Terrace- Dairy History

Terrace, BC, Canada

aka: Frank Bros. Dairy

When I first moved here we ordered milk from Frank's Dairy. It was delivered to the door, unpasteurized, raw milk. It came in glass milk bottles, and had the cream on the top. The farm buildings still exist today, but for many years it has not been a farm or dairy. Of course the Frank family were very earlier settlers in this area. Manager Ted Hidber in 1971. They supplied 1,000 families with milk at that time.

Mrs Lanfear, and Miss French sold Milk and Eggs in the Terrace area, from ca 1915 to 1931

aka: Lakelse Dairy Products

Actually located in Kitimat, not sure where their cows were kept but this ad shows they were starting deliveries in Terrace Nov 10, 1966. Norman Gauthreau was the Terrace Agent shown in ad.

A Mrs. Walter Jordan established a dairy by the Lake, ca Aug 1933. She had trouble meeting the summer demand. Her and her husband moved onto what was the Bishop Farm at that time.

This is what I knew until I found the article linked below. Turns out they were a reconstituting plant, adding water and butter fat to skim milk powder, this article says Jim Thom and his family operated at this plant.

The Lakelse Dairy Wood Crate was found in a garage in Topley
Photos courtesy Darlene Reid

owned by William “Willy” “Billy” West Located across the road from where Skeenaview is today, during the 1920's. west owned the Morningside Ranch here. His ranch became the Lewis Subdivision William “Willy” “Billy” West b- ca 1879, Yorkshire England, age 38 in 1917 Immigrated in 1881 son of George West and Polly Henwood married Lillian Adelaide Hennah, Jan 25, 1917, In the house of Rev. Thomas Jabez Marsh, Terrace. b- Croydon, Surrey, England, age 37 in 1917 immigrated in 1914 daughter of Thomas Norman and Harriet Jane Skates daughter- Mary Adelaide West b- ca 1919 in BC

Other Dairies nearby

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