Kalum Lake Valley

Kalum Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Kitsumgallum “Kalum” “Kitsumkalum” “Kitsumkallum” Lake
and Rosswood
All North of Terrace BC

Map showing Maroon Point, Kitsumkalum Lake, Rosswood, Wesach Mountain, Wesach Creek,
Maroon Mountain not shown, on left middle,
Below it Mt. Garland, not shown on right bottom
Goat Creek at bottom, Kitsumkalum Park at bottom, shown.

Kitsumkalum Lake, ca 1920-40
Photo courtesy Oscar Olander collection

Kitsumkalum Lake is approx 8 miles long and 3 miles wide

Located in Range 5, Coast Land District

Officially Named “Kitsumkalum Lake” ca 1951

Latitude -54º 47' N
Longitude -128º 47' W

Kitsumkalum is named after one of the 14 bands of the Tsimshian First Nations of BC

In this area there is also Red Sand Lake, and Mud Lake

1911 map

On the south end of this lake, George Cobb built the “Kalum Lake Lodge”, “Kalum Hotel” ca 1920

I have also seen “Kalum Lakeview House” as it's name, as well as Cobb's Hotel, and on Fred Nash Map below Cobb's Roadhouse

The “Kitsumkalum Hotel” existed at Eby's Landing the area around Eby's Landing became known as Kitsumkalum.

Today the Cobb's Roadhouse Hotel has been reconstructed at the Terrace Museumm and is worth a trip to see it.

Past Owners of the Kalum Hotel

George Bryson Cobb b- Oct 22, 1864, in ON Canada
d- June 10, 1948 in Red Cross Outpost Hospital, Terrace BC, abt 84
buried in Kitsumgallum Cemetery, Terrace
Logger and Prospector
He had a mining claim in the Kalum Lake area as well.
He operated a transfer business, from south to north end of the lake
as well as from Terrace to Kalum Lake.
He came to BC, ca 1908
Came to Terrace area, ca 1918.
When he died he was married, his wife was living in Vancouver.

In 1911, the Cobb family were living in Prince Rupert
George shown born Oct, 1864, age 46, as a farmer
married Annie Jane Cobb nee Smith, in 1887.
b- Aug 17, 1866 in ON
daughter- Mary Elizabeth Cobb,
b- Aug 7, 1888 in Fort Colongue, (Fort Coulongue?) Quebec
married Thomas William Walker, Dec 25 1909, in Prince Rupert BC,
in home of bride's parents.
b- age 24 when he married in Dec 1909, Bristol, Quebec
Profession- Engineer in 1909,
father- W. H. Walker

daughter- Lilian “Lilly” Edna Cobb,
b- Jan 29, 1891 in Nipissing Co, ON
she married Albert Richard McClelan, Sept 23, 1912 in Prince Rupert
at residence of the bride, Summit Ave. Pr. Rupert
b- River Philip, NS, age 25 in 1912
Albert shown as a driver in 1912
son of Benjamin McClelan & Ida McLellan

son- William R. Cobb,
b- Apr 15, 1893 in ON
living in Prince Rupert in 1912, witness at sister's wedding
living at 3405 Aintree Dr, North Vancouver BC in 1952

son- Alexander “Alex” Proudfoot Cobb,
b- Aug 23, 1898 in Coppercliff, ON
d- Mar 18, 1952 Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC
Steam Engineer, with McKenzie Barge & Derrick Co.

son- Thomas Smith Cobb,
b- May 6, 1901 in ON
d- Apr 17, 1952, Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC
Occupation- General Carpenter until 1951

