correction below
Helene McRae thought this was Walter Warner on the horse but turns out that was not right.
From the Herald Newspaper she quotes- “Walter Warner, age 83, one of the town's “first” citizens passed away in Terrace hospital in the late afternoon of Feb. 27, 1961. (1961 has been added by pen) His passing marks another loss to our community for he contributed much. His stories of the early days when he traversed the old telegraph trail to the Naas River will long be remembered and also community projects, including dedicating a bed in Terrace Hospital to his late wife. Walter has been in this part of the province since the ealy 1900. He was purser on the river boats that plied the Skeena River from the coast as far as Hazelton. The many stories written for the “Herald” of those days, are priceless hisory. In 1920 he was telegraph operator, travelling by foot, in all kinds of weather, from Rosswood to the Naas River.”
But correction today Nov 29, 2020 from Sharon Ellis turns out this is her Great Grandfather- Samuel Haudenschild Sr.

11. Lakelse ave, taken from approx Kalum St today,
taken from a horse and wagon.

The square wooden box frames visible,
are protecting the young trees planted by
George Little on Lakelse Ave.
RCMP Police Station in Terrace
12. RCMP Police Station
On NE corner of Kalum St, and Lakelse Ave.
Building exists today as a commercial building, 2017

Originally the First BC Provincial Police Building in Terrace.

13. Original Copper River Bridge on Highway 16
Skeena Hotel
14. Skeena Hotel, SH, originally the Philbert Hotel
(see my Hotel History Page)
Note- Ladies Entrance sign on left, Men's Entrance Sign on right.
Yes they were separated sections in the early 1970's.
Grill Sign on right corner.
When the Hotel burned down the Cafe
Was in the front left corner, opposite this sign
View of Terrace Townsite
15. View of Terrace Townsite
Skoglund Logging Truck
16. Skoglund Logging Truck,
Company owned by Ray Skoglund, who also owned the Hot Springs, see photo #18
Sept 4, 1944 Highway 16 Opening
17. Sept 4, 1944 opening Skeena River Highway,
Highway 16 today, from Terrace to Prince Rupert

Note from Darren, “the two men on the podium
are the respective mayors of Prince Rupert and Terrace,
Harry Daggett and Emil Haugland.
Although I guess Emil’s title (then) was
Chairman of the Board of Village Commissioner? ”

18. Little Canyon, near Terrace, location of Old Skeena Bridge.
Little Canyon Name and History

All postcards above donated by Darren Rieberger, Brentwood Bay, BC, Sept 2017, with thanks!

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