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Terrace, BC, Canada

All postcards below donated by Darren Rieberger, Brentwood Bay, BC, Oct 6, 2017, with thanks!

Cabin on Thornhill Mountain
1. Cabin on Thornhill Mountain, Fred Michaud Cabin at the Lookout?
or Bill and Jack Kirkpatrick Mining Claim Cabin, built in 1935-36,
at the 2400 ft level of the Lookout trail, they branched off, crossing Olson Creek.

2. Grizzly Bear Paw, Bear shot at Terrace
I am not in favour of shooting bears, wished they would trap them like they used to, up to a few years aog, and haul them out of town.
They proved they can do it, because they just did it last week for a Kermodei Bear, which are protected, but shouldn't regular black bears get the same treatment?

3. two Logging Trucks loaded with a Long Cedar Pole

4. George Little House on Lakelse Ave, shown on right.
Need to research house on left now
Skoglund Logging truck
5. Skoglund Logging Truck I think it is unloading and logs being loaded into railcars.

6. High water at Little Canyon, Skeena River, near Terrace
Note- This is Little the opposite of Big!

7. Skeena Highway, now Highway 16, Terrace to Hazelton BC
Note- no pavement back then! and not that wide either.

8. Skeena Highway, Terrace to Hazelton

9. An early Postcard View of Terrace BC, looking South.
Note this one shows the South Side of Terrace, where I live. Only a few houses visible at that time. Terrace Hotel can be seen in the middle, as well as business buildings on Kalum
Back for GWVA building can be seen. No Army buildings visible, so before the war view. CN train visible in the middle.
also in the middle, is the First Church built in Terrace, the St. Matthew Anglican Church, built in 1913. it was moved to Kitwancool years later. Bell tower stood beside it.

Farm Scene near Terrace
10. Farm Scene Near Terrace
Homestead in Terrace
11. Homestead in Terrace Area

12. Skeena Valley at Terrace, Front Back of this one shown below
This is a very interesting postcard to the history of Terrace.
I have another version of this elsewhere in my site, that I have never been able to figure out, for a couple years now.
In the front, is George Little's Pre-emption, today Marsh Cres.
What looks like a road along the river, is actually the GTP railroad.
The road in front is actually the old highway, now Lakelse Ave.
The Flat Truss bridge shown in the background, is actually the Original Bridge to Ferry Island from the Terrace side, of the Skeena River slough, which is what this picture shows.
This bridge was finally the clue I needed to figure out where this was taken. It was located where the big power line right of way is today, bottom of Haugland Ave.
Of course on the East side of Ferry Island was a Car Ferry, which took you to Thornhill and beyond.
Ferry Island is shown on the left in this photo. Early Terrace is shown on the right.
Where the smudge in the middle of the photo is, is Wal-Mart today.
This photo shows how much erosion has taken place on this side of Terrace, and still nobody at the City wants to do anything about it, or even acknowledge the problem.
In 2007 they placed a bunch of rock to protect graham ave water and sewer, but erosion on each end of that rock is causing bigger problems today.
It took me a while to figure this photo out. Glad I did!

12. Skeena Valley at Terrace,Back

13. Weeping Birch and Maples on Lakelse Ave in Terrace

14. Working on CNR Rightaway to Kitimat-Terrace

All postcards above donated by Darren Rieberger, Brentwood Bay, BC, Sept 2017, with thanks!

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