Terrace- Braun's Island

Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

Braun's Island

Island named after an early pioneer of the area, Robert Adolphus Braun, Who was a Farmer on the Island (see below)

Robert Braun was an Executive Member of the GWVA, Jan 31, 1924, (Great War Veteran Assoc.)
I can't find him serving in Canada, so assume he served in the States, where he was born.

May 1913- R. Braun was selling Orpington Cockerels and eggs for hatching, with his address shown as Kitsumkalum

June 1913, Knouse, Sparks (Sparkes?) and Joe Marshall, had land that adjoined R. Braun's land
which he was putting on the market in small tracts
Mr. Knouse was from Prince Rupert at this time.

note- names from 1921 census, which is very hard to read

Donald “Dan” Clacher,
b- ca 1874, age 47 in ON

Egerton Charles C. Jackson,
ca 1871, age 50 in England, immigrated in 1909

Louis Martin Iverson,
ca 1882, age 39, in Norway, immigrated in 1898

Rudolf Heppell, age 40 in Quebec

Nigel Sherriff Sherwood,
b- ca 1877, age 44 in England, immigrated in 1905
wife Dorothy Sherwood nee Rush, ca 1898, age 23 in Ireland, immigrated in 1919
daughter Barbara Sherwood, ca 1917, age 4 in England, immigrated in 1919

Edgar James Aure? Gurr?,
ca 1884, age 37 in England, immigrated in 1895

May 1931, R. Braun cleared and seeded 2 acres on his farm on Braun's Island.
F. Ackroyd, was making extensive improvements,
Mr. Heppell, Cobb and English, were also doing work on their places on the island.

Oct 1934 the Braun's had a roof fire on their house, but the building was saved.

Robert Adolphus Braun
alt- Robert Adolph Braun
b- May 13, 1870, Steubenville Ohio, USA
d- Apr 19, 1954 in Victoria BC, age 83
buried in Royal Oak Cemetery, Victoria BC
He was living in Terrace up to 6 mo before he died.

father- Adolphus “Adolph” Braun
b- ca 1835, in Hesse Darmstadt, Germany
(age 45 in 1880 census in Steubenville)
father and mother born in Hesse Darmstadt Germany
1870 working in a rolling mill in Steubenville OH

mother- Mary “Catharine” Maritz,
b- ca 1833, in PA, USA
age 47 in 1880 census
her father born in France, her mother born in Nurenburg

married Katherine (alt- Catherine) Cunningham,
I believe they married Apr 27, 1905, Chicago IL
her age 30, him age 25, when they married, so dates fit.
b- Aug 17, 1875 Albany NY, USA
d- Dec 1, 1952 in Terrace Hospital, Terrace BC, age 77
buried in Terrace Pioneer Cemetery
daughter of James Cunningham, b- Ireland
and ? Powers, b- USA

Robert's siblings:

George Braun
b- ca 1855, age 15 in 1870 in Ohio

Ida Braun
b- ca 1859, age 11 in 1870, in Ohio

Annie Braun
b- ca 1862, age 18 in 1880, in PA, USA

Albert Braun
b- ca 1864, age 16 in 1880, in PA, USA

Edward Braun
b- ca 1866, age 14 in 1880 in PA, USA

Emma Braun
b- ca 1868, age 12 in 1880, in PA, USA

William Braun
b- ca 1872, age 8, in Ohio, USA

1870 US census shows family surname as Brown
living in Steubenville OH, USA

George Bryson Cobb
b- Oct 22, 1864 in ON
d- June 10, 1948, Red Cross Hospital, Terrace, age 84
buried in Terrace Pioneer Cemetery

see my Kalum Lake History page

Joseph Samuel Rodolph “Ralph” Heppel
b- June 23, 1880 in St. Anaelet, Quebec
d- May 6, 1957, in Terrace, age 76
shown as a farmer in 1931
Shown as a farmer when he died
Lived on Agar ave when he died.
he died single, which jives with bachelor notation,
in link below.

Heppel Ave. on Braun's Island named after him

Shown as Rudolf Heppell in 1921 census

served in WWI, enlisted in Prince Rupert, Dec 17, 1915
reg # 703155
next of kin his sister Mrs. J. A. Matte
who lived in Rimouski Quebec

father- Joseph Heppel, age 37 in 1891
mother- Celina Heppel, nee Lavoie?, age 30 in 1891

Ralph's siblings:
Sister- Omville Heppel, age 9
sister- Philomon Heppel- age 6, 1n 1891
sister- Alice Heppel, age 4
sister- Josephine Heppel, age 2
sister- Eugenie Heppel, age 2
brother- Ermidao (alt-Hermidas) Heppel, age 3 mo

Grandfather- Joseph Heppel, age 73 in 1891

Fredrick William Aykroyd
alt- Fredrick William Ackroyd
b- Feb 15, 1873 in Loughborough, Addington, ON (see note below)
d- June 22, 1945 in Wainwright AB (see note below)

Shown as a farmer in 1931
Ackroyd st. on Braun's Island would be named after this fellow
He was elected Sec-Treasurer of the Kitsumkallum Farmer's Institute, ca 1933
1935 voters list shows him as Frederick Aykroyd
his wife as Mrs F. (W) Aykroyd

he married Florence Lorraine Marsh, Apr 20, 1910 in Winnipeg MB
(see note below)
b- Oct 30, 1881 in ON
d- Aug 12, 1968 in Kingston ON
daughter of George Marsh and Eliza Walters

(note) this is a guess for this guy for genealogy, marriage info
just nothing to prove this is his correct info.
The name I believe I have right as well as the bio info.

also found a Frederick William Aykroyd
b- Apr 1872 in Manchester, Lancashire, England

name in link below shown as Akroyd?