1901 the family was in Waters Township, Nipissing Co, ON

Everett Robert Dix
(Evrit in daughter's death certificate)
Have also seen Everet Dix as spelling, and Everette Dix
b- Mar 19, 1887, Hamlet of Starlight, Wayne, PA, USA (age 33 in 1920)
d- Sept 1, 1984, Portville NY, age 97
Burial: Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Portville, Cattaraugus Co, New York, USA
Plot: G-55NW-2, with his 2nd wife Twila
last res- 14770 Portville, Cattaraugus, New York, USA
son of David “Sylvester” Dix,
b- PA, age 21 in 1880, in Preston, Wayne Co. PA
and his mother- Ella C. Dix, nee Sampson
b- in Illinois, age 47, in 1910 census in Scott, Wayne, PA
Sylvester's father, David Dix,
b- abt 1817, in PA, age 62 in 1880, in Preston, Wayne Co. PA, farmer
Sylvester's mother- Betsey Stanton
b- abt 1820, in PA, age 60, in 1880, in Preston, Wayne Co. PA
David and family were near Lake Como Post Office, Preston, Wayne, PA in 1870
his grandfather shown as a farmer.

Found Everett Dix in Detroit in 1914, shown as a taxidermist, which I know he did as an occupation during the winter months, living in Terrace.

1948 ad he was still doing this work in Coudersport PA

He was Proprietor of the “Kalum Lake Lodge”, ca late Feb 1928- 1934
He was closing the deal last week of Feb 1928 for the property
from Mr. George Cobb, coming from Detroit MI.
He was going to make great improvements, and attract tourists and campers from the east.
Both his parents were born in Pennsylvania
Father shown as a farmer in 1900 in Dist 0128, Scott, Wayne, Penn.
Everett in 1920 in Detroit, Ward 16, Wayne Co, USA
Everett enlisted in WWI, and also had a draft card for WWII
1940 he was living on North East St, Coudersport, Potter, Penn, USA

He must have remarried because by 1940
his wife was Twila May Belknap
age 51 in 1940 born in PA.
She was a Kindergarten teacher in Coudersport
quit teaching 2nd grade in 1934
1946 she was collecting antiques via a newspaper ad.
1985 they moved to Portville.
Twila Belknap b- Mar 1888 in PA, d- 1977
daughter of Berton David Belknap and Eva May Belknap, nee ?
Everett shown as age 52 in 1940, a wee bit wrong
note- his brother married a Belknap girl as well.

siblings of Everett ca 1900:
Alva Sylvester Dix,
b- Feb 23, 1883 in Shehawken PA
(Oct 24, 1884 in another record), age 17 in 1900
d- Nov 28, 1919 at his home at Autumn Leaves PA
buried in Riverview Cemetery PA
Drafted in WWI
wife- Julia Norma Dix, nee Belknap (1884-1980)
daughter of Ward Belknap and Emma H. Belknap, nee ?
Alva's daughter- Doris L. Dix, b- 1910 in PA
Alva's son Donald S. Dix, b- 1913 in PA

Argie L. Dix,
b- Oct 24, 1884, age 15 in 1900
d- Oct 1985, Susquehanna, Susquehanna, PA, USA

Orval J. Dix,
b- July 1, 1889, age 10 in 1900
d- Oct 1984 Starlight, Wayne, PA.

Ethel A. Dix,
b- Apr 20, 1892, age 8 in 1900
d- ?

Verla G. Dix
b- June 24, 1900
d- ?, Starrucca, Wayne Co., PA
she married Williams J. Williams
she had 2 sons and a daughter

Everett's 1st wife- Ethel Matilda Dix, nee Bigelow
(one record said surname was Hewitt, but marriage cert says Bigelow)
b- ca 1892 Alpena, Michigan USA (age 29 in 1920)
d- July 24, 1933 at Terrace BC, age 40
buried in Terrace Pioneer Cemetery
father- Emery Bigelow, mother Eliza (Miller) (Milles?) (Mills?)
she lived for 5 years prior to her death in the district.
Her brothers and sisters lived in the US.
Rev W. R. Welch officiated at her funeral at her local home
Her father was born in Canada, her mother in Michigan
married Ethel Jan 11, 1913 in Windsor, Essex Co., ON

they had a daughter:
Vivian Velpha Dix
b- Mar 7, 1914 in Detroit Michigan USA
d- Aug 15, 1953, in Terrace, age 39
buried Aug 18, in Kitsumgalum Pioneer Cemetery, Terrace
Vivian Velpha Dix married Oct 11, 1933
to Charlton “Charles” Lee Cauthers of Anyox BC
in United Church Parsonage in Prince Rupert.
They made their home in Anyox.

