Terrace- George Little House

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Home of the Founder of Terrace- George Little

Building on right in this photo- Original Location on Lakelse Ave.
Darren Rieberger Postcard

It was moved from Lakelse Ave to the South Side on Hall St, just south of the Highway.
It was used as a home for Single Ladies at one point.

George Little House ca 2005, built in 1914
Home of the Via Rail Station / Terrace Tourism Society Offices (2005)
Original home of the Founder of Terrace, George Little.
It has been moved a few times before resting on this spot.

Photos from a Historical Info stand on Terrace Grand Trunk Pathway

George Little
b- Nov 9, 1878, on a farm near Attwood, Huron, ON
(Attwood St in Terrace named after his hometown)
d- Dec 30, 1955, in Terrace BC, age 77

buried in Terrace Pioneer Cemetery

Father- John Little, Mother- Helen Lawrence Watt (see below)

George was a man of numerous occupations.
General Store Operator, Post Master, Railway Foreman, Sawmill Owner, Miner, and Financier.
but best known as George Little Town Maker!

End of the Century, he left Ontario to search for gold in the Yukon, during the 1898 rush. Not finding any gold,
He returned south to Kitimat, followed the Kitimat trail, cut out earlier by Henry Frank, for 40 miles.
This trail was intended to be used as a tote road for the railroad, which was originally going to go to Kitimat, not Prince Rupert.
Arrived at what would become Terrace, on snowshoes, Mar 10, 1905.
Heading originally to the Bulkley Valley.
He laid claim to thousands of acres, and set about building himself a town.
Streets were laid out, some 80 ft wide,
Trees from Quebec were even planted on the sides of the streets.
In 1909 when the Grand Trunk Pacific was ready to expand to Prince Rupert, he started a sawmill to cut railway ties for them.

In 1910 he started the first store in Terrace.

1911 shown in the census District #8, Atlin, Enumeration Dist 32,
Skeena River, at Kitsumkalum, Page 13, June 17, 1911
No 99, 102, Head, single, Nov, 1878, age 32,
born in ON, English, Canadian Anglican, Rancher

1911 Census

In 1912 he went to Seattle to be married to Clara Beste, on June 26, 1912.

they had 5 children

More views of George Little House

VIA Rail coming in from Prince Rupert (2005)

Addition below from Maggie Baxter, Apr 2013, with Thanks
George Little - his mother was Helen Lawrence Watt the 2nd wife of John Little; it was also her 2nd marriage as her husband Adam Watt had died early of silicosis (a marble cutter) leaving her to bring twin children into the world alone. She is buried in Kitsumkalum Cemetary as are her daughter from 1st marriage, the ashes of her daughter (grand daughter of Helen) and 3 of her four daughters (great grand daughters) - all within stones throw or so).

People Section- George Little

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