Donald “Dan” Clacher
b- Feb 16, 1874 Stormont country, ON
d- Dec 29, 1948 in Vancouver BC, age 74
buried in Surrey BC

Enlisted in WWI, Apr 12, 1916, in Winnipeg MB
next of kin, Alex Clacher his brother,
both living in Ericksdale MB
Reg # 288380

Father- Thomas Clacher, b- age 68 in 1881, in Scotland
mother- Cathrine Clacker, nee ?, b- age 53 in ON

siblings of Donald, all born in ON:
Janet Clacher, age 30 in 1881
John Clacher, age 26 in 1881
William Clacher, age 20 in 1881
Jane Clacher, age 16 in 1881
Alexander “Alex” Clacher, age 11 in 1881

James H. Knouse
b- Feb 1879 in USA
immigrated in 1908

1910- he owned the Prince Rupert Pantorium,
on 6th st, between 3rd ave and Fraser st, where he lived
Tailor, Ladies and Gent's suits cleaned, pressed and repaired.
1913- lived at 320 6th st.

June 1913- He owned 10 acre tract of land just north of Terrace.
He had let a contract for clearing it,
and was looking to build a house on it.

wife- A. M. Knouse
b- Aug 1878 in USA
immigrated in 1909

there is an Anton Iverson,
b- 1892
d- 1953
buried in Terrace Pioneer Cemetery
I can't find a Louis Martin Iverson

b- Aug 31, 1876 in Northfield, Kings Norton Reg Dist, Worcestershire, England
baptized Oct 18, 1876, same place
d- Apr 22, 1948 in Vancouver BC
buried in Mountain View Cemetery

Came May 8, 1905 from Birmingham, on SS Victorian
to Montreal, age 28, a farm labourer, single,
heading to Providence RI,
going to visit his Uncle Nicolla Giardino

He returned July 26, 1907, on SS Virginian
from Liverpool to Quebec City, age 30
heading to Kamloops BC
another document shows he left Liverpool on the SS Turbine, Allan Line,
July 19, 1907, so which ship is right?

Enlisted in WWI, Feb 28, 1916 in Prince Rupert
next of kin his father William, living at Four Oaks, Sutton Coalfield, England
reg #703784
Nigel was living in Massett BC at the time, single

He became a Municipal Clerk in Terrace, in the 1930-1940's

son of William Sherwood
b- Jan 1,1837 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
d- Mar1920 Tamworth, Staffordshire, England
and Christina “Christine” Griffiths
b- 1842
d- 1927

married Dorothy Angelina Rush (surname Boots in one source)
married bet Oct-Dec 1918 in Kings Norton Reg Dist., Worcester
b- ca 1898 in Ireland
d- aft 1949
she was still living in Terrace area in 1949, shown as a widow

daughter- Barbara Sherwood
b- ca 1917 in England

Siblings of Nigel Sherwood:
brother- William Herbert Sherwood
b- 1861
brother- Guy Sherwood
b- 1863
brother- Ernest Sherwood
b- 1864
brother- Wilfred Sherwood
b- 1868
brother- Arthur Bernard Sherwood
brother Walter S. Sherwood,
b- ca 1875
brother- Harold Henry Sherwood,
b- 1879, Wylde Green, Warwickshire, England

Grandfather- John Sherwood,
b- 1807
Grandmother- Ann Augusta Sherriff
b- 1808
d- 1851

b- July 1, 1870, Durley, Hampshire, England
d- May 4, 1928 in Vancouver BC, age 57

Sept 13, 1913, sailed from Yokohama Japan
heading to Seattle and eventually to Prince Rupert,
last perm residence, Kitsumkallum BC
friend, John Farland at Kitsumkallum

Enlisted in WWI, Oct 1, 1918 in Vancouver BC
Reg # 2735103
next of kin- his sister, Florence Jackson
She lived in Camerton House, Sandown, England
Egerton was Single, occupation- Carpenter
He lived on William St in Vancouver when he enlisted

Lived at 1722 Nelson st in Vancouver when he died

married Caroline Hayes, May 22, 1922 in Christ Church, Vancouver BC
b- age 38 in 1922 in England
daughter of Thomas Hayes and Rosina Grease or maybe Green?
both born in England

Father- Charles James Stevenson Jackson,
b- age 52 in 1871, Overton Lancashire England
father owned 116 acres in 1871 in Durley Hampshire

Mother- Annie Jackson, nee Squires
b- age 37 in 1871, Hull Yorkshire England

5 sisters in 1871 census
Florence A. M. Jackson, age 14 in Southport, Lanchashire
Over Jackson, age 12, in Durley, Hampshire
May Jackson, age 10, in Durley, Hampshire
Hesse M. Jackson, age 8, in Durley, Hampshire
Perry N. A. Jackson, age 5, in Durley, Hampshire

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