June 8, 1934 Everett Dix left the area to Detroit Michigan
he leased the Kalum Lake Lodge to R. W. Riley, a local druggist who owned the Terrace Drug Store
which was located across Greig Ave., from the Terrace Hotel.
He was constructing a tourist destination complete with truck service to the lake, and boat service on the lake.
He had leased the entire property.

In 1931 the newspapers reported Mr. Dix left town with a load of cedar lumber on his truck, to build a “Good Sized Boat” to be used for his tourist activities.

A postcard, no date known, showing a double ended boat, with a row boat. Looking North? Mr. Dix's boat?

Aug 26, 1931 article describes the boat
Forest Service also had a boat on the lake.
Postcard courtesy Mr. Grant Walker, Studio City, CA

June 9, 1928 they held the opening dance at the Kalum Lake Hotel.
Mrs. “Dixie” Dix built a Dance Hall, as a summer project with her pony,
This dance hall has been reconstructed at the Terrace Historical Museum, “Heritage Park”.
It is an amazing building, and I taught a genealogy course in there, in the summer of 2014, and felt right at home!

Russell William Riley See my Terrace Drug Store page

1879 Dr Dawson went through this area, and reported to the Dominion Government, that this area was the most productive and favoured localities in all of BC
Dr. George Mercer Dawson
b- Aug 1, 1849 in Pictou NS
d- Mar 2, 1901 Ottawa ON
Staff member of the Geological Survey Of Canada at this time.
Became Director in 1895

Aug 1908
A Mr. Robert A. Brown returned to Victoria, from Kitsumkalum, where he owned considerable land. He reported it was as good a growing land as anywhere.
His trip lasted 6 months. He reported excellent fruit and vegetable crops.
about 3 miles above the Kitsumkalum was the homestead of David Stewart, who came to the area 10 years earlier (ca 1898)
His fruit trees were known throughout the area. (see below)
When Mr. Brown went by Port Essington, with his samples of fruit etc, 12,000 acres was pre-empted in the Kitsumkalum valley.
the valley was reported to run for 65 miles from the Skeena to the Nass River.
The Grand Trunk Railway even surveyed a route through the valley.
the Provincial government agreed to build a 25 mile road up the valley.
Another farmer in the area, Frederick William Bohler, (see below)
sent a sample of his products to a fair in Victoria.
Heavy timber, and minerals like Coal, Gold, and Copper, as well as others, was to be found in considerable quantity.

David Stuart (aka Stewart)
John "David" Stuart
Pioneer Fruit Grower of the Skeena Valley
Died from old age.
Copper City was at the confluence of the Copper River and the Skeena River, on the south side of the river.
A ferry used to operate in this area, to connect the settlement to the GTP railroad.
May 1908 they were asking for applications to install and run this ferry. 1200 ft of 1 in cable was supplied by the govt.
Today a small subdivision is in this area.
On south side of the Skeena river, there was a wagon road to Terrace, now Highway 16
It was called the Kitamat Waggon Road in one document.
Mr. Stewart's land and orchard was on the north side of the river.
see link below

Frederick William Bohler
b- Germany, age 38 when he married, Bachelor, Rancher at Kitsumkalum
d- Oct 11, 1925 in Prince Rupert, age 57
father- Frederick William Bohler (sr), Mary Bohler, nee ?
married Jean Lever, nee Carrick, Oct 12, 1911
by Rev F. W. Kerr, at Central Hotel, Prince Rupert BC
b- ca 1872, Inverkip, Renfrew shire, Scotland
d- Dec 10, 1932 in Terrace BC, age 60
lived in Washago ON, age 39 when she married she was a widow
father- Thomas Carrick, mother- Annie Carrick, nee ?
May 1913, Fred Bohler was adding more acres
to his extensive garden patch, selling his produce in Rupert.

Cliff Baldwin and a partner built a trail up the Nelson Creek for 13 miles, for prospecting purposes.
Clifton Arthur (Cliff) Baldwin

Treadwell No 2- Kitsumkalum Mining Section
operated by Joe Belway, McLaren and partners in 1917.
(Joseph “Joe” Belway and Alexander McLaren)
staked the Treadwell and Juneau claims in 1914
1898 there was a Joseph Belway
at Thompson's landing, BC, shown as a miner, same guy?

Motherlode Group, involved 3 claims
head of the south fork of Falls Creek, about 5 miles by trail from Kitsumkalum Lake
Motherlode claim, operated by Oscar Gendron (see below)
New York claim, operated by Jack Couture
BC Claim, operated by Gendron and Couture of Terrace combined
Oscar Olander and Paul Brodin acquired an interest in 1917.

Bear Group
consisted of 4 claims
Bear, Hawk, Whistler and Goat
located at the head of Falls Creek, 5 miles from the lake
owned by Matt Allard, of Terrace (see below)
Dave Wilson and P. Chesley of Salvus
and G. F. Monckton (see below)

Sunlight Group
2 claims Sunlight and Marmot
located at the head of Falls Creek, across the valley from the Bear Group
owned by E. Egan and A. McKinnon of Terrace

Sept 1933, T. Eckman and O. Fosslund brought out a 5 oz nugget, plus more ounces of gold from their placer diggings on the Douglas Creek.
Imagine finding that nugget today!

Douglas Creek
Range 5, Coast Land District
Latitude- 54º 48' 59“ N,
Longitude- 128º 46' 33” W
Recorded production for the period 1886-1940, on the Douglas Creek claims, totals 10,937 grams of placer gold.
gold was recovered here as early as 1886.
Between 1930 and 1933 more activity was recorded
Largest nugget reported 6.27 oz
I believe the “Peeing Tree” is where Douglas Creek enters Kalum Lake.

May 1933 they were working on the Kalum Lake Rd originally an old Pack train road, they were making a wagon road out of it on the east side of the lake
they were working by the Belway Mine (Joe Belway) and 2 miles south of it to Maroon Creek along the way they refer to an Old Davis Mill.
Joseph “Joe” Belway, Alexander McLaren, and partners owned this claim (also a Frank Belway in this area)

June 1934 Mr. Walter Raymond re-staked the old Belway claim.

1925 there is reference to Kalum Lake Mines Ltd owner A. C. Smith
a Charles Smith owned claims on the west side of the lake.
Charles A. Smith was one of the pioneers in the area.
Railroad engineer in 1913 with the Grand Trunk Railroad.
He took up a pre-emption on the lake, arriving Sept 1914.

June 1926, ex-Governor D. W. Davis of Idaho, of the Hopper, Davis & Co., of Washington DC, (also seen Davis-Hopper Company, and Hopper-Davis Mining Co.)
at Kitsumgallum Lake, had a mine on Maroon Mountain.
It was high up at the 4200 ft level.
They were in this area as early as 1925 developing the Bear Group of claims.
July 1925 Mr. Harry H. Hopper was in the area, with his Superintendent Jack M. Hoar.
Mrs Hoar arrived from Seattle July 1925.
they had 3 shifts working on a 100 ft crosscut tunnel.
Mr. Hopper was known as a Timberman in BC
and also in wheat lands in Saskatchewan before this.
Maroon Mountain is on the east side of Kalum Lake.
see map link below
Wesach Mountain is between Maroon Mountain and Douglas Creek
Only Governor of Idaho I can find was a
David William Davis
b- April 23, 1873 Cardiff Wales
d- August 5, 1959 Boise Idaho
He did have mining interests in the northwest.
1927 he was in Cedarvale looking after mining interests there.

Dec 1925 the Hopper Davis Co took out a bond on the Chiro Mining Co. near Terrace
It was a mine previously owned by a group of Seattle, businessmen, a Dr. Strand of the Haight building, and a Dr. Strand of Minot ND

They also operated a mine on the Beaver Property, NW corner of Kalum Lake, across from the Maroon Mountain mine.
Rollen Farmun (Farnum?) was Hopper-Davis's Mining Engineer

Mr. G. F. Monckton was a mining engineer in 1912-1914 at the mines in Kitsumkalum valley, for Matt Allard, D. Wilson, and P. Chesley.

Geoffrey Francis Monckton
was from Saanich BC
b- Apr 30, 1865 in Southwell Reg dist., Nottingham, England
d- Dec 28, 1927 in Victoria BC
took his mining degree in London England
came to Canada about 1886, first to Sydney NS.,
1888 to Kamloops, 1909 Bellingham WA.
Death cert says he came to BC in 1884
1911 Ross Coal claims at Groundhog Mountain
son of Edmund Gambier Monckton (1809-1872),
Colonel in the West Yorkshire militia,
and Arabella Martha Robinson,
b- ?, d 1880, who were married in 1845

When this mine closed, Jack M. Hoar took over the Belway claims in the Cedar River area.
Mar 1927 he was Superintendent on the Seven Sisters Group Mine, near Cedarvale. He was from Seattle.

another mine nearby on Maroon Mountain was called the Black Wolf Mine.

Now you would think finding gold here, would be some hard working prospector, hammering away at a rock somewhere.
Well in the case of Maroon Point Gold Discovery, 26 miles north from Kitsumkalum, (Eby's landing area),
It was Crippen's Boneless Herring, a product of a cannery in Prince Rupert.
According to Mr. Weeks, Storekeeper at the upriver point, he sold many cans of this herring to Joe Belway, and Alexander McLaren.
On their way out to stake land, they ate some herring, and then Belway got thirsty, and leaned over a creek to take a drink.
In the water he spotted gold bearing quartz. They stopped there, and prospected in the area, and became rich from their find.
They both told the story the boneless herring was how they found it.

1925 map of Resources near Terrace
drawn by Fred Nash, BC Land Surveyor
Credit: Library and Archives Canada

Then we have the legend of the “Lost Snow Mine”
It supposedly happened ca 1860's when a man named Snow, would make his way from the Boundary Area, up to the Kitsumkallum Valley in the spring,
not to be seen again until the fall, with a small fortune in free gold.
Local residences assumed he was ascending Douglas Creek.
reading about the 5 oz nugget above, makes you wonder if those fellows didn't find this lost mine!

Sept 1875 he was picked up by the HBC steamer Otter at Woodcock's Landing for a trip to Victoria.

He is reported in one Nov 1885 article as “Old Man Snow” well known all over the northwest, not only as a miner, but as a stretcher of results reported.
Just before the steamer Barbara Boscowitz, under Captain Williams, left that in the last few days, he was in Kitsum Kalum he had taken out 22 oz in 6 days.“
His full name was Harvey C. Snow.

He was quite the guy it seems, famous and Infamous!

In early Feb 1889, Snow shot and killed a “White” Fisherman, named “Shorty”, at Fort Simpson.
Shorty actually worked for Snow. They were at Fort Simpson buying whisky and other supplies, For his small trading post, up the Naas river.
Shorty asked him for his back wages, and supposedly pulled a shotgun on Snow to back up his demands.
Snow finally told him he would pay, And then asked for the gun, which Shorty gave him.
Then Snow turned the gun on Shorty, and a fight broke out, causing the gun to go off, and Shorty was killed.
So far I can't find any details if he was charged with the killing.
Wonder how he talked his way out of this one?

He was charged in Sept 1895, shown from the Naas river, Charged with neglecting to provide for his aged wife.
Police Magistrate MacRae presided in Provincial Court case. Mr. Snow said he would be willing to provide for her, and the case was dropped.
He was not a nice guy later in life at least, and obviously not only looked for gold here, he looked for gold in his dying wife.
(see link below for his wife's story.)

Harvey C. Snow
aka: Henry Snow
aka: Harry Snow
b- ca 1820 in Brooklyn NY
d- Sept 29, 1907, Jubilee Hospital, Victoria BC, age 87
lived in Home for the Aged and Infirm in Victoria, before entering Hospital.
Came to Victoria in 1858, mined in the Cariboo, before here.

When he married Maria Spence, he was shown as Henry Snow
married Jan 2, 1869 at Metropolitan United in Victoria BC
wife- Maria Robinson (her second husband)
b- Holly Hall, Worchester, England
d- Oct 15, 1896, at Nanaimo, BC, age 78

I think he might have enlisted and served in the Civil War, but that is only a guess.

They show up in 1891 Canada census, both Harvey and Maria shown born in BC, which is wrong, age 64 for him, 67 for her.
both in Naas, Cassiar District.
as early as 1880 he pre-empted land on the Nass River.
Snow and a William Robertson had small scale fisheries, and trading posts for the local area.
At one point Harvey (Henry) and his wife lived at Greenville.
When it became a reserve she left, and moved to Kincolith in 1886.

Matthew “Matt” Allard,
b- July 21, 1870 in Duncan BC
d- Sept 30, 1955 in Kings Daughters Hospital, Duncan BC, age 85
First white child baptized in the old stone church in Duncan
Trapper and Prospector, last worked in 1955, Single
The Bear and Hawk claims on Maroon Mountain, were owned by Matt Allard
and associates, of Terrace in 1920.
see Hart farm note below
He operated the Beaver Flats trap line here as well, ca 1931.
He sold it in 1946, to Francis Seaton.
Matt was one of the earliest pioneers in the area, arriving in 1905
Mount Allard would be named after this fellow is my guess
He built his cabin ca 1912
retired to Duncan area ca 1938.
Allard family shows up in 1881 census in District 191,
Sub District, C. Cowichan, and Salt Spring Island, page 12
Roman Catholic,
his father was Narcisse Allard, b- in BC, age 39, farmer
mother- Christine Allard, b- in BC, age 28
brother- Maxime Allard, b- Baptized Nov 11, 1866
in Victoria BC, age 14 in 1881 census
Maxime's mother shown as Justine Lavoie
Matthew “Matt” Allard, b- in BC, age 11, see above
Sister- Josephine Allard, b- in BC, age 9, living in Everett WA when Matt died
Sister- Desire N. Allard, b- in BC, age 7
Sister- Christine Allard, b- in BC, age 2
Brother- Isaac Allard- b- ?, living in Nanaimo when Matt died
Brother- Fred Allard- b- ? living in Sidney when Matt died

Boniface “Oscar” Gendron,
b- Dec 7, 1874, St. Boniface MB
d- abt Jan 29, 1951, Marve McGillivary Falls, age 66
buried in Lillooet BC
Aug 1931, placer mine at Douglas Creek
shown as a prospector, Miner, single.
father- Joseph Gendron, mother Herminie Miller

George Bills, Aug 1931
owned a ranch in Rosswood area

W. Thompson

Miss Nellie Bates, from Loveland Colorado, 1931

1931- 20 people were on the Douglas Creek Placer grounds
W. Stevens

W. Cavanagh, (claim on Maroon Mountain with Allard above)
could be William Howard Cavanagh, buried in Terrace

Angus Bruce,
b- Nov 28, 1892, Aird, Isle of Sky, Scotland
d- Apr 4, 1972, in Skeenaview Hospital, Terrace
buried in Kitsumkalum Cemetery, Terrace

Donald Bruce
b- Jan 1878 in Scotland,
d- 1968
buried in Kitsumkalum Cemetery
shown as a rancher in 1911 in Kitsumkalum
next to him Alexander Bruce
b- Sept 1888 in Scotland, both immigrated in 1907

W. Sibbald
2 W. Sibbald men died in Prince Rupert
ca 1931 and 1937

J. Kelso

Mr. and Mrs Frank Nightwine, and a crew of 2
Frank Nightwine
b- Oct 25, 1878, Huntington Penn, USA
d- ?
served in WWI, enlisted Feb 23, 1916 in Prince Rupert
Private, Army, Canadian Infantry, 102nd Batt, reg #703779
shown an living in Terrace, farmer, mechanic
next of kin, father- Charles Nightwine, Springfield, Mo, USA
Frank Nightwine married Caroline Stewart
June 25, 1928 in Terrace BC
Caroline died Oct 25, 1935 in Duncan BC, age 64
Frank, with Henry Frank and Frank Lazelle
were the early Terrace musician's at the Progress Hall
which later became the I.O.O.F. hall
(see link below for photo)

Alfred “Alf” Samuel Egan,
b- Sept 23, 1883, Amphitheatre, Victoria, Australia,
age 41 when he married Apr 28, 1927
d- Dec 28, 1974, Skeenaview Lodge, Terrace
son of Daniel Egan, b- Ireland, and Eliza Presley, b- Australia
married Christine Allard, Apr 28, 1927, age 18
in United Church Parsonage, Pr. Rupert
daughter of Maxine Allard and Priscilla Harris
See Maxine Allard above
Served in WWI, Reg #463452, enlisted in Vernon BC
Aug 1927 Christine's parents lived in Duncan BC

Jack Couture

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wilson
and 2 children, shown from Salvus in one article
(Lot 6792, the Hawk claim on Maroon Mountain, crown granted in 1925)

P. Chesley was also involved with Wilson and Allard on the Bear claims.
Phillip Thomas Chesley (Thomas Philip Chesley)
b- Oct 1864 in ON
d- July 21, 1927, age 65
1911 he was a Prospector in Lakelse Valley

William Fitzpatrick “Bill” Treston
b- May 6, 1880, in Cloon Tresten, County Mayo, Ireland
d- Mar 8, 1969, Prince Rupert Regional Hospital, age 88
buried in Prince Rupert Cemetery
Single, Prospector
son of Michael Treston and Lily Langford
(Owned claim with Dave Wilson above)
Mud Lake is also officially Treston Lake.
Bill pre-empted the land around the lake.
Treston Mountain nearby named after this man.
It is located just SW of Kalum Lake see map link below

Mud Lake was a known Trumpeter Swan nesting area, back in the early 1970's, when we travelled the old Forestry Road to Aiyansh.
Somewhere I have some pictures of these beautiful birds
I picked up an old trapper who lived north of Mud Lake, more near Lava Lake, on the old Columbia Cell Road.
This fellow lived in an old log shack, near a small lake/creek. possibly sand lake?
He had no modern conveniences.
But he knew more about Trumpeter Swans than any person on earth. He knew where they migrated from, what they ate, their habits, everything.
I wished I knew his name to add it here. They were his whole life.

On the south end of the lake is the Hart Farm recreational site.
You would assume the Hart family built this but actually Matt Allard (see above) owned the land, prior to Sept 1914.
Mr. Joseph “Joe” K. Hart came many years later to buy up the pre-emptions for the timber.
He came from Seattle to discuss a deal with Matt Allard, June 1934.
Mr. Hart operated a mink farm on the property, as well as a beaver farm, which he started to set up June 1938, with Norman Alpick, both shown from Everett WA.
they fenced in 30 acres.
He sold the property to Columbia Cellulose.
Joe Hart then moved to the Annie Ross homestead at the head of the lake

Today this is part of the Kitsumkalum BC Gov't Park
The Nelson river enters Kalum Lake near the Hart Farm
see no 4 on map link below

Book written about this area
“Our Trail led Northwest”, by E. Madge Mandy author 1989
page 209 picture of Mr and Mrs Nightwine

Kalum Lake Dr, 4km north of Terrace, Dec 1989
Courtesy Ron Anderson

See my Rosswood Page

See my Geier Photos and Local History Information Page

Kitsumkalum Oil

External Links
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Best map I have seen for the creeks etc in this area

check out the Terrace History Museum

old Jan 1912 book, Mr. Stuart's (Stewart's) orchard picture

Mr Harvey C. Snow's wife